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ImageGlass Photo Viewer Software For PC Download

Jul 8,2021 - Duong Dieu Phap (Free)

17.3 MB (Safe & Secure)

ImageGlass is a lightweight, versatile free photo viewer software for Windows 10. This software particularly the one’s installations which can have hassle showing PNG and GIF documents in Photo Viewer. The software program continues to get better – a new edition consists of new innovations, features, and worm fixes. This is any other open-supply fundamental photo viewer, which, at the same time as simple, advantages from the velocity that incorporates being so lightweight, and is a great preference for Windows users. The app helps the maximum not unusual place photo formats. Users can also personalize this extension listing easily.

ImageGlass SoftwareNew First-Launch Configurations screen
helps you to quickly set up on the first launch of the tool. You can select your language, layout mode, theme; or set the app as a default photo viewer.

Color Picker tool
The program supports the Color Picker tool which allows you to pick a color of the viewing image, and automatically convert it to 4 color formats: RGBA, HEXA, CMYK, and HSL.

Enhanced files real-time update
The software will instantly update the viewing image, as well as the images in the viewing folder if you make a change on it.

New image formats supported
In addition, the app switches to use the ImageMagick library which allows users to view over 100+ image formats. You can add a new format easily by a friendly UI in the Settings dialog. You may need to install some dependent software to be able to read those new formats.

Edit viewing image with your favorite apps
The software proudly provides you with a quick command to edit the viewing image. The app is purely images viewing app. By pressing Ctrl + E, the program will immediately open the associated app. You can change the associated app easily in the Settings dialog.

This software gives you the possibility to zoom in or out of the image, go to the previous or next item from the selected directory, rotate items to different angles, lock the zoom ratio, refresh the current item, as well as play a slideshow.

What’s more, you can convert the selected image to JPG, BMP, EMF, GIF, ICO, PNG, TIFF, WMF, or other file format, print items, upload photos on Facebook, change the background color, as well as set the maximum thumbnail file size.

The tool lets you set the current image as your wallpaper, view file properties, move the items to the Recycle Bin or delete them from the hard drive, and rename items. It remains light on system resources, so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered.

System requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Framework .Net Framework 4.7.1

ImageGlass Free Photo Viewer Software For PC Features

  • Speed upload files in the directory, now capable of loading files very fast
  • The tool also improves the quality of the file icon view
  • Not the perfect view GIF images, you can extract frames in GIF image via context menu.
  • Support see some basic information of the image.
  • The new version offers you many new choices for photos. Apart from pressing the button drag and drop to open files, in this version you can see photos from the context menu of any one file. Especially with the keys “versatile” Ctrl + V, you can see photos by copying the file or link or a picture from being fixed or screenshots with the Print Screen key; Added feature to update the files in the directory.
  • View the full size or fit mode.
  • The presence in this version can not mention the zoom feature. You can zoom in by rolling the mouse or by keyboard shortcuts; Many people see the images as a slideshow, now you can customize images while watching time move slideshow;
  • A small improvement but it is also the app or displays a picture message if corrupted image files so as not to interrupt your viewing time.
  • The new version added a context menu of Windows commands to be able to quickly see photos ImageGlass.
  • You can also set Image Glass as the default viewer in Windows, support for 14 popular formats.
  • Integrated with the familiar keyboard shortcuts, close the Windows image viewer.

Screenshots of ImageGlass Software

Official Video ImageGlass Photo Viewer App

ImageGlass Best Image Viewer For Windows 7

ImageGlass Best Image Viewer For Windows 7 Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download Dec 8, 2020 16.6 MB Download Apr 30, 2020 16.8 MB Download 17.5 MB Download



FastStone MaxView

Microsoft Photos

What’s new in this version

Breaking changes:

Some of the settings in igconfig.xml file required to update, see #upgrade-guide


  • New ImageGlass settings engine
  • Provides 4 levels of setting files
  • Level 1: Built-in app settings
  • Level 2: Default settings from file: igconfig.default.xml (located in StartUpDir)
  • Level 3: User settings from file: igconfig.xml (located in ConfigDir)
  • Level 4: Admin settings from file: igconfig.admin.xml (located in StartUpDir)
  • Reduces File IO by using in-memory variables to store the settings. All the settings will be written the hard disk when the app closed.
  • No longer requires writing an empty igconfig.xml file in AppData folder in Portable mode
  • Fixed: ImageGlass keeps on resetting igconfig.xml file
  • Introduce new window mode: Frameless.
  • Hold Shift to move the window
  • There are basically 4 window modes:
    • Full screen Alt+Enter
    • Window fit F9 (former name: Window adapt to image)
    • Frameless F10 (new)
    • Slideshow F11
    • All window modes can be combined to make the new amazing window modes:
      • Windowed slideshow (F11 -> Alt+Enter -> Alt+Enter)
      • Frameless windowed slideshow (F11 -> Alt+Enter -> Alt+Enter -> F10)
      • Window-fit slideshow (F11 -> F9 -> F10)
      • Frameless Window fit (F10 -> F9)
      • Introduced new zoom mode: Scale to fill Ctrl+D
      • Added countdown timer in Slideshow mode by default
      • Supported touch gestures
      • Swipe left/right for previous/next picture
      • Rotate in either direction (90-degree)
      • Zoom in/out at a location via spread/pinch
      • Zoom in/out via swipe up/down

ImageGlass Free Photo Viewer Software Overview

ImageGlass Software Download
File Size 17.3 MB
Languages English
License Opensource
Developer Duong Dieu Phap


ImageGlass appears to be the proper choice in case you are looking for a simple-to-use free photo viewer that contains simple functions for helping you navigate during your photo collection.


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