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Everything We Know About PlayStation 5

Jan 31,2022 - Sony (Free)

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Playing video games has become a phenomenon, a favorite leisure-time activity, and even a career for those who are gifted and incredibly talented to face against the best in the world. Gaming consoles have been a cornerstone for many families around the globe.

The great and legendary actor Mr Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda after the famous Nintendo game that people are still crazy for to this day. We are now living in an era where the craving for next-gen consoles is unfathomable.

According to Neilson Games Report, the industry has grown at the rate of 30% in the past couple of years, with 66% of console gamers preferring physical discs to digitally downloadable games. Furthermore, 47% of game publishers sell their products on Valve’s Steam platform.

Players like N0tail, have earned millions of dollars throughout their career winning prizes in international gaming events. With that out of the way let’s focus on the talk of the town or more of the planet, as people all over the world are going bonkers over the new PlayStation 5 that is expected to hit the market near fall this year.

Here are some specs to keep you feeling psyched about the console that is currently melting the competition.

1.    Digital Edition

We all have known cartridges ever since the day’s Atari systems invaded our homes. For those who are still young in their years, a lot has changed as gamers at home become accustomed to using discs instead with the launch of the Sega Genesis.

Yup, these are indeed legacy consoles and much older, and mature gamers know what I am talking about here. Then as time went by, we saw HD-discs and Blu-Ray technology replacing the conventional CDs. Now it seems Sony is again moving the community to a new direction.

So what is up with the so-called Digital Edition? Well for starters there are going to be two models for the upcoming PS5, one who will use a disc player to boot games and the other is the Digital Edition. While the specs are mostly speculated to be the same between the two, the Digital Edition is pitched at a $100 less price tag than the console version.

The new PS5 Digital Edition features no disc drive and is hence slimmer in build. Gamers will enjoy an all-digital version where they will simply sign in to their gamer’s account for the PlayStation Network or buy and download games from the PlayStation® Store. Both the PS5s are expected to share internal storage of a custom 825GB SSD with processing capabilities that reach up to 22GB/s…sweeeet!

2.    4K- TV Gaming and 8K Output

4K TV Gaming

One might be guessing that with all that raw processing power, what Sony wants to achieve? Well, let’s just say they want to shine and glitter gold in your eyes. The gold standard for entertainment while you play your favorite games, that is, duh. With the new PS5, you would be able to play your favorite games on your stunning 4K TV.

However, remember the emphasis is on ‘your’ so if you do not have a display screen to support ultra-high-definition, then it’s probably best that you add that to your budget as well. Nevertheless, the icing on the cake is 8K Output support for PS5 consoles that will allow you to play games on a 4320p resolution display.

3.    Ray Tracing

Another feature which was being bragged about a lot during the presentation and the PS5 showcase event back in June this year was Ray Tracing. So what this effectively does is that it allows gamers to experience and immerse themselves in a world that offers a new level of realism which brought about all through rays of light alone.

The rays of light are individually simulated, and together they create true-to-life shadowing details as well as reflections which will be supported by all games released on the PS5. Might not feel like much, but it seeing it in action can surely make you feel surreal about it without a doubt.

4.    HDR Technology

The PS5 will also feature HDR Technology, which means that you will be able to enjoy the high-dynamic-range video for all supported games. Lifelike colors and vibrancy matters to a lot of gamers out there and is an important aspect of making simulated environments feel real, adding to the immersive appeal of visuals.

For some, it may simply be a case of brighter whites and deeper blacks, but for others, it’s a downright necessity to break away from their usual daily routine and enter a domain that is invigorating and vibrant.

5.    CPU, GPU, SSD, & Integrated I/O

Sony right now is going all out with their rant about lightning speeds, and as an avid fan and member of the ever-growing video game community, I am rooting for them to blow us all away.

The new console will feature a custom-built CPU, GPU, and SSD with an Integrated I/O to deliver a spectacular performance. The PlayStation 5 is built around a tailor-made 7nm AMD Zen 2 CPU supported by eight cores running at a variable frequency and capped at 3.5 GHz.

As for the GPU, we are also getting a custom-built RDNA 2 from AMD with 36 compute units running at a variable frequency and capped at 2.23 GHz making it capable of 10.28 teraflops. I know there is a lot of techie jargon here, so to make it easy to understand, what you are getting is a console that can load games 19-times faster, quieter, and speculated to be cooler too.

6.    DualSense™ Wireless Controller

dualsense wireless controller

A new console, a new gaming controller that’s how it has always been. The PS5 will feature a wireless DualSense™ controller that will deliver haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects.

You would also be getting a built-in microphone and create button along with the foreplay of an ergonomically designed and stylish looking controller. Plus there is the DualSense™ charging station as well where you will be able to charge up to two wireless controllers.

7.    Pulse 3D™ Wireless Headset

pulse 3d wireless headset

Sony is also introducing a wireless headset that will be fine-tuned for 3D audio along with a USB Type-C® charging and dual noise-cancelling microphones. So chat away all day while you play your favorite games online with friends and family.

Students looking for reliable literature review writing help are already making plans to get the console with all of its esteemed accessories side by side.


PS5 is the thing right now, and probably people on Reddit and other online communities that favor PC-gaming over consoles are making a run for the money as we speak. All eyes are set on the 12th of November this year when the masses in the US will finally be able to get their hands on the prize.

2020 has been one big toxic year for all of us. I hope Sony Entertainment will pave the way to a bright new future with some recompensate for the misery we all had to endure for the past seven months and still counting. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

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