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There is a massive diversity of business models and methods to earn a living, and with currency values and shares constantly on a bumpy ride, stock investors can never be too sure when it comes to this type of earnings. However, applications like JStock Portable provide a means of raising your awareness and building up a plan to tackle the stock market to get the most out of your investments.

Update your portfolio on the go

Since this is the portable version, it does not need to be deployed on your system, unlike the installer edition. As such, you can easily keep it on a removable storage device so you can check out price flow and manage your portfolio on the go. What’s more, with a decent connection, the application can almost instantly retrieve data either from Google or Yahoo Finance.


Intuitive design and tabbed interface

Even if new to using a computer as a means of enhancing stock investments, the application quickly gets you up and running through its intuitive design. You can work on multiple projects at a time, and this greatly comes in handy, with the application being able to refresh the list at a constant time interval so you stay up to date with latest changes.

Your workspace is cleverly organized in tabs, granting quick access to the stock watchlist, stock indicator editor and scanner, as well as your personal portfolio manager. Depending on your location, the application can be set to look up only specific regions of the globe so you don’t feel overwhelmed with info.

Real time updating watchlist

Once the list is retrieved, entries are displayed in a table along with an abundance of indicators, such as code, symbol, high and low values, as well as several other. Spending a little time, you notice the real time updating system kick in. Moreover, you can quickly identify symbols of interest through a dedicated search engine, with a powerful suggestion feature in case you don’t know exact details.

Build an accurate business portfolio

Furthermore, your portfolio can easily be configured to reflect your actual business plan. You can set up a budget profile with custom values for careful analysis. The intuitive design provides a clever, simultaneous view of entries up for sale and shares you intend to buy.

Practicability is further increased thanks to options that allow you to split or merge entries, or even gather up data in order to issue reports or charts you can save to file. In case you need to keep an entry under close watch notes can easily be attached.

On an ending note

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that JStock Portable is a powerful stock market analysis tool that serves as a suitable testing ground for your investment ideas. It’s low on system requirements, while the intuitive design and tabbed structure lets you quickly accommodate and start building up your portfolio with items from the real time updating watchlist.

Features of JStock Portable:

  • Stock Watchlist – Multiple Countries
  • Stock Watchlist – Current Stock Infomain page Jstock Portable
  • Stock Watchlist – Intraday Stock Pricewatch list of JStock Portable
  • Stock Watchlist – Multiple Watchlists
  • Portfolio Management – Transaction Records
  • Portfolio Management – Cash Management
  • Portfolio Management – Dividend Management
  • Portfolio Management – Multiple Portfolios
  • Alert – SMS
  • Alert – Email
  • Alert – System Tray
  • Indicator Filter – Indicator Installer
  • Indicator Filter – Indicator Editorstock indicator jstock
  • Indicator Filter – Indicator Scannerportfolio Jstock
  • Charting – History Stock Info
  • Charting – History Index Info
  • Charting – Portfolio Summary
  • Charting – Cash Flow Summary
  • Cloud Remote Storage
  • Currency Exchange
  • Seamless Integration with Android

Download JStock Portable

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