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How to Use a Reverse Phone Lookup Tool? (Step by Step Guide)

Jun 9,2021 - (Free)

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Today we are going to share how you can use a Reverse Phone Lookup tool to find someone’s information. The tool is helpful when someone is annoying you with calls from an unknown phone number. However, you need to know everything about using this tool to protect your privacy.

Some reverse phone lookup tools share your details with the person you search for. However, no one wants to share their information for this.

Here’s the reverse phone look-up tool we are talking about.

cocofinderCocoFinder tool is popularly known as a people search tool where you find public information about a person. However, it has dozens of tools (including phone lookup) to find information. Thus, you can go for this platform to perform a reverse phone lookup search.

This platform is preferred by millions of active users to find public information online. The no registration policy that ensures anyone can use its features without creating an account is the main reason behind its popularity. Also, it takes all the security measures to protect your privacy.

That is why we believe that CocoFinder is the perfect solution to use a reverse phone lookup tool.

CocoFinder’s Reverse Phone Lookup

The reverse phone lookup tool by CocoFinder is equipped with some advanced features to find information. If you are looking for a quick search, it is the best tool for you. When you visit the webpage of this tool, you will find a single option to enter the phone number that you want to search.

reverse-phone-lookup-infoIt will generate a report with all the information. That is why CocoFinder’s reverse phone lookup is different from others. You won’t need to worry about finding the information from multiple links as all the data is stored in a single report.

You just need to open the report and browse different sections to get the information you want.

Here is the complete step-by-step guide to help you access and use this feature easily.

Complete Guide to Use Phone Lookup Tool

Are you ready to start using phone lookup to uncover unknown callers? Here’s how you can do it.

Step1: Accessing Tool

The first step is to access this tool. As we mentioned earlier, you will need to visit CocoFinder’s website to enjoy all the tools available on this website. Thus, visit the website through the above link we shared in its introduction or search for ‘CocoFinder’ on google and click on the first link.

On its homepage, you will find the phone lookup button. Press the button and you will land on the phone lookup service page to continue the process. 

Step2: Performing the Search

The next step is to search for the phone number you were looking for. To do this, you need to enter the phone number in the provided space and hit the search button. Make sure the number is correct as a minor mistake can change all the results of your search. After pressing the button, the website will start looking for similar details associated with that phone number.

We recommend you wait for a few seconds so that the tool can check all the available information of that phone number. 

After completing the search, it will generate a report with the required information. 

Step3: Reading the Report

After getting the report, you can access it with a single click. The first section of the report will show you the identity of the person calling you from that number. The information will include the name, contact info, age, and photo of the person. Although this information is enough to identify them, you can get some more details in other sections of the report.

Another section of the report shows you the acquaintances of the person to help you know if you share some mutual friends with them. It is important when you are worried about losing an important contact who you don’t know about.

We recommend you use the platform to get the latest reports and find out what type of information you can find today. 

Cocofinder Reverse Phone Look-up Tool Features 

We found different platforms offering phone lookup services with different features. However, we chose CocoFinder after considering all the factors. Here are some of the reasons why it is a perfect fit for anyone looking for some public information.

Advanced Tools

The main reason to choose this platform is the availability of some advanced features. It is equipped with tools like People Search, Phone Lookup, Address Lookup, and Background Check that make it much easier to access public information.

If you try to find all these services on a single platform, you will need to use an expensive tool for that.

Free Services

In case we forgot to mention, CocoFinder is a free tool and you won’t need to pay anything to use its services. We are not sure how long it will offer its services for free. However, now is the best time to get these services without spending a single dollar.

Advanced Security

If you are worried about your privacy, you won’t need to be anymore. The website has a secured server where no one can track your activities. Additionally, you won’t need to log in on this website that helps you avoid sharing any type of information with the platform.

User Interface

The beginners who want to use some reverse phone lookup tools can start their journey from here. CocoFinder comes with a unique and easy-to-use user interface that will help you perform any search easily.


Reverse phone lookup tools are important when you keep receiving unknown calls. To get rid of these callers, you need to uncover their identity and confront them about it. It will help you to stop robocalls in the future, that will improve the security of your smartphone.

That is why we recommend you try this phone lookup service and start uncovering all the unknown callers easily.


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