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Japan Airlines Wi-Fi

Japan Airlines Co. Ltd, commonly known as JAL, functions as both the flagship carrier and an international airline rooted in Japan. Its central headquarters are situated in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.

The airline’s inception dates back to August 1, 1951, when it was established as Japan Air Lines. Yet, it officially initiated its operations on October 25, 1951, and subsequently earned the status of Japan’s official national airline in 1953. JAL boasts an extensive network, covering 60 domestic destinations and serving 39 international destinations spanning Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Oceania.

Japan Airlines

Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Kansai International Airport, and Itami Airport function as the airline’s primary hubs. On a monthly basis, JAL facilitates more than 26,000 domestic flights alongside 4,500 international flights.

As of July 2021, the airline operates a fleet of 156 aircraft. To enhance the passenger experience, Japan Airlines offers in-flight WiFi services through partnerships with T-Mobile and Panasonic Avionics.


Japan Airlines(JAL) In-Flight WiFi Plans

Plan (Connection time) Charges JAL CARD Holders
1 Hour Plan (1 hour) US$10.15 US$9.15
3 Hours Plan (3 hours) US$14.40 US$12.95
Flight Plan (24 hours) US$18.80 US$16.80

*Please take note that your connection time will initiate upon your initial login. While there is no data cap, it’s essential to understand that your Japan Airlines WiFi access will cease once your plan’s designated duration elapses.

Payment Process For Japan Airlines WiFi

Discounts are applicable when making payments with JAL CARD, JAL Global WALLET, JAL USA CARD, or JAL SPDB credit card. A few users of JAL Visa Card might encounter problems with discount processing. Customers impacted by this issue will receive a reimbursement credited to their JAL CARD payment account.

How To Connect JAL WiFi On Board?

  1. Begin by activating airplane mode on your smartphone and tablet PC.
  2. Next, switch on WiFi mode on your smartphone, tablet, and PC. Choose the WiFi SSID labeled “Japan Airlines” from the list of available wireless networks and establish a connection.
  3. Open your web browser; the WiFi portal page will be presented automatically. If the page does not load on its own, kindly access
  4. Follow the provided instructions and proceed to confirm your payment.
  5. Opt for a plan and complete the payment using your preferred method, then delight in the WiFi service provided by Japan Airlines.

Japan Airlines WiFi Availability

Japan Airlines WiFi remains accessible at all times during the flight, with the exception of takeoff and landing. Additionally, the WiFi system is programmed to deactivate automatically when the aircraft enters airspace over countries where such networks are not authorized. Look for the Japan Airlines WiFi symbol on the aircraft, indicating the availability of in-flight WiFi services.

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Classes With Access To Japan Airlines WiFi

The Japan Airlines WiFi network is accessible across their entire fleet of aircraft, spanning various classes such as First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class.

It’s important to note that the availability of WiFi services on their aircraft may vary on the day of departure. You can identify flights equipped with wifi on jal flights by checking the schedule column of the flight information.

Support Center For WiFi

For any information about japan air wifi please call +1-213-221-6130 (International call rate applicable) or 0120-959-033(Toll-free call only in Japan).
Or email to:


Does Japan Airlines Have WiFi Access?

Yes, Japan Airlines WiFi is provided by Japan Airlines to its passengers.

When is Japan Airlines WiFi available during the flight?

Japan Airlines WiFi is accessible throughout the flight, except during takeoff and landing. It automatically deactivates when flying over countries that do not approve such networks.

Can I Video Call And Voice Call Using Japan Airlines WiFi?

No, Japan Airlines WiFi does not allow video calling or voice calling facilities. However, you can browse social media and exchange messages and emails.

Which payment providers are supported?

You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB. JAL CARD receives a 10% discount.

For Internet purchases, you will receive the receipt to the registered email address.

Which classes have access to JAL WiFi?

The Japan Airlines WiFi network is accessible across all classes, including First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class.

Can I Borrow WiFi Enabled Device Onboard?

No. Japan Airlines does not provide such a service.

When is Inflight Wi-Fi service available?

Jal Inflight Wifi service is typically available at cruising altitude on Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft. It disconnects below 10,000 feet during descent.

Can I expect WiFi availability on all flights?

The availability of WiFi services can vary on the day of departure. Flights with japan airlines inflight wifi can be identified by checking the schedule column of the flight information.

How can I get support for WiFi-related queries?

For WiFi inquiries, you can contact the support center at +1-213-221-6130 (International) or 0120-959-033 (Toll-free in Japan). Alternatively, you can email

Can I use multiple devices with the Inflight internet service?

While you can switch between devices during your purchased session (e.g., from laptop to smartphone), multiple devices cannot access the service simultaneously.

Who are the Wi-Fi service providers of Japan Airlines?

japan airlines in flight wifi is provided either by Panasonic Avionics or Intelsat, depending on the aircraft.

Please note that the promotional codes or offers received for Panasonic Avionics inflight Wi-Fi service can not be redeemed on aircraft equipped with Intelsat inflight Wi-Fi service and vice-versa.

Can I Use My Phone For Voice Calls?

No. They don’t allow inflight voice communication by using cell phones.

Is Japan Airlines WiFi Safe?

Yes, Japan Airlines WiFi is safe to use. However, you should always maintain caution while using public network connections.


Japan Airlines (JAL) is a prominent international carrier deeply rooted in Japan’s aviation history. With an extensive network spanning the globe, JAL offers in-flight WiFi services for enhanced passenger connectivity. From diverse plans to accessible classes, JAL ensures travelers stay connected during their journeys. With a rich history and commitment to modern amenities, JAL remains at the forefront of redefining air travel, making each journey a seamless and connected experience.


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