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iOS SDK To Build Application For Mac Download 12.1

Aug 23,2021 - Apple Inc. (Free)

2.06 GB (Safe & Secure)

Apple offers software developers an iOS SDK for Mac (Software Development Kit) in order to help satisfy their development needs when creating applications that run on the iOS operating system. If you have a Mac computer and you want to install the SDK onto it, then you cannot download it separately. You must find the Apple Xcode IDE and download that because the iOS SDK comes bundled with it.

You’ll want to have Xcode downloaded onto your Mac anyway because it gives you access to several different developer resources that will help you build better applications for Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

The iOS SDK software package contains tools that can help you develop new applications,  perform extensive tests, and then effortlessly distribute the compiled project via the Apple App Store. On top of that, you can access different video and text tutorials that can help you get started.

iOS SDK For Mac Software Development KitYou can also analyze sample code and how-to coding examples in order to learn how to fix certain problems or to integrate new features into your applications.

The iOS SDK includes the Xcode development environment where you can manage your project’s files and debug code via a clean and organized user interface. Furthermore, the iOS Simulator enables you to test applications locally, without having to waste time compiling the project and transferring it to your iPhone or iPad.

The development kit includes various tools that can collect data about your project and help you analyze the results in order to help you identify the areas that need to be optimized.

System Requirements

Requirements Apple ID

iOS SDK – Software Development Kit For Mac Features

  • Access Many Advanced Development Tools and Resources: There are a lot of development tools in the iOS SDK for the macOS software package. They will assist you in creating new applications, conducting thorough testing of the applications, and distributing your finished applications to the Apple App Store. If you have trouble getting started, you’ll find various text tutorials and video tutorials to assist you. There are even sample codes and tutorial codes available for you to review as examples. They will teach you how to resolve specific issues with the applications.
  • Powerful Tools for Developing Original iOS Applications: The package comes with the Xcode development environment, which lets you manage all the files and debug codes of your projects. The user-friendly interface is well-organized and easy to manage. You can even conduct local application tests via the iOS Simulator tool that is included in the package. This will save you so much time because you won’t need to compile and run your projects just to see how they came out.
  • Build 3rd Party iOS Apps: If you have signed up for the iOS Developer Program, then you can use the iOS SDK software development package. Once you open the package, you can access lots of powerful development tools, testing tools, and analytical tools for creating applications. You’ll even be able to use sample codes and tutorials to assist you in getting started.

Screenshots of iOS SDK For Mac To Build Application

Video Tutorial Integrating The iOS SDK 

Video Tutorial For Mac

iOS SDK Software For Mac FAQs

How Can I Test The Native Share Dialog In The iOS Simulator?

Since the native share dialog is part of Facebook’s iOS app, it can’t run on a simulator. Use a physical device to test the native share dialog. We’re looking at ways to make it possible to test the native share dialog in the simulator.


How To Change And Clear The App Badge Number?

When pushing iOS notifications on the JPush website, you can specify the value of the badge parameter in [Optional Settings], such as: 1 or “+1”.
For the parameters of specifying badge on api, please look at: Push API

About the interface for the client reporting the badge to the JPush server, please look at: Setting the badge

For an introduction to badge +1, see APNs Notification badge

A clear method of Icon Badge number:

  • APN push content specifies badge number as 0;
  • Use the following code to clear the badge number: [[UIApplication sharedApplication] setApplicationIconBadgeNumber:0]


How To Push Custom Sounds For iOS?

The client needs to import the sound file into the project, select the project Target -> Build Phrases -> Copy Bundle Resources. When the server pushes, you need to specify the sound parameter of the iOS platform. The specific value is the sound file name + suffix.


Why Doesn't iOS Receive Push Messages?

If you confirm that the app key is set on the SDK client and Portal, and the other sections follow the documentation correctly, but still can not receive push messages, there is a certain possibility that the certificate you uploaded on Portal is not an APNs (Push) certificate. The iOS push environment and application certificate specified during push need to be the same environment.



  • Firebase.
  • Adobe AIR.
  • Fabric.
  • BuildFire.
  • OutSystems.

iOS SDK For Mac Overview

Technical Specification

Mac Software
Version 12.1
File Size 2.06 GB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Apple Inc.


iOS SDK is the Apple vetted software development kit that is offered to anyone that is enrolled in the iOS Developer Program. The package provides access to a collection of efficient development, testing, and analysis tools, but also includes sample code and other tutorials that can help you understand how to deal with certain issues.


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