Mackeeper Utility Software for Mac OS

If you want to clean your Mac but would rather give your preferred optimizer a spin before purchase, there are often plenty of options. It’s typically possible to download a free version of the software, which is usually limited, or try the unlimited solution by opting for the money-back guarantee should you decide not to use the software anymore. Quite interestingly, you can have both options if you pick MacKeeper.

MacKeeper is a Mac security suite that can protect your Mac against the attack and make its management simpler. Combining ID protection, antivirus, location tracking, and system cleaning, it’s promoted as a true ‘one-stop-shop’ security solution.

This software has an interesting take on web security: a real-time URL database of problematic sites. Users can edit these lists and add site that wants to block.

In addition to these tools, This software has location tracking tools that can automatically take a picture of anyone trying to steal your Mac, using the built-in camera, then sends it to the owner via email.

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Features of MacKeeper:

Сleaning made simple and safe:

MacKeeper quickly removes and prevents future junk, finds unnecessary copies, uninstalls unneeded apps, and cleans your Mac without putting any personal files at risk.

Online and offline protection:

Forget about phishing scams and malware, spyware and adware, viruses and identity theft.
Even more! Our advanced Anti-Theft technology helps to return Macs all over the world.

Full speed ahead:

MacKeeper keeps your apps up to date, optimizes and frees up your Mac’s memory when you need it the most.

Benefits of MacKeeper


Prevent personal data hacking, avoid online identity theft, and browse safely without annoying ads or trackers.


Help your Mac run faster and get smoother performance by cleaning junk files and unnecessary apps from your Mac.


Protect your Mac from malware, viruses, ransomware, and other online threats with alerts and impressive removal tools.

 Download MacKeeper Softwaredownload file


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