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Labeljoy is a software specialized in creating to generate and printing labels, envelopes, badges, business cards, CD labels, letters and anything else that needs to be wholly or partially replicated and printed. It also enables you to create barcodes and QR codes, texts, images, clipart and other graphic elements using advanced fading, transparency and rotation effects. It also lets you import necessary data from an external source by loading it from Excel, Access, a text file or from professional database systems such as MySql, Oracle or SQL server, or from the third party’s address books. 

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The main executable program is Labeljoy5.exe. The software installer includes six files and is usually about 43MB. LabeljoyUpdate.exe will automatically download and apply new updates.

At startup, a window lets you choose whether to create a new project, load an existing project, load a sample file such as an address, badge, barcode, business card and more, link to a data source, register the software or access the help menu. Choose the ‘New project’, and you’ll immediately be able to set a type and the dimensions of the template. By default, the new label sheet is fitted with a text field and a barcode.

At the top bar of Labeljoy interface you can find all the general functions: Create a new project, Open an existing project, Save, Print, Scroll the pages, and Undo-Redo functions, as well as a group of tools for layouts, to hide or block an element, and zoom. The interface also has options and the Help menu.

The left-side bar contains all the modification tools for text, barcodes, images and other elements of the page. The interface is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) so the easiest one you can find, which means that the computer screen will show paper and label elements exactly as they will be printed and all functionalities are easy to detect.

You can change label orientation, include text, and adjust fonts and text size, change the fill color, background color, frame color, text outline color, and barcode color. You can also adjust the barcode width and add quiet zones. Managing page elements, counters, label numbers, and page numbers is easy. You can choose between centimeters and inches as units. Complex fading, transparency and rotation effects are available as well.

As changes are updated in real time, your main workspace becomes a representation of the result, without the need to continuously preview your work through different menus. When you are done, you can create an image file of some of the most commonly used formats can be created or print on a sheet of paper.

LabelJoy Features

  • WYSIWYG Interface – This sort of software needs to comply with many different mindsets and computer skill levels. LabelJoy offers a very traditional but intuitive interface that borrows from rich word processing, graphic design and presentation tools. This results in a comfortable, logical interface that anyone with some user experience with standard office tools can easily pick up. Generating any of a number of types of bar codes and QR codes is as easy as inputting their data, clicking generate, and placing the code into the design area. Along with that, additional text, graphics, and alignment are as easy as dragging, pointing and clicking. Professional, attractive labels with any standard barcode format are easy to start making in minutes, even for people who have never used this sort of program before.



  • Flexible Printing – Printing labels has never been easier. LabelJoy can readily work with pretty much any printer (even some industrial sublimation printers), individual small-scale label printers, or standard printers across pages of peel-and-stick instances. Getting it lined up for the right print job is just as easy as the label creation itself. It just works once you tell it what you want.


set-of barcode

  • QR Code and Barcode Generator Software – Importing external data sources, or imputing manual data for the instant generation of most standard QR codes and barcodes is very simple. Copying/pasting many data types is more than possible, and for those which can’t be done this way, simple import wizards are available.



  • Customizable Layouts – LabelJoy offers 65,000 customizable layouts to meet any type of potential need, regardless of your branding, practices, etc. Along with this, there are also 4,500 different clip arts readily available, with the ability to import custom ones.



  • Exporting – Export your labels to any number of standard word processing and image formats if you need to include them in standard documents or graphical design projects. It’s super easy to do, and you have full control over the encoding and aspect ratios.

Pron and Cons

Pros Cons
Label joy very easy to install and require a piece of quite a low system equipment.  However labeljoy providing trail version but with watermarks on output.
A user-friendly interface is an attractive feature for its customers. It’s available for free download but needs a subscription for professional use.
Easy to learn and ready to use. It doesn’t support ISSN codes.
It comes with multiple samples. Its website contains several types.
It can be used for QR codes, bar codes, product labeling, and MRP badges.

System Requirements

Processor 1000 MHz CPU
Hard Disk Space 50 MB of free disk space
Screen Resolution 800×600 screen resolution
Hardware Needed Printer and it’s related driver


Labeljoy is a quality labeling software that won’t leave you disappointed. However, even if it endears with its simplicity, there are a couple of areas, mostly in the trial version, that needs to be debugged. Overall, though, Labeljoy is the best solution for creating and printing labels and barcodes.

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