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Icelandair Wi-Fi

Icelandair, founded in 1937, stands as Iceland’s trailblazing airline. It proudly presents the Icelandair WiFi amenity for its Boeing 757, 767, and 737 aircraft. Passengers can seamlessly connect to Icelandair Inflight Wifi network upon boarding and enjoy the service throughout the flight until touchdown.


Maintain your global connectivity even during your time aboard an Icelandair aircraft. Experience the convenience of complimentary WiFi in their Premium Class seating. For members of the Icelandair Saga Club, the option to utilize Icelandair WiFi through accrued Saga Points is available.

Economy Class passengers can avail themselves of the Icelandair WiFi network for a nominal fee. Those embarking in Saga Premium and Saga Premium Flex categories relish the privilege of Icelandair Free Wifi usage for up to two devices.

Iceland Air Wifi Cost


Aircraft What You Can Do Speed Iceland – Europe Iceland – North America
Boeing 737 MAX Read & send emails, web browsing & streaming High speed, not impacted by the number of users €10 €20
Boeing 757 / 767 Read & send emails, web browsing Moderate speed. Impacted by the number of users €6 €12

How To Connect Icelandair WiFi?

  • Ensure your mobile device is in flight mode, then activate your mobile WiFi network.
  • Proceed by selecting the WiFi SSID “Icelandair Internet Access” from the list of available networks.
  • Open your device’s browser and navigate to (for Boeing 737 MAX) or (for Boeing 757/767) to access the Icelandair portal.
  • Follow the instructions within the portal to establish a connection.
  • You can then opt to purchase a plan or utilize the available free Icelandair Wifi On Board.

How Is The Connection Speed Of Icelandair WiFi?

The speed of Icelandair WiFi varies based on the aircraft you’re on. Let’s explore the specific offerings of Icelandair WiFi for each of their planes.

Features Boeing 737 MAX Boeing 757/767
Connection Speed Broadband connection speed, fast and uninterrupted 3G connection speed
Usage Browse the web, send messages and emails, and media content streaming Not applicable for media streaming, emails and messages can be exchanged
Network Quality Strong Icelandair WiFi network regardless of the number of users The number of users may affect the Icelandair WiFi quality
Availability Icelandair WiFi available from takeoff to landing WiFi network available from takeoff to landing

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Icelandair Inflight Entertainment

Icelandair guarantees that passengers are thoroughly entertained during their flight. Delight in the latest Icelandic music, indulge in a diverse selection of movies, TV shows, and entertainment tailored for children. Additionally, headphones are available for purchase if you haven’t brought your own.

Icelandair Wifi Refund Policy

To initiate a refund for Icelandair WiFi, you should reach out to their website and submit a refund request. This process requires your Icelandair ticket details and flight number. For detailed information visit this page.


Does Icelandair Have Inflight WiFi?

Yes, Icelandair has WiFi onboard for its passengers.

Can I access Icelandair WiFi throughout the entire flight?

Yes, Icelandair WiFi is available for passengers from takeoff to landing. Whether you’re on a Boeing 737 MAX or a Boeing 757/767, you can stay connected to the WiFi network throughout your flight duration.

What are the WiFi options for passengers in different seating classes?

Passengers in Icelandair’s Premium Class seating can enjoy complimentary WiFi. For members of the Icelandair Saga Club, the option to use Icelandair WiFi with Saga Points is available. Economy Class passengers can access the WiFi network for a nominal fee.

How Many Devices Can I Connect To The Icelandair WiFi?

You can connect one device to Icelandair WiFi, and if you are a Saga gold member or flying in Saga Premium, Saga Premium Flex, and Economy Flex you can connect two devices.

Who Is Icelandair WiFi Provider?

Row44 or Viasat is the provider of Icelandair WiFi.

Is Icelandair’s Free Wi-Fi Limited?

No, you can enjoy as much as you want until you are staying on the flight.

Is Icelandair WiFi Safe?

Yes, Icelandair WiFi is safe. However, it would be best if you remained extra careful while using the public network for sharing sensitive files.

What Is The Name Of Icelandair Wifi?

Network SSID name is “Icelandair Internet Access”.

How can I purchase Wi-Fi?

Economy class passengers can purchase Wi-Fi access for one device and Icelandair Saga Club members can pay for Wi-Fi using their Saga Points.


Icelandair’s commitment to passenger satisfaction shines through its extensive in-flight offerings. From WiFi connectivity across various aircraft to diverse entertainment options, they ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey. Whether you’re in Premium Class, a Saga Club member, or traveling Economy, staying connected is easy. With straightforward steps to access WiFi and options to suit every preference, Icelandair redefines the travel experience.


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