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iMyFone iTransor Data Backup And Restore For Windows Download 4.1.1

Oct 4,2021 - iMyfone Technology (Free)

38.51 MB (Safe & Secure)

iTransor can back up and restore certain apps on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, which iTunes and iCloud cannot do. With iMyFone iTransor, you can easily transfer the data you need from the old iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, iTunes/iCloud backups to another device. A Better Alternative to iTunes to Selectively Back Up and Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

  • Back up only Contacts, SMS, WhatsApp, or WeChat.
  • Restore only Contacts, SMS, WhatsApp, or WeChat from.
  • iTunes/iCloud/iMyFone backup without data loss on the target device.
  • View and export 18+ types of data from iTunes/iCloud backup or iOS devices.
  • Compatible with all iOS versions and devices including iOS 14 & iPhone 11 Pro (Max).

iMyFone iTransor Backup And Restore For iPhone SoftwareThis application enables you to export data from your iOS device, iTunes backup, or iCloud backup, depending on your needs. This basically means that you perform a manual backup of your files by extracting files from whichever location you find more accessible.

Of course, each category requires something different from you. Therefore, exporting from a device requires a device to be connected to the PC, the iTunes backup can only export data if you’ve previously created a backup on your PC and the iCloud prompts you to input your credentials.

iMyFone iTransor Data Backup And Restore For iPhone Software Features

  • Selectively Restore from iTunes & iCloud: Restore only WhatsApp, SMS, Contacts or WeChat from iTunes/iCloud backups to iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • Back-Up and Restore SMS: Back up the only SMS on iOS devices and restore them to another device without affecting other data.
  • Back-Up and Restore WhatsApp: Back up and restore only WhatsApp data on iOS devices without uninstalling WhatsApp.
  • Back-Up and Restore Contacts: Back up only all the contacts on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and restore them to another device.
  • Back-Up and Restore WeChat: Back up only WeChat data on iOS devices and restore them to another device.
  • Fully Back Up and Restore: Fully back up all the data and settings on one device and restore them to another one.
  • View Data before Restoration: View the data in your backup before restoring to confirm whether it is what you need.
  • Merge Data in Backup & Device: It enables you to merge SMS, Contacts, WhatsApp, WeChat in backup, and target devices.
  • No-Risk of Data Loss: The restoration won’t cause any data loss of irrelevant data on the target device.
  • Restore across iOS Versions: It enables you to restore data across different iOS versions, even from a new version to an older one.
  • Export Data from Anywhere: View and extract data directly from your device or from the backups made by iTunes, iCloud or iMyFone iTransor.
  • Multiple Data Types Supported: Supports 18+ types of data, like WhatsApp/WeChat/Kik data, messages, photos, and more.
  • Export Data in Different Formats: The conversations in messages, WhatsApp, and other social apps can be stored as .HTML, .XLS, or .CSV, while media files will be saved in their original formats.

iMyFone iTransor is highly accessible to a broad range of computer users, regardless of their PC operating skills or previous experience with similar products. The only requirement is to understand basic data backup and recovery concepts.

The main window consists of three different categories, one for each of the application’s functions: one to help you export data from iOS devices, one for extracting data from iTunes backups and another for extracting data from iCloud.


Q: What can I do with the free trial version of iTransor?
A: With the free trial version, you’re always allowed to fully or selectively back up your device to computer and download backups from your iCloud account. As for other functions, the trial version only supports scanning and preview; while the registered one can complete the whole process of exporting or restoring.

Q: Can I download the app on my iOS device?
A: No, you can’t download the app on your iOS device, because iTransor is a desktop-based software tool.

Q: What is the difference between the backup and export functions within the program?
A: The backup function can selectively or fully back up your data and the backup files can be used for export and restoration. The export function can export 18+ data types from devices and backups to a computer for viewing, editing, printing, and more. But the exported data can’t be restored to the device.

Q: What does the “Merge” option do to my backup and device?
A: That means iTransor’s restore function will combine SMS, Contacts, WeChat, WhatsApp in backup to your target device, instead of overwriting current data on your device.

System Requirements

Required Software iTunes Latest Version

Screenshots of iMyFone iTransor Backup And Restore  For iPhone 

Video Tutorial of Backup WhatsApp Messages Without iCloud | iMyFone iTransor

How To Backup WhatsApp Messages Without iCloud | iMyFone iTransor

  • CopyTrans
  • Wondershare MobileGo
  • Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer
  • Samsung SideSync
  • DoubleTwist

iMyFone iTransor For Windows Overview

Technical Specification

iTransor Software
Version 4.1.1
File Size 38.51 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer iMyfone Technology


You can use iMyFone iTransor data backup and restore software for iPhone if you need a quick way to extract data manually from your iOS device, iTunes backup or iCloud backup without significant efforts.


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