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Internet Explorer For Windows 7 64bit Download

Aug 26,2019 - Microsoft Corporation (Free)

56.2 MB (Safe & Secure)

Internet Explorer for Windows 7 64bit is the Web Browser from Microsoft with improved performance, faster page load times, new standards support for next-generation sites, and completely revised F12 developer tools. Once you have this web browser download for pc, you will find new capabilities to improve real-world Web site performance, support for the well-defined and commonly used features of the emerging ECMAScript 6 standard, support for WebGL, and high quality, power-efficient HTML5 video without plugins.

It is compatible with existing sites, which just run faster and look better in IE. “In new version IE we have also added a number of APIs to enable new experiences, and we have changed or removed APIs to ensure that more sites work today and in the future”.

This browser for window 7/8/10 beats Chrome and other leading browsers in a JavaScript performance test. Sites are lightning fast with the power of Internet Explorer’s improved performance and hardware acceleration. Brings the web to life with stunning graphics, responsive gaming, and rich, app-like experiences on this internet browser software by Microsoft.

in fact, IE is the best internet browsers for Pc and you can have the ultimate gaming experience on your pc, catch up on your reading, watch videos, and browse the web, of course. Use fast and fluid Internet Explorer across all your Windows devices—tablet, Windows Phone or TV. Enjoy. Microsoft was trying to push its infamous browser, Internet Explorer, to users out there. Several operating systems and lots of work later, Redmond even decided to give up its deprecated product entirely in favor of a rebranded, more capable alternative, Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer Software For PCInternet Explorer 11 Benefits

Microsoft’s last attempt at offering a competitive Internet Explorer

Having been released in 2013 as an enhanced edition of Microsoft’s browser, internet browser software is the company’s last effort to revive its pioneering solution for browsing the web.

The browser is still integrated by default in Windows 10 and can be downloaded for other OSes. Even though its overall performance is far from comparing to that of its successor, Microsoft Edge, or reputed competitors Chrome and Firefox, it does provide you with the basic tools for Internet navigation.

You can thus work with multiple tabs simultaneously, store your favorite websites to bookmarks, with the possibility of customizing the folder structure as you see fit, as well as keep track of your browsing history using various filters. Aside from that, monitoring feeds is possible using internet browser software.

Packs basic navigation tools as well as some goodies for developers

Internet browser software is also worth mentioning that keeping track of your downloads should raise no difficulty whatsoever, and managing your toolbars and extensions should also be a breeze, even though the truth is developers still building such tools are a rare bird.

When it comes to internet browser software’s search engine, Bing is the default option, but if you think it does not encourage your productivity, opting for an alternative is allowed.

For seasoned users who command some coding skills, internet browser software offers access to developer tools so that they can debug and test websites.

A browser surrounded by nostalgia

For all it’s worth, Microsoft did make history with its renowned free internet browsers for Pc. Even though the product has lately become the target of endless jokes online and is no longer able to meet the needs of the modern user, the truth is it was a pioneer worthy of our respect.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Faster multicore JavaScript engine Basic HTML5 support
Support for HTML5 and CSS3
Very well integrated with the system
Sleek interface

System Requirements

Processor Computer with a 233MHz processor or higher (Pentium processor recommended)
Internal Memory 512 MB RAM is required
Hard Drive Space 70 MB hard drive space is required
Screen Resolution  Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution monitor with 256 colors
Peripherals Modem or Internet connection; Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse, or compatible pointing device
Operating System Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8

Internet Explorer 11 Features

  • Compatibility enhancements
  • WebGL and High DPI support
  • Optimized for touch screens
  • Powerful developer tools for creating Windows Store apps using JavaScript
  • Fast website loading (prerender and prefetch, caching and prioritization)
  • Enhanced view of websites and Windows Store apps using JavaScript
  • Tile support and tile notifications with RSS
  • Personalized look and better integration with the Windows environment

Bing Search

Screenshots of Internet Explorer

Official Video Intro Internet Explorer

[GUIDE] Download Internet Explorer 11 Windows 10 (Install)

Internet Explorer FAQs

Is Internet Explorer 11 still supported?

“The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired and go out of support on June 15, 2022, for certain versions of Windows 10.”Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer 11 for the Microsoft Teams web app last year, and it’s planning to cut it off from accessing Microsoft 365 services later this year.


What does Internet Explorer 11 include?

IE11 includes all of the previous Group Policy settings you’ve used to manage and control web browser configuration since Internet Explorer 9. It also includes the following new Group Policy settings, supporting new features: Turn off Page Prediction. Turn on the swiping motion for Internet Explorer for the desktop.


What is replacing Internet Explorer 11?

Microsoft Edge would be able to provide users with a more stable, quicker, browsing experience. On May 19, 2021, Microsoft revealed on its official blog that the Internet Explorer 11 web browser would be retired on June 15, 2022, for some versions of Windows 10.


Is Internet Explorer end of life?

Microsoft will finally put the venerated, vulnerability-ridden browser out to pasture, but it’s still got a year to cause some trouble. This week Microsoft finally took a step that’s been years in the making: The company said it will retire its embattled Internet Explorer web browser on June 15, 2022


Internet Explorer Overview

Internet Explorer Download For PC

Technical Specification

File Size 56.2 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Freeware
Developer Microsoft Corporation


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