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KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Download 4.02

Aug 10,2020 - NCH Software (Free)

2.50 MB (Safe & Secure)

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is the easiest typing tutor touch software for PC available today for anyone to quickly learn speed typing, 10-key, and touch typing. Improve and test your typing speed and accuracy! Learn to type effectively and efficiently in no time.

It is a comprehensive software application that comes bundled with lessons and interactive games for helping users learn how to type faster. It addresses people of all ages, regardless of their current typing level.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Download For PC

The program is wrapped in a professional-looking interface with a well-organized layout. Beginners can get started by viewing an introduction on how to type correctly, in order to speed up the process.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is an easy, fun, and effective way to learn how to type or improve your typing skills. It starts with basic lessons on the home keys and neighboring keys, then continues with capitalization, punctuation, and numbers. This typing tutor software also includes practice lessons using poetry, prose, and problem keys, and advanced typing tests. Learning to touch type and increasing your WPM is easy with lessons, drills, and games to test your skills.

Users are provided with a wide range of lesson types involving the home, top and bottom rows, capitals, numbers, symbols, and the numeric pad. All lessons are timed and all typos are recorded by the tool. When you finish a lesson, the app reveals statistics on its duration, gross and net words per minute, errors, corrections, accuracy, and award.

Capitals Practice

Pros And Cons of KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

Pros Cons
A very comprehensive and user-friendly way to learn correct typing habits. The latest version of Windows is not supported.
There is no payment required to install this software. Access to more in-depth games will require a purchase.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10
Mac: Mac OS x 10.4 or later
Memory System memory consumption is also moderate.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Features

  • Typing lessons for home keys, neighbor keys, capitalization, punctuation, numbers and more
  • Practice exercises include drills, prose, poems and more

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Practice Exercises

  • Typing games included a fun way of improving typing skills
  • Dictation audio exercises for transcription practice
  • Initial skills test to determine the current level
  • Test typing skills at various interval durations
  • Calculates net and gross words per minute WPM
  • Keyboard highlighting shows correct finger placement
  • Identify troublesome words & characters needing more practice
  • Import custom lessons, drills, and speed tests
  • Set personal words per minute speed goals
  • Printable course completion certificates
  • 10 key number pad lessons
  • Quick and easy operation

Speed Test

There are also practice exercises available, and they revolve around prose, poetry and professional snippets, drills, revision (problematic characters and words), and custom examples. You can select any practice exercise or lesson to go through. Plus, you can select an audio dictation sample to transcribe documents, perform a speed test, as well as play “Key Blizzard” (type the falling words) and “30 Seconds to Type” (a sprint typing session).

Results on each typing task are neatly written down in the last tab of KeyBlaze Typing Tutor, where you may also view a progress graph and high scores. The program offers support for multiple users, so you and friends or family can effortlessly share it.

Screenshots of KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

Official Video Intro KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

Learn the Basics of Touch Typing with KeyBlaze

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor FAQs

Can I Use A Foot Pedal With KeyBlaze To Practice Transcription?

At this time, you are not able to connect a foot pedal to KeyBlaze.

There are practice dictation exercises, which allow you to type what you hear and then compare it against a transcript. However, you are not able to use a foot pedal.


Is KeyBlaze Typing Tutor free?

KeyBlaze typing tutor software is a completely free way to learn how to type, designed to assist with learning how to speed type and touch type. The software allows you to start with basic lessons such as Home Keys for index, middle and pinky fingers and practice lessons including poetry, prose and drills.


Is Keyblaze Typing Tutor safe?

We have scanned the file and URLs associated with this software program in more than 50 of the world’s leading antivirus services; no possible threat has been detected.


KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Older Versions

Version Name Size Download
kbsetup 2.50 MB Download
  • Klavaro
  • keybr
  • TIPP10
  • KTouch
  • Rapid Typing Tutor
  • Typing Club
  • RataType

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Overview

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Download For Windows

Technical Specification

Software Name KeyBlaze Software For Windows V 4.02
File Size 2.50 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer NCH Software


The feature-rich typing tutor includes thorough user documentation, has a good response time to keystrokes and mouse events, and uses a moderate-too-high quantity of CPU and system memory. Thanks to its intuitive layout yet resourceful features, KeyBlaze Typing Tutor should be able to please the entire audience.


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