Why League of Legends The Most Played Video Game On PC

Almost every player has already heard about League of Legends, the MOBA game created in 2008 and inspired by Dota. This genre was not very famous at that time when FPS games were everywhere. So how this game became unique and broke many records in the gaming history?

After it’s release early in 2009, the League of Legends game has been growing dramatically and the rapid increase from 11.5 million in 2011 to 67 million in 2014, 100 million in 2017 and 111 million players in August 2018 with annual revenue of $1.4 billion shows the phenomenon response all around the world.

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The concept – Elo Boosting

In the beginning, we need to look at the history of League which started in 2008 when the developers opened the beta for free on the web. LoL was accessible to everyone and the only thing the gamers had to do to play it, is to go on their website to download it. This easy access is what the players expected and it allowed the community to play when they want to with whoever they want.

The concept of League of Legends is not difficult to understand even if it looks confusing the first time you see it. Obviously, you can’t know all the interactions that are happening but if you take care and take time to read the recommendations when you are in-game, you can start playing it without any problem. In case you don’t understand what the game is about, there are many tutorials and guides on the web where you can read useful information on many aspects of League

All the services around the game

The entire community assisted the designers by creating tools that gather many pieces of information about the game and services like Elo boosting or coaching. For example, on the eloboostlords.com website, the LoL players can find help to reach any rank they desire thanks to more skilled people who already reached the top of the rankings. Those players can either boost or coach by giving advice about the different ways to impact a game. Even if you can get a nice rank with an Elo boost, you still have to understand how the game works by any other way to avoid getting demoted from your current division. There is no point in getting Elo if you don’t play well enough to handle your opponents in the tier you are in. However, it can still make you feel better because your profile is looking great after using Elo boosting.

All you can discover outside of the game itself

There is a professional e-sport scene in League of Legends which brings hundreds of thousands of viewers every week. Those events and tournaments are entertaining and participate in keeping the game active. Also, in some countries like France or Germany, offline events are often organized for players who can have a lower level or just come to have fun. Recently, new books are edited to create new stories about the entire LoL universe and the stories of the characters. We don’t even need to mention how popular this game is on social media platforms too.

League is still popular today and their developers are not closed to give up this game. The players and everyone who are still passionate about this game for many years are making sure it’s staying alive.


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