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ideaMaker by Raise3D – 3D Slicing Software For PC Download 4.3.1

Sep 30,2021 - Raise3D (Free)

71.2 MB (Safe & Secure)

Prepare files for printing with ideaMaker, Raise3D’s is the best 3D slicing software for Windows PC. The user-friendly interface can prepare STL, OBJ, and 3MF files within 2 clicks, while defined settings provide limitless customization for advanced users. Slicing with ideaMaker is fast, efficient, and completely free.

It is all about options and saving those options to use later. It allows you to create specific settings for different printers, filaments, and models- then quickly and easily store them for later use. These profiles can also be exported and imported from other team members, allowing the community to share best practices with each other in a way that streamlines workflow.

Easily create precise support structures automatically or create 3D masterpieces using a completely customizable support system. Change the thickness of the supports as well as add or remove them manually — With the 3d slicer app, you can be sure your prints have minimal scarring and look they’re very best.

ideaMaker by Raise3D For PC DownloadIt can be set to automatically raise or lower the layer height depending on the level of detail required for the current area being printed, further improving quality and reducing print time.

It allows simplified use of 3rd party filaments with customized profiles categorized by brand and material that can be downloaded and saved from the OFP directory. With ideaMaker by Raise3D, tested and certified materials from the OFP come with preset profiles that have already done the work for you to determine temperature, flow rate, and speed, so you get consistent, quality prints every time.

Even though the entire concept of 3D printing pretty is very complex, ideaMaker tries to make it easier for you to understand. It contains a fairly user-friendly interface with clear commands that make for a faster learning process.

The program is used to help you prepare files for 3D printing. It has multiple features that you can use to build and customize your desired objects which you can then begin to slice.

ideamaker 3D Slicing Software For Windows

ideaMaker by Raise3D 3D Slicing Software For Windows Features

  • Natively-compiled, multi-threaded, 64-bit, high-efficiency slicing engine for even faster-slicing speeds
  • Automate the separation of parts in assemblies
  • Comprehensive repair features for repairing poor-quality models
  • Custom supports/ Generate automatic support structures
  • Adaptive layer height, modifiers, sequential printing
  • Sequential printing-get better-looking prints-faster
  • Manage multiple printing profiles to easily switch between different print settings
  • View cross-sections of models
  • Auto-layout for multiple files in one print job
  • User-friendly interface, within 2 clicks to make a print
  • Compatible with most FFF 3D printers
  • Remote monitoring and print job management
  • Input 3MF/OBJ/STL, output GCODE
  • Multi-Language interface: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Korea, and Chinese, etc.

The application lets you prepare files that can be of three types: STL, OBJ, and 3MF. You can either have them ready with a few clicks if you want to use something more basic or use the defined settings that allow limitless customization if you are a more advanced user.

Not only does ideaMaker have a lot of settings, but you can also save them to use later for different printers, filaments, and models.

While using the program, you can freely move your objects around to see them from different perspectives, add new ones, delete those you do not need, and edit them in any way you can imagine.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor Intel® Core 2 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster
Memory 2 GB RAM
Storage Space 2 GB or more
Graphics Card 1280 x 800 display with 32-bit color and 512 MB or more
OpenGL OpenGL 2.0-capable system

Video Tutorial of How To Use 3D Print With ideaMaker Software

How to 3D Print with ideaMaker | Slicing Software Basics

What’s New In This Version:


  • Slicing templates for Raise3D E2CF
  • Raise3D PA12 CF and Raise3D PA12 CF Support filament settings
  • “Single Shell Surface Mode” option
  • check for heating code in Start Gcode
  • support for M568 Code
  • “Print Non-Manifold Edges” option
  • support for GCode Thumbnails for OctoPrint and Mainsail
  • support for slicing active model only under Project Panel
  • prompt to “Profile Generator” under “Prepare to Slice” and “Select Template”
  • access to ideaMaker Library under “Advanced Settings”

ideaMaker By Raise3D For Windows Overview

Technical Specification

ideamaker Software Download
Version 4.2.1
File Size 69.5 MB
Languages English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Korea, and Chinese, etc.
License Free Trial
Developer Raise3D


The ideaMaker is the 3D Slicing software for Windows 10 that gives you the entire concept of 3D printing isn’t for anyone, but yet again, people who do need it should have the level of knowledge to get used to it quickly. And whether you plan on using it for manufacturing, engineering, or education, ideaMaker is good to help you get going.


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