How to Play Android Games on pc with BlueStacks 4 (Tutorial)

Do you wanna play Android games on pc? Yes, it’s all very common now with an Android Emulator, Since the last couple of years, Android Mobile games are being more and more popular and even netizens are more and more used to play Android games on pc. Many gamers want to play it on big screen Pc other than on mobile. But, gaming on Pc seems a bit hard to think early before as most of the phone emulator didn’t match the expectations of a gamer. But now the all-new powerful and fastest version of Bluestacks App Player V4.60.3 allows you to play a wide selection of Android games on Pc using your Windows or Mac system with keyboard-mouse, and even a controller. See this article about popular Android Emulators of all time.



Bluestacks 4 which is the latest version succeeded from its previous popular version of BlueStacks 3 is the emulator gives us the fastest and a smooth Android mobile experience on your Pc. Not all mobile games will work as per expectations—especially first-person shooters like Modern Combat 5—but a lot of games will work perfectly with solid frame rates, perfect graphics, and good controls. You can use either use a mouse for simple games with swipe mechanics, or a mouse with a keyboard after you map the right keys, or even with a controller, although a third-party Windows program will be required for that to work.

Benefits of play Android Games on Pc with BlueStacks

  • BlueStacks App Player bridges an Android platform and Pc to run millions of Android apps on PC and Mac with smoother graphics and fastest performance, check must-have apps on your Pc
  • Stop covering half of the screen with your thumbs. See every detail of your favorite games on your computer monitor instead of your tiny phone screen
  • Enhanced gameplay experience while playing Android Games on PC using your monitor, gamepad or keyboard and mouse, Touch controls on Mobile can be painful, especially for complex games. Play using a gamepad or a keyboard and mouse controls like any PC game.
  • See every detail of your favorite games on your computer monitor instead of your tiny phone screen
  • No more interruptions during critical gameplay moments.
  • Battery life is a big deterrent when playing games on Mobile. Dead Battery = Dead You. Use an Android Gaming Platform for uninterrupted gameplay.
  • No more inaccurate moves due to accidental screen touches. Play with 100% accuracy using intuitive Keyboard and Mouse controls.
  • As per BlueStacks review by Android professionals, it is ranked one of the best Android Emulators of all time.

How to install BlueStacks

First of all, you need to download BlueStacks Android emulator for Pc or Mac, you can also have our tutorial on how to install BlueStacks. After installing you will need to enter your Google account. This can be your Gmail account and doesn’t have to be tied to a phone. From here you’ll go to the home screen where you will find a Google Play store icon, which allows you to install apps just like you would on any Android phone. Before you install any games, it’s important to configure Bluestack for optimal performance. Go into the settings menu (cog icon at the top right of the program) and choose the Engine tab. Make sure graphics mode is set to “OpenGL”, choose the same amount of cores as your CPU, and set the memory slider to as high as it can go. Hit the “Restart Now” button.



Setting up a controller requires a bit of patience. We recommend Xpadder, a program for Windows that you can get from here for $10, to map the Xbox 360 controller profile to keyboard keys like WASD or the arrow keys, which you can then map in Bluestacks. In some games, a configuration menu will open on startup, while in other games you will need to set up the controller mapping manually using the “open keyboard controls UI” button in Bluestacks App Player. The controller was well-suited for racing games like Asphalt 8, as well as shmups like PewPew and Sky Force Reloaded, which didn’t have any noticeable lag.


Android Games on Pc Configuring controls

Using PewPew as an example, which uses dual thumb inputs (left to control your ship, right for directional shots). You can easily configure the game to be played with your keyboard or a gamepad. After launching PewPew, head over to the tutorial. Next, click on the “open keyboard controls UI” button at the bottom and a menu will pop-up. The option we are looking for is called D-pad, and we will be adding two of them to our play area, one for each thumb input. Click and hold “D-pad” and drag it to the bottom left of the screen where the left virtual pad is displayed, and assign the keys WASD to the Up, Left, Down and Right directions respectively.

Place a second D-pad in the bottom right, on top of the right thumb virtual input. This time assign the arrows keys to the respective directions. If you don’t have a controller, then just hit Save and you are good to go. If you want to use a controller, then assign the same keyboard keys to the two analog sticks (in this case we’re using the xbox 360 controller) in Xpadder and save it as a profile. Thanks to Xpadder, whenever you press a button or thumbstick in your controller Bluestacks will interpret it as a keyboard key being pressed, allowing you to control your games in this way.

Other controls include adding tap spots, pinch-to-zoom, panning shots (which is particularly useful for first-person shooters), and a MOBA skill pad which allows you to map directional spells.

Gaming Stability

Some games like Asphalt 9 would crash in the loading screen, changing the Render Engine to DirectX did not seem to help, although the crash could also have been due to the CPU not being powerful enough to handle such a demanding game (Ryzen 5 1400). A more powerful CPU like an 8th-gen Intel Core i7 or Ryzen 7 might be required to play some of the more demanding games.

The Sound

If you couldn’t find an option in Bluestacks for quickly turning off sound for individual games without going into the android settings menu. So if you want to run games without sound, I recommend using a free Windows app called EarTrumpet, which lets you mute sound from Windows programs individually.


In some cases, you will get games that give you a message saying the game is not compatible with your device. Bluestacks App support recommends that you download the APK file from a third-party source when this happens. This involves risks as there’s no way of knowing if the APK has been tampered with (it could contain a virus or miner, for instance), so follow Bluestack’s advice at your own risk. Some games like Darkness Rises might not run due to region login restrictions. Using a VPN might help solve region related issues.

Android Games on Pc Performance

The performance will vary depending on your system. Our mid-range PC got an average of 35.8 FPS while playing PUBG at 720p, low settings. There were occasional stutters, with drops to 16 FPS, particularly in the middle of combat. Playable but not ideal. In Asphalt 8 Airborn at 720p, with the default settings, we averaged 27.7 FPS with no stuttering, making the game an enjoyable experience. Fifa Mobile also ran acceptably at 27.8 FPS average at 720p, with the default settings. The vast remainder of games tested ran just as well as running them on an actual phone with decent specs.

Uninstalling Games

To uninstall a game, simply click and hold on its icon in the Bluestacks App home screen. An icon to delete the game will appear next to the launch icon. Click that delete icon and you’re done.

Bluestacks experience


Play Android games on PC using Bluestacks App Player definitely has some limitations, and some games were incompatible, but the vast majority of games tested worked without issues. Be prepared to spend some time mapping keys though. Playing Android games on the PC can also help reduce eye strain, seeing as you’ll be looking at a much larger display.

Another benefit Bluestacks provides is that the typical desktop PC will have plenty of disk space to install dozens of games, if not hundreds, unlike most phones which have small storage capacities. And of course, if you have downtime at the office and don’t want to be seen play pubg mobile games on your phone, Bluestacks Android Emulator can help your workday go that bit faster—there’s even a “Boss Key” to quickly hide the emulator. If you are looking for a great Android gaming experience on your PC, Bluestacks 4 will deliver.

Enjoy the BlueStacks App Player!