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JoyToKey Download For PC 6.4.3

Jul 14,2020 - Ryo Ohkubo (Free)

2.07 MB (Safe & Secure)

JoyToKey is a fully-featured free keyboard emulator for Windows 10 that allows Windows users to control their mouse or keyboard inputs using the buttons and thumbsticks of their game controllers. This is especially useful for a wide variety of games that are built without full gamepad support, which includes numerous web games, standalone game applications, console emulators, and other apps.

With JoyToKey, you can take full control over the functionality of your favorite gamepad and enable its buttons and sticks to operate keyboard (single or multiple) strokes and/or mouse movement, with target application never noticing the difference.

JoyToKey Software Free Download

In addition to being used for game software, It can also help general users who want to improve their general efficiency in various non-gaming apps and productivity software suites. This is especially true for users who want to simplify their workflow and bind various frequently used shortcuts and macros to the specific button of their gamepad.

With YouToKey you can create specific profiles for all your favorite or most used programs (such as Photoshop or Web Browser) and automate specific tasks by assigning them to button presses on your game controller. JoyToKey can be used for free under a shareware license, it is portable and does not feature installer/uninstaller, and it only requires the presence of a working gamepad to function. It is safe & secure, tested to be virus-free. All of its files are in their original form.

JoyToKey is a portable Windows application that can be started both from local storage or from a portable USB flash stick. The creator of the app has not made a separate installer/uninstall package available for public use.


The main interface window of JoyToKey features two panes that list all the created gamepad profiles, and the in-depth listing of button commands for each selected profile. Keyboard or mouse command can be assigned to each game controller button either manually or with the use of Auto Setting Wizard which will prompt you to provide a command for each of the detected buttons and axis.

Configuration screen features four distinct tabs and a “Disable” section for temporarily stopping the emulation of your game controller. There you can also set specific settings for emulating keyboard and mouse and optimize how your game controller is reacting in various situations.

The utility doesn’t require installation but, instead, it requires that a supported device is connected, otherwise it will not load. The great news is that JoyToKey is built to support up to 16 joysticks, though it’s highly improbable that one should need that many controllers.

This application enables you to create several configuration files and load the one you need in no time. To do so, you can simply press the button you assigned for the ‘Switch to the other configuration file’ feature.

Joystick Key Setting

The configuration includes 32 buttons, 6 axes and 2 Point of View (POV) switches for each of the joysticks.

Insofar as the mouse emulation is concerned, It can handle both buttons and wheels. More so, it has a function for adjusting mouse movements as well as wheel rotation, making them faster or slower, as you need.

JoyToKey appears that this software is pretty well equipped and ready to offer an interesting experience to anyone interested in turning their joystick(s) into a PC controlling device.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10

JoyToKey Features

  • Support for creation and instantaneous use of multiple virtual game controllers.
  • 16 configurable game controller profiles.
  • Ability to launch external programs or URL addresses on the press of the game controller button.
  • Full support for managing advanced emulation of media controls (volume up/down, prev/next/play/stop).
  • In-depth button alias feature.
  • Switching between multiple key assignments.
  • Define specific priorities among multiple game controllers.
  • Support for command-line arguments.
  • Designate custom locations of configuration files.
  • Associate profiles to target applications.
  • Automatic switching of profiles depending on the currently focused application.

Screenshots of JoyToKey Software

Official Video Intro JoyToKey Software

JoyToKey tutorial - Controller as Mouse and Keyboard, updated

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  • JoyXoff
  • AntimicroX

JoyToKey Software Overview

JoyToKey Software Download

Technical Specification

Software Name JoyToKey Software For Windows V 6.4.3
File Size 2.07 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Ryo Ohkubo


With JoyToKey you should be able to easily get along with applications that are not even designed to accept input from a joystick, including Office apps and many more.


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