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Linux Lite Download For PC 5.4

Feb 7,2019 - Linux (Unix-like) (Free)

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Linux Lite is a ‘gateway operating system’. It was created to make the transition from Windows to a Linux based operating system, as smooth as possible. It does this by providing easy to use familiar software such as Skype, Steam, Kodi and Spotify, a free Office suite, a familiar user interface or DE (Desktop Environment) layout, and most importantly, by continuing to improve on what we already provide by listening to members of the community.

Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Linux Lite follows the Unix philosophy in regards to software selection and programming as it applies to the modern era.

Linux Lite is a free operating system based on the Ubuntu LTS series of releases. LTS stands for Long Term Support, this means each release has a support period of 5 years. This is a great basis for stability, but not only that, you only need to install once every 5 years. During that period your system will continue to receive updates.

Linux Lite is fully functional out of the box, this means that you won’t have to install extra software when you boot your computer for the first time. We believe that a computer should be ready to use straight away on the first boot after a new install. You’re going to need this kind of functionality on a daily basis when you are using your computer so we take the hassle out of trying to find the right software from the start.

Available LibreOffice a powerful productivity free software.

Requirements of Linux Lite
Minimum requirements:
CPU 1 GHz processor
RESOLUTION VGA screen 1024×768 resolution
MEDIA DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image
Preferred Specification:
CPU 1.5GHz processor
RESOLUTION VGA, DVI or HDMI screen 1366×768
MEDIA DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image


Features of Linux Lite

  • Desktop: The desktop is clean and simple. With easy access to the Menu, system settings and configuration, navigating around and doing your computing in Linux Lite is simple and intuitive.

Linux Lite Download

  • Browser: Browse the internet with Firefox, check your email with Thunderbird and upload to Dropbox for convenient cloud storage. Our Lite Software feature also gives you the option to easily install the open source version of ChromeChromium.

Linux Lite Firefox

  • Multimedia tool: Our free operating system offers powerful media playback ready to go. We bundle the popular VLC Media Player which takes care of a vast number of codecs so you don’t have to go searching for them. Play your collection of music, movie DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s with VLC.

VLC Media Player

  • Office tools: Linux Lite includes LibreOffice. LibreOffice is Microsoft Office compatible, that means that you can open all of your existing Microsoft Office files, ready for use on Linux Lite.


  • Native application: With our native applications such as Lite Tweaks, Lite Software, Lite Updates Notify and Lite Upgrade, Linux Lite equips you with all the tools you need to maintain and run your system effortlessly.

Lite Tools

Screenshots of Linux Lite

Official Video Intro Linux Lite

Linux Lite 5.0 Installation and Preview 2020

Linux Lite FAQs

Is Linux Lite safe?

Without that added safety net, Linux Lite is no safer than any rolling-release distro as far as things being broken by updates – a very common complaint in most Ubuntu-based distros.


Is Linux Lite fast?

Linux Lite is a simple, fast, and free open-source operating system built to make the transition from Windows to Linux as smooth as possible.


How do I install apps on Linux Lite?

Installing some of the more widely popular programs on Linux Lite like Kodi, Skype and Spotify is just a few simple steps on Linux Lite. Go to Menu, Settings, Lite Software. Enter your password and click OK. Next you will be shown the Update Software Sources window, click Yes to continue.


Is Linux Lite free?

Linux Lite is free for everyone to use and share, and suitable for people who are new to Linux and for people who want a lightweight environment that is also fully functional.


Does Linux collect data?

Most Linux distros do not track you in the ways that Windows 10 does, but they do collect data like your browser history on your harddrive. but they do collect data like your browser history on your harddrive.


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Linux Lite Overview

Linux Lite For PC

Linux Lite Free Download
Version 5.4
File Size 29.5 KB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Jerry Bezencon


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