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Jainam Smart Office

Jainam Share Consultants Pvt. Ltd. introduces a Smart Office app – a very easy & convenient android based Back Office application that lets you to keep updated with the live market. You can access anytime from anywhere to check you Ledger Balance, Stock Status, Open Position, Bill Details on one touch of the finger. Below is the list of application features.

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How Jainam Smart Office (JSO) brings your business on the next level?


Jainam Smart Office automates your business and saves your time and money. Jainam Software helps in clients details management and tracking every payment and receipt. You can download JSOfor free and use as a trial version so that you understand the software features before purchase. Jewelry business will have 3% of goods and services tax (GST). Though it is higher than the currently applicable taxes, including 1% excise duty and 1.5% VAT, it is below the anticipated GST of 5%. Customs duty will continue to be 10% and processing charges will be taxed at 5%. Approximate industry average processing charges are around 12% of the gold price. Prior to GST, total tax and duties are nearly 12.4%. After the implementation of GST, it will marginally increase to approximately 14%. Jainam Software helps you to manage your GST tax with customized CGST at 1.5%, SGST at 1.5%, IGST optional at 3% and Labour GST at 5%. In addition, Jainam Software helps you to define GST to differently to Sale Bill, Purchase Bill, Purchase from Registered Dealer and configure its value in the future. Watch Jewellery Billing Software

Interest and Locking

JSO is a powerful software that helps you to scale your business. Jainam Software handles all your paperwork smoothly and helps you maximize your cash flow. In addition, this billing software has stock, rate card for gold and silver with purity, stock keeping, sale, purchase from a customer, purchase from dealer/wholesaler, customer order, ornament making with melting, goldsmith/mechanic/manufacturing. Jainam Jainam Smart Office is complete customer management (CRM). You can print bill on pre-printed or plain paper. Jainam JSO has complete accounting, simple coding, barcode, QR code, export to excel, export the third party, email reports to the accountant.

Transaction Management

Jainam Smart Office captures each transaction and prepares the balance sheet accordingly. The balance sheet information can be traced to each bill and invoice level. Because it is easy to maintain as most of the things are managed through setting and configuration. For example, if you have to add a new TAX, you can do it your own. The newly added tax in JSO is reflected in the balance sheet automatically through an accounting and transaction system.

Easy Reminder

Jainam Smart Office helps in reminding transaction, credits, notes, important dates, and events. The reminder in JSO is powered with the help of SMS and Email integration. This means you can send SMS to all your customers with customized information on one click. The reminder gives power to business as it saves a lot of time and provides accuracy to business. In addition, This Smart Office software helps in preparing management information reports (MIS), due reports, credit history report and many more.


Jainam Smart Office is powered with customized reports. This means you can create your own report as per requirements because Jainam Software has provided you access to the database directly. The app also provides interest payable for a certain time period and has tax calculations, tax reports, automatic backups. Jainam Software provides different reports for customer management and improves your business. JSO provides financial statement reports, profit and loss, daily box wise, and weight wise reports. Jainam Software has approximately 150 reports which provide you an insight into your business in a fraction of second. The reports like payment cash, bank, and credit options with easy reminders help Jainam Smart Office to become very useful and essential software.


Jainam Smart Office automates the order-to-cash process and combines the entire digital finance, accounting, and invoicing processes in one solution. Jainam Software has contract management, order management, billing, invoicing, accounts receivable and payment management functions. It has managed to capture references like guarantor and agent information and commission management which helps in finance and lending

  • Easy to Use
  • Compatible on Any Mobile / Tablet
  • Real-time Trade Confirmation for EQUITY / DERIVATIVE / CURRENCY / COMMODITY
  • Live M2M calculation on open a position
  • Bill Detail on a click of fingertips
  • Holding @ Real-Time Value
  • Statement of Account

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Jainam Smart Office Overview

Jainam Smart Office Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 2021
File Size Varies With Device
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Jainam Share Consultants Private Limited.


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