Ivacy VPN – Best VPN Service for Privacy and Ultimate Security

Ivacy VPN strives to be the all in one solution to four diverse user needs. These software creators say that it was designed to allow users to avoid any hassles associated with finding more than one VPN for the sort of experience that they desire. Essentially, this VPN Software would enable users to see things like torrent anonymously, stream anything wherever you are, stop third-party spying and also keep your data secure.

Ivacy VPN for Windows has been specifically crafted for the OS and its environment. Secure your Windows-powered devices by becoming anonymous. Unblock and access any and all sites no matter your location. Download torrents, share information and content securely. Customer support available 24/7 and Risk-free investment with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Join 50K+ users who benefit from the best Windows VPN, Ivacy.

Ivacy VPN software

This VPN software offers dedicated apps for Windows, Android, Mac, & iOS, so no matter which device you use, your privacy and data are always protected, and you are free to access the content of your choice from anywhere on earth.

Ivacy VPN Software works on all major Platforms

This VPN software is capable to download any and all content with ease and comfort at great speed, with Zero Logs and total anonymity. This VPN software also protects you from ISP tracking, going back to its strict Zero Log policy, giving you the online freedom you’ve always desired. Don’t worry if your VPN connection drops, Ivacy’s Internet Kill Switch cuts off your internet if that happens. There are also absolutely no caps on bandwidth.VPN Users can download and upload to your heart’s content along with this software.

Thanks to 256-bit encryption, this VPN’s rock-solid security will keep all your communication encrypted, hidden from possible prying eyes. No need to fear about location either, Ivacy VPN has more than 450 servers in over 100 locations worldwide.

This VPN software also gives users many options. This software users would be capable choose from multiple protocols containing like OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSEC, and IKEv security. Moreover, this VPN users can enjoy multiple logins simultaneously on five devices with a single Ivacy VPN account.

Overall, with more than 450 optimized servers, 200k customers and counting and an array of top features, this software focuses on delivering a straightforward and effective VPN experience.

Ivacy VPN Features

256-Bit Encryption

Ivacy offers up to 256-Bit Encryption to users which makes penetrating the security next to impossible. So revel in security protocols that encrypt your Internet traffic keeping cybercriminals at bay.

Public Wi-Fi Security

Not only hackers can induce malware codes without you knowing but can even control your devices remotely or shut them down completely. Exercise care and turn on this VPN software before connecting to seemingly and safe access of free Public Wi-Fi.

No Logs Policy

This VPN software Data is sold to third parties which makes them aware of your online habits. In order to safeguard your privacy online, invest in Ivacy that has a clear No Logs policy.

Smart Purpose Selection

Purpose Selection helps you identify the purpose of connecting to a VPN are Secure Download, Streaming, and Unblocking. This VPN software has got you covered on all ends.

Defeat ISP Throttling

ISP Throttling is a curse and in order to circumvent it, only the Fastest VPN should be relied upon. This VPN software masks your IP address, thus, defeating ISP Throttling in process.

Internet Freedom

Certain websites and streaming channels are geo-restricted preventing users from accessing the desired content. This VPN software helps bypass limitations with ease.

Internet Kill Switch

Internet Kill Switch features immediately halt the Internet, once it detects that your connection has dropped. This VPN Software ensures that you stay private at all times.

Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP lets you Whitelist IP addresses. This VPN Software is done to prevent unauthorized access to your company accounts or just online accounts, in general, it adds extra security.

Split Tunneling

 VPN pioneered Split Tunneling. It lets you access both local and foreign content at the same time. Access content over VPN while through your local LAN.

Advanced Ivacy VPN Features

IPv6 Leak Protection

Ivacy VPN offers IPv6 Leak Protection because IPv6 can leak your online IP and let third parties keep track of your activities. Hence why VPN protection is critical.

Secure DNS

DNS leak can occur if the request (IP address associated with that URL) passes through your ISP’s DNS instead of the VPN tunnel. This VPN Software encrypts that channel.

Multiple Protocols

Protocols such as TCP, UDP, L2TP, and IKEV are offered. Choose from any of these protocols to craft an impenetrable military-grade encryption layer to your network connection.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are malicious in nature that can disrupt your Internet Traffic as well as can overwhelm your traffic so much that the infrastructure cracks. Ivacy prevents DDoS.

5 Multi Logins

Through the Ivacy subscription, you can access protection on five devices at the same time. No need for logging in and out each time.

Secure Downloading

With its state-of-the-art real-time threat detection technology, Ivacy scans and removes suspicious malware or viruses in the data being downloaded, keeping you safe at all times.

Ivacy VPN Benefits

Stay Secure

Safety first – the phrase is true for a reason or else all hell would break loose. In the modern Internet landscape, staying secure online is imperative. Why? Due to dangers lurking in the cybersphere. This VPN you can mask your IP address which makes hackers, surveillance agencies and ISP impervious to your online activities. Meaning, your privacy is yours alone.

Stay Secure with Ivacy VPN

Buffer-free Streaming

Buffer-free streaming is pure bliss. But, what if we tell you that your ISP throttles your Speed. Due to Speed Throttling, the lags occur. Subscribe to Ivacy and say bye-bye to stuttering when streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN, HBO, and you name it.

Ivacy VPN software showing Buffer Free Streaming

Experience True Internet Freedom Unlike Anything

Some websites or content are inaccessible due to geo-restrictions in place. The issues are due to exclusive rights on content as is the case with Netflix US. Others could be in countries like Russia or China where social media sites are blocked because of a lack of freedom of speech, etc. This VPN software helps you access both Blocked Websites and Restricted Content.

Ivacy VPN software showing experience True Internet Freedom

Simple user interface

This program comes with a sleek, user-friendly interface that encompasses a wide variety of functions, which are well-organized in intuitive categories.

This VPN Software has a configuration menu where you can adjust some of its parameters, such as toggling automatic redialing, enabling auto-connection after launch, choosing your preferred VPN mode or activate an Internet kill switch.

Protect your online identity

Ivacy can help you protect your online identity by establishing a VPN connection. You can perform this operation quickly by setting your preferred protocol, selecting the purpose, specifying valid credentials and clicking the Quick Connect button.

Alternatively, it is possible to customize the connection parameters by accessing the Personalized Selection category, selecting a purpose, setting a protocol and choosing your preferred country. Note that valid credentials are still required for connecting in this manner. Additionally, you can choose to browse all the servers and select the one that fits your needs in the best way.

Comprehensive VPN tool with various functions

To wrap it up, Ivacy is a handy application that can help you protect your online identity or access restricted content by establishing a VPN connection. This VPN software comes with a user-friendly interface, packs several useful functions and features a handy configuration menu.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Very Cheap Pricing No TOR compatibility
Secure and Safe  Sketchy “money-back guarantee”
True no-logging policy Five Eyes” jurisdiction
Easy to install and use No Netflix streaming possible
Good Customer Service

System Requirements

Connection Internet Connection

Technical Specifications

Title Ivacy VPN for Windows
File Size 21.9MB
File Name
Requirements Windows 10,Windows 7 64-bit,Windows Vista 64-bit,Windows 10 64-bit,Windows 2008 R2,Windows 2008 64-bit,Windows Vista,Windows 2003,Windows 7,Windows 2000,Windows 9x,Windows 8,Windows XP,Windows 2012,Windows 2008,Windows XP 64-bit,Windows 8 64-bit
Language English
Available Languages English,Italian,French,Spanish,Polish,Chinese,German,Japanese
License Commercial Trial
Date added Tuesday, May 7th, 2019
Author PMG Pte. Ltd. https://www.ivacy.com

Download For Windows

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