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Krita Animation Software Download For Windows 4.4.5

Feb 25,2019 - Krita Foundation (Free)

130 MB (Safe & Secure)

Krita Animation is a FREE digital painting and illustration application. Krita Programs offers CMYK support, HDR painting, perspective grids, dockers, filters, painting assistants, and many other features you would expect. It is a free sketching and painting program. It was created with the following types of art in mind: concept art, texture or matte painting, illustrations, and comics.

Krita Animation Software Download

Krita Animation is an open source work area painting application intended for illustrators, idea artists, illustrators, comic book makers, matte painters and surface artists, and the VFX business. Krita Programs is utilized every day by proficient artists everywhere on the world, just as energetic beginners. Krita accompanies interpretations in many language.

Krita Animation offers many normal and creative highlights to make painting more fun and more useful.

There are incredible brush motors for portraying and painting, stabilizers for freehand inking, colleagues for building a perplexing scene, an interruption free material just mode for painting without trouble, clone layers, channel and change covers for non-ruinous altering. You can trade documents with different applications in many various configurations.

Krita Programs is being created by a worldwide local area of open source devotees who need to make an incredible computerized painting application accessible as broadly as could be expected.

Features of Krita Animation

Clean and Flexible Interface

An intuitive user interface that stays out of your way. The dockers and panels can be moved and customized for your specific workflow. Once you have your setup, you can save it as your own workspace. You can also create your own shortcuts for commonly used tools.

  • Customizable Layout
  • Over 30 dockers for additional functionality
  • Dark and light color themes

Beautiful Brushes

Over 100 professionally made brushes that come preloaded. These brushes give a good range of effects so you can see the variety of brushes that Krita Brushes has to offer.

Brush Stabilizers

Have a shaky hand? Add a stabilizer to your brush to smoothen it out. Krita Brushes includes 3 different ways to smooth and stabilize your brush strokes. There is even a dedicated Dynamic Brush tool where you can add drag and mass.

Vector & Text

Built-in vector tools help you create comic panels. Select a word bubble template from the vector library and drag it on your canvas. Change the anchor points to create your own shapes and libraries. Add text to your artwork as well with the text tool. Krita Programs uses SVG to manage its vector format.

Brush Engines

Customize your brushes with over 9 unique brush engines. Each engine has a large amount of settings to customize your brush. Each brush engine is made to satisfy a specific need such as the Color Smudge engine, Shape engine, Particle engine, and even a filter engine. Once you are done creating your brushes, you can save them and organize them with Krita’s unique tagging system.

Wrap-around mode

It is easy to create seamless textures and patterns now. Press the ‘W’ key while painting to toggle wrap-around mode. The image will make references of itself along the x and y axis. Continue painting and watch all of the references update instantly. No more clunky offsetting to see how your image repeats itself.

Resource Manager

Import brush and texture packs from other artists to expand your tool set. If you create some brushes that you love, share them with the world by creating your own bundles. Check out the brush packs that are available in the Resource area.

Pop-up Palette

Quickly pick your color and brush by right-clicking on the canvas. You can also use Krita’s tagging system to swap out the available brushes that are displayed. The ring outside of the color selector contains the most recently used colors. These settings can be configured through the preferences.

Layer Management

In addition to painting, Krita comes with vector, filter, group, and file layers. Combine, order, and flatten layers to help your artwork stay organized. There are also three different views on how to see the layers.

Krita Animation Software FAQs

Is It Possible To Use Krita In My Own Language, Not English?

Krita should automatically use the system language. If that is not the case, please follow these steps:

  1. With Settings ‣ Switch Application Language… menu item will appear a small window.
  2. Click Primary language and select your language.
  3. Click OK to close the window.
  4. Restart krita and it will be displayed in your selected language!

If this doesn’t work, you might have to add a fall-back language as well. This is a bug, but we haven’t found the solution yet.

Krita Tells Me It Can’t Find Some Files And Then Closes, What Should I Do?

Causes for this could be the following:

  • It might be that your download got corrupted and is missing files (common with bad wifi and bad internet connection in general), in that case, try to find a better internet connection before trying to download again. Krita should be around 80 to 100 MB in size when downloading.
  • It might be that something went wrong during installation. Check whether your harddrive is full and reinstall Krita with at least 120 MB of empty space. If not, and the problem still occurs, there might be something odd going on with your device and it’s recommended to find a computer expert to diagnose what is the problem.
  • Some unzippers don’t unpack our ZIP files correctly. The native ones on Windows, OSX and most Linux distributions should be just fine, and we recommend using them.
  • You manually, using a file manager deleted or moved resources around, and thus Krita cannot find them anymore.

Can Krita Work With 8 Bit (Indexed) Images?

No. Krita has been designed from the ground up to use real colors, not indexed palettes. There are no plans to support indexed color images, although Krita can export to some indexed color image formats, such as GIF. However, it does not offer detailed control over pixel values.

How To Fix A Tablet Offset On Multiple Screen Setup On Windows?

If you see that your tablet pointer has an offset when working with Krita canvas, it might be highly likely that Krita got an incorrect screen resolution from the system. That problem happens mostly when an external monitor is present and when either a monitor or a tablet was connected after the system booted.

How Do I Set Favorite Presets?

Right-click a brush in the brush docker and assign it a tag. Then right-click on canvas to call popup palette, click the second right-most icon on the bottom-right of the palette, now you can pick the tag which contains the brush you assigned to it.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7 or Higher, OSX 10.12, Linux
RAM Recommended 2GB or higher
Optional GPU OpenGL 1.3 or higher
Graphics Tablet Supported Wacom, Huion, Yiyinova, Surface Pro

Screenshots of Krita Animation

Official Video Intro Krita Animation

Let's Animate My Neighbor Totoro in Krita ✍️ 🐾 🍃 🌳


Krita Older Versions

Version Name Size Download
krita-x64-4.4.5-setup.exe 130 MB Download
  • GIMP
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Affinity Photo
  • Autodesk SketchBook
  • Procreate
  • MediBang Paint
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photopea
  • MyPaint

Krita Animation Overview

Krita Animation Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 4.4.5
File Size 130 MB
Languages Multiple
License Free
Developer Krita Foundation


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