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jAlbum Web Album Software Download For Windows 25

Apr 2,2019 - jAlbum Team (Free)

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jAlbum is knowledgeable software package application specialised in making personalised albums wherever users will input their favorite photos and videos, and edit pictures.

jAlbum provides a easy setting for serving to you get along albums. you’ll be able to cross-check a listing with recently created comes, type them in associate degree alphabetical order, preview the changes and generate a slideshow.

jAlbum Software Download

Create photo albums using simple options

In order to generate a brand-new project, you need to provide information about the name of the album, tags, description and location. Additionally, you may save the album to your computer and upload it in your future editing projects.

Each project may be personalized using different skins and styles, and you may upload albums to or your own website. The album is also saved locally on your computer and can be previewed in your web browser.

Importing photos, videos and other files

jAlbum gives you the possibility to add images, video or folders using the drag-and-drop support or built-in browse button.

There are three ways of adding files, as you can copy files to an album project, make use of links (they take less space on the disk and any editing tasks applied to the image are automatically revealed in the final album) or work with a custom folder (changes are applied to the physical files in that directory too).

Make image adjustments and apply effects

You may insert captions for each item included in the album, use the built-in viewer for jumping to the next or previous photo from your collection, and exclude several items from the album. When it comes to image editing features, you can rotate files to different degrees, cut off the edges, straighten the photo by rotating it to any given angle, flip items horizontally or vertically, and enable the automatic correction mode.

You are allowed to alter brightness, contrast and saturation, change the gamma value for each color channel (red, green and blue), as well as apply special effects (e.g. gray, sepia, sharpen, pixelate, invert), enable red eye corrections, and insert custom text messages. The tool lets you check out a histogram, edit metadata (name, title, date and time), give ratings, set flags, view camera info (e.g. name, auto exposure), and insert description about the creation, keywords, copyright and copyright URL.

jAlbum features:

Create beautiful web albums:

  • Use the powerful jAlbum software to create professional online photo albums for any website. Choose from hundreds of album skins and customize to your own personal touch.
  • With one button click jAlbum will batch process your images, scale them for the web and create web pages for you.

Easy to use:

  • You’ll be instantly familiar with jAlbum’s explorer-like user interface. Use drag-and drop to add new photos and videos. Create folders to better organize your album. Use the right-click menu (context menu) to access the most frequently used functions, like sorting, rotating, editing or choosing as folder thumbnail. Add captions right below the thumbnails.

Upload to any site:

  • You can upload your albums to any place on the internet: to your own site or blog. You can even share an album straight from your hard disk. If you don’t own a site, use – our community site – which is specialized on storing, sharing and showcasing albums in a spectacular way.

Supports huge image volumes:

  • jAlbum is optimized to handle huge image volumes and can use your current folder structure. This means you can update your web albums with more images or new features in no time at all. An average jAlbum gallery has 70 images and it is not uncommon to find galleries with 10.000 to 100.000 images presented in an organized portfolio site created with just a few clicks.

Supports video:

  • jAlbum is not just about presenting images, it’s just as good at handling videos. jAlbum converts over 160 different video formats to mp4, a format suitable for web presentation over a range of browsers and devices. Just drag and drop to create stunning video albums

Customize with skins:

  • Skins are plugins to jAlbum which determine the layout and feature set of the generated albums. Some skins are simple and easy to modify, while others have advanced features, like Google maps integration, video playback or shopping cart integration to name a few. jAlbum comes bundled with about 10 skins and you can install hundreds of new ones from our skins section

Edit images:

  • In Edit mode you’re able to view your photos in larger size, add captions and apply various filters. Adjust your images with the Crop and Straighten tool, fine tune with Gamma and Level or apply various artistic filters. You can even add text to your images, e.g. for the purpose of watermarking. Note, your originals will be never touched, only the downscaled version in the final album.

Image sales support:

  • With jAlbum it’s truly easy to sell your images (or the items they show). It only takes a couple of minutes to set up an album that is fitted with a shopping cart (supported by some skins only). You decide the pricing and products to sell. jAlbum currently integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout and Fotomoto (which also handles printing and delivery for you).

Protects your images:

  • jAlbum offers a range of methods to help protect your images: Images can be watermarked and have your logo stamped onto them in batch. You can have copyright notices added to the metadata of your images. Images can be scaled to “suitable for web only” sizes and the use of the right mouse button to save images can be disabled on browers that respect that hint (supported by some skins only)

Create web galleries from Lightroom:

  • Create jAlbum albums instantly from Lightroom with this handy plugin. Select the images you want to place in the album, select the jAlbum plugin and press Publish. The plugin will prepare a jAlbum album in you albums location. All you have to do is open it in jAlbum.

Feature-rich settings menu

jAlbum surely doesn’t let you down when it comes to configuration settings. It provides support for a multitude of parameters designed to help you change direction locations, alter the image ordering and thumbnail layout, and define the image linking from thumbnails.

Plus, you may set the JPEG quality, adjust the video quality and resolution, insert widgets which are placed in a small toolbar at the bottom of the album page, and configure several advanced features as well as.

A powerful album and slideshow creator

jAlbum offers excellent output results but it eats up CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer may be hampered. All in all, jAlbum proves to be a reliable and rich-featured album and slideshow creator that integrates handy image editing features, uploading capabilities and skins.

JAlbum Web Album Software FAQs

Can I publish albums to my own site?

Yes, you can publish jAlbum albums to any site you have access to if you are using the jAlbum Desktop Application.

What’s up with the frog?

The frog is called Dor and was a hand puppet David (jAlbum founder) had as a child. It has come alive with jAlbum and is now our community mascot and company logo.

Can I use jAlbum for commercial purposes?

Yes, with a Pro License (or Power account) you can use jAlbum for commercial purposes.
For private and non-commercial use choose the Standard License (or Premium account).

Official Video Intro JAlbum Web Album Software

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JAlbum Web Album Software Overview

JAlbum Web Album Software Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 25
File Size 141 MB
Languages Multiple
License Free
Developer jAlbum Team


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