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Lantern Censorship Circumvention Tool Software For Windows 2021

Nov 4,2019 - Innovate Labs (Free)

15.1 MB (Safe & Secure)

Lantern is a free and open-source peer-to-peer internet censorship circumvention tool, used for casual web browsing. It provides a way to bypass state-sanctioned filtration through a network of trusted users, but it’s not an anonymity tool like Tor. Using Lantern, users in countries having free internet access can share their bandwidth with those who are in countries where the network is partly blocked. Network connections will be dispersed between multiple computers running Lantern so it will not put undue stress on a single connection or computer.

Lantern is a very useful open-source networking application for desktop and mobile users that successfully removes censorship features bypasses various regional restrictions, and increases your level of anonymity online by changing your IP address when browsing the Internet. However, while this feature is also present in many other VPN Proxy services, Lantern manages to distinguish itself by becoming active only when encountering censored or region-blocked content, thus enabling you to browse the majority of the internet with the full potential of your internet connection, without the need to re-route your internet connection through proxy servers all the time.

Majority of the users of Lantern are using it gain uncensored access to world’s most popular websites such as YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, and much other news, social media or even media streaming sites such as Netflix, Spotify and Pandora that are for some reason blocked in various parts of the world.

In addition to providing a secure and anonymous way to access censored or region-locked online locations, it also adds a separate layer of security to your online traffic by automatically upgrading unsecured HTTP connections to encrypted HTTPS when possible.

lantern Private Internet For All

Installation and Use

During the brief installation, the software will prompt you to install the Google Chrome browser if you already don’t have it on your PC. After it integrates into the Chrome browser, you will be required to input your account credentials. You can either create a new account or input your existing login info. After a brief visit to its configuration area, It will be finally ready to use.

The FREE version of the tool is available worldwide, but it will provide users with only 500 MB of monthly bandwidth. Every user will get a new IP address, thus masking their true network location, providing additional security, and unlocking various parts of the internet that are censored or region-blocked. Through the Google Chrome browser, you can also easily get informed about the current status of your internet connection, the number of unsecured HTTP connections that were automatically adapted into more secure HTTPS, number of blocked ads and various data usage statistics.

To make the tool more user-friendly, each of its accounts can be tied to several Google accounts, thus enabling you to easily enable unrestricted browsing on all your home computers, or even share uncensored internet browsing to your friends. The free version of the app showcases ads that ask users to upgrade to a premium version of this service.

System requirements

Browser Google Chrome
Operating System Window 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS X

Lantern Censorship Circumvention Tool Software Features

  • Easy to Use – Simply augment your Google Chrome browser to access censored or region-blocked content from worldwide internet sources.
  • Free for everyone – Every user of the program gets access to 500 MB of high-speed data and unrestricted access to the bandwidth-limited data stream.
  • Automatic routing around censorship or regional blocks – Open up the entire internet to your browser.
  • Upgraded security while browsing – Protect your private information by upgrading all HTTP connections into HTTPS.
  • Automatic removal of ads – Simplify and quicken your browsing with automatic removal of ads on various websites. Because of your IP masking, many ad engines will not be able to target ads based on your previous browsing history.
  • Improved defense with Pro version – Access the up-to-date re-routing algorithms that are created 24/7 by the development team
  • Faster Speeds with Pro edition – Unlock the full potential of your internet connection.
  • Unlimited Data with Pro edition – Access blocked videos and download content with no bandwidth limitations.
  • Fast -Latern uses geo-optimized servers and only proxies blocked sites, to maximize browsing speed, letting you stream HD videos instantaneously.
  • Reliable – Latern uses a variety of techniques to bypass internet censorship and firewalls so you can keep surfing with uninterrupted access.
  • Secure – Lantern encrypts all of your traffic to blocked sites and services to protect your data and privacy.

Screenshots of lantern Software

lantern Software FAQs

What is Lantern?

Lantern is a software application for desktop and mobile that delivers private, fast, reliable and secure access to blocked websites and apps.


What makes Lantern unique?

Lantern is unique because it uses the fastest geo-optimized servers, and only proxies blocked sites, to maximize your browsing speed, letting you stream HD videos instantaneously. Lantern gives you uninterrupted access to the open internet by utilizing a variety of techniques to bypass censorship and firewalls, quickly shifting to other approaches if those techniques are blocked. The developer team at Lantern is constantly adapting and revising our censorship circumvention techniques depending on the blocking environment. User feedback is integral to Lantern, with new releases incorporating suggestions and addressing concerns.


How do I upgrade to Lantern Pro?

To switch from the free version to Lantern Pro, just download Lantern, click on the upgrade button within the interface, and complete the payment process.


Can anyone view my traffic when I’m using Lantern?

Lantern encrypts all your traffic in transit through our servers to protect your data and privacy.


What user information does Lantern collect?

If you choose to send Lantern diagnostic and usage data, we will never share, sell or lease this data to third parties or use it for any other purpose than making our services better for our users. Lantern collects diagnostic information when users share feedback and other information for debugging purposes, and anonymous usage analytics of our apps and website to offer you a better user experience. The Lantern settings allow you to configure this according to your personal preferences.


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  • Tor Browser
  • Tor
  • OpenVPN
  • WireGuard
  • Freenet
  • Psiphon
  • Windscribe
  • Mullvad

lantern Software Overview

lantern Software Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 2021
File Size 15.1 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Innovate Labs


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