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How You Can Help Ukraine Today And Save The Future of The World

Mar 21,2022 - (Free)

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Russian troops invaded the territory of independent and free Ukraine on February 24 and began bombing its cities. Millions of Ukrainians woke up to sirens and air strikes. The attack took place early in the morning, when the civilian population was still asleep. In this one sided war against Ukraine by Russian troops, you can support and stand with Ukraine to defend the innocent and popular Govt. Remember, Ukraine is a happy, free and democratic country and enjoyed their life under the President Volodymyr Zelensky. It is Russian President’s ambition to gulp this ‘bread basket of the Europe’.

The Ukraine War – Killing Of Innocents

The war in Ukraine has been going on for more than 12 days, but Russian invaders have no plans to stop killing Ukrainians.

The invaders continue to use the airfield network of the Republic of Belarus for air strikes on Ukraine. There have been numerous cases of shooting staged reports for Russian TV channels about the alleged humanity and humanity of the invaders. Also in social networks, the enemy continues to distribute content negatively covering the activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Help and Stand With Ukraine (1)

Today Ukraine is a shield for all European territories, their inhabitants and their children. The Ukrainian people are forced to fight one of the strongest and largest armies in the world. It is important for all of us to understand that the Kremlin will not stop in Ukraine, as it seeks to expand its war further west. It is now our direct responsibility to stop his atrocities.

Countries that stand with Ukraine

NATO countries – Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States – are unanimous in their support. It is the driving force behind the United States and the United Kingdom’s massive support for Ukraine.

Germany and France made a hasty visit to Moscow recently to defuse the newly erupted controversy. The approval of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was halted by the United States and Canada after President Putin recognized two breakaway regions of Ukraine as independent nations and dispatched Russian troops there.

How You Can Do That And Stand With Ukraine In This War?

Now the Ukrainian people need any help, especially financial. Please visit (or to see a list of official fundraising organizations for Ukraine. Donations go directly to relief organizations that provide medical care to the wounded and humanitarian aid to people who have lost their homes and families. In addition, the money is needed to replenish the military reserves of the Ukrainian army and provide it with resources to protect the Ukrainian people from Russian invaders.

Another way to stand with Ukraine is to join the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine during martial law. On March 1, 2022, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky introduced a temporary visa-free regime for foreigners who want to repel the attack of Russian invaders, take care of international security and protect the values of civilization.

More than 16,000 people have already joined the International Legion. Among them are former soldiers, rescuers, military doctors and civilians from the Netherlands, Britain, Canada, the United States, Sweden, Japan and more. Volunteers from all over the world go hand in hand with Ukrainian soldiers against the war on 21st century criminals.

Below are the steps you can take to get enrolled in the International Legion for the Territorial Defense of Ukraine on a volunteer basis:

  • Contact the Embassy of Ukraine in your country via phone, email, or come in person.
  • Specify what documents and equipment you need to have with you.
  • Arrive at the Embassy with documents for an interview.
  • Write an application for entry to the Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for military service under a contract.
  • Get instructions on how to safely arrive in Ukraine.
  • Upon arrival, sign a contract or enlistment in the Ukrainian International Legion.
  • Go to fight the Russian invaders along with the Ukrainian militaries and soldiers from other countries.

You can also help the team with funds in the information war on a BTC wallet: 31z9K4owDUY2LXHicnVh3weG4W5qx3qtcA

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