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Icon Editor is a rich-featured software application which enables you to create and design icons, cursors, and images. It is primarily developed while keeping the advanced user in mind.

The interface of the program is professional and intuitive. Importing items into the environment can be done by using either the file browser or ‘drag and drop’ method. Icon Editor supports plenty of file types for the input, such as JPG, BMP, ICO, XPM, GIF, EXE and DLL.

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Features of Icon Editor:


Icon Editor has a panel-based multilingual interface. You can fully customize the interface by rearranging, docking, un-docking, hiding, showing the panels. You can save your customization in workspaces. It comes with many predefined workspaces to make certain tasks easier. For example, it has a predefined workspace for working with palette-based images.

Create an Icon:

Icon Editor was specially designed to make working with icons and cursors easy. You can create icons from scratch, convert your favorite images to icons or extract icons from exe and DLL files. Using this software you can create or convert also Macintosh icons.

Image Objects:

It comes with a lot of pre-installed image objects. You can make icons simply by combining the image objects.


Icon Editor makes more than 30 tools available to select, edit and retouch your images.

Selection tools: Rectangular, Elliptical, Lasso, Magic Wand, Move tool, Crop.
Painting Tools: Brush, Pencil, Gradient, Fill, Line, Curves, Text.
Shape tools: Rectangle, Ellipse, Rounded Rectangle, Custom Shape.
Retouching tools: Eraser, Color Eraser, Blur, Sharpen, Brighten, Darken.
Measuring and navigation tools: Color Picker, Hand, Zoom, Ruler.


Icon Editor comes preloaded with many effects that you can apply on your images, icons, and cursors. Combine different effects for unique, near-effortless artistic creations.

Image To Icon

Using the “Batch Create Icons or Cursors” dialog you can create icons or cursors from images. It can also convert icons to icons. You can use this to convert Macintosh icons to Windows icons or vice versa. You can remove image formats from icons or add new ones.

It is possible to preview the results in a small frame on the upper right part of the screen, along with information on the colors and a histogram. So, you can adjust the colors levels, pick different sizes of brushes and variations of gradients, choose the layers mode (e.g. color dodge, overlay, darken), as well as view a history of the commands.

Icon Editor supports keyboard shortcuts and multiple languages for the UI is very responsive to keystrokes and mouse events and includes user documentation. We have not experienced any problems throughout our evaluation since IcoFX did not freeze, hang or display error dialogs. Thanks to its wide range of customization features, skilled users should be satisfied with IcoFX, while novices might take a while to get familiarized with its advanced environment.

Download Icon Editor

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