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How to Install & Watch ESPN Plus on FireStick In Few Steps (2023)

 Here you can find detailed information for setting up ESPN Plus on your FireStick, Fire TV, Fire TV 4K, or Fire TV Cube.

What is ESPN+?

ESPN+ is a paid streaming service that gives subscribers access to live sports events, original programming, and content that they can watch whenever they want. It has a lot of sports, like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, UFC, and more. ESPN+ also gives subscribers access to a large library of content that they can watch whenever they want. This includes live events, studio shows, documentaries, and old games. The service can be accessed on many devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and game consoles, through the ESPN app.


ESPN+ Plans

ESPN+ only has one plan, which lets you watch all of its content. You can choose between a monthly and an annual version of that plan, though:


  1. Monthly plan: $6.99/month
  2. Annual plan: $69.99/year ($5.83/month)

You can also get ESPN+, Hulu (with ads), and Disney+ all at once for $13.99 per month. The bundle costs $19.99 per month and includes Hulu without ads.

On the ESPN+ home page, you can find out more about the plans and the triple-service bundle if you want to. But don’t worry about signing up for the newsletter just yet. Later in this guide, I’ll show you the easiest way to sign up for an ESPN account and ESPN+.

ESPN+ Feature

ESPN+ is a streaming service for sports that you pay for with a subscription. It has a lot of content, like originals, sports streams, highlights, sports news, events, and other stuff.

You can sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription plan at a reasonable price. Since ESPN+ doesn’t have an official app, you have to install the ESPN app on your FireStick and watch ESPN+ content within it.

You can watch live sports and games, and you can also get live updates from different leagues and news about that league.

The service lets you watch a lot of different sports, like hockey, cricket, soccer, baseball, boxing, football, and so on. You can also watch games from leagues like the UFC, NHL, IPF, La Liga, MLB, and more.

All of the content on ESPN+ is in HD quality, and you can watch it again whenever you want. You can use one ESPN or ESPN+ account on three different devices at the same time.

Another cool thing about ESPN+ is that it has a UFC on-demand library where you can watch both new and old fights from the leagues.

List of compatible devices with ESPN app

The ESPN app can be used on most streaming devices to get to the ESPN+ service. Here are some of the devices that can be used with ESPN+:

  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Oculus Go
  • Xfinity Flex
  • Roku

You can also use any device with an internet browser to go to the ESPN+ website and stream from there.

How to get ESPN+ when you’re not in the US

You don’t have to sideload the ESPN app because you can get it from the Amazon App Store. But at the time this article was written, you could only get the ESPN app in the United States.

The good news is that even if you live outside of the United States, you can still download and use the app. You can get ESPN+ from anywhere in the world if you use a reliable VPN service that lets you move your connection to a different location.

There are many reasons why using ExpressVPN is highly recommended, but here are a few:

  • 160 server sites in 94 different countries
  • The best encryption in the world
  • Split tunneling 99.99% uptime
  • Switching between servers is free
  • Lock/kill switch for a network
  • No records of actions
  • Support for popular devices
  • Private DNS

If you live outside the U.S., you can sign up for ExpressVPN, download the app, and change your location in the app to the U.S. Then you can install the ESPN app and watch live sports from your favorite teams.

How to install ESPN Plus on a FireStick

Follow these steps to install the ESPN app on your FireStick so you can use your ESPN+ subscription.

1. Go to Find from the home screen of your FireStick.

2. Go down and click the Search button.

3. Type in Espn. Then, scroll down below the keyboard and choose ESPN For Fire Tv from the list of suggestions.

4. Under APPS & GAMES, click on the result called ESPN for Fire TV.

5. On the next screen, click the Download or Get button by pressing the Select button on your remote.

After the app is installed, you can open it by clicking “Open.” If you don’t want to do that, you can always start ESPN by holding down the home button on your remote and going to Apps in the menu that comes up. Then, just go to your apps and find ESPN.

How to Stream on a FireStick Without Getting Caught

Once you have the right apps on your FireStick, you can start streaming your favorite shows and movies. But before you start, I want to let you know that your ISP and the government can see everything you stream online. This means you might get in trouble with the law if you stream free movies, TV shows, or sports.

There is a foolproof way to keep your ISP and the government from knowing what you do when you stream. You just need a VPN for Fire Stick that works well. Your original IP is 2405:201:200d:c846:6c66:93a0:b99c:da46. A VPN will hide your real IP, which is 2405:201:200d:c846:6c66:93a0:b99c:da46, and help you avoid Online Surveillance, ISP throttling, and content geo-restrictions.

ExpressVPN is the fastest and safest VPN, and I use it and recommend it. It works with all kinds of streaming apps and is easy to set up on Fire TV or Fire Stick.

We don’t want people to break copyright laws. But what if you accidentally stream content from a source that isn’t legitimate? It’s not always easy to tell the difference between a legal source and an illegal one.

So, before you start streaming on your Fire Stick or Fire TV, let’s look at how to use ExpressVPN to keep other people from seeing what you’re doing.

Step 1: CLICK HERE to sign up for ExpressVPN. You can get your money back in 30 days. That is, you can use it for free for the first 30 days, and if you’re not happy with how it works (which is very unlikely), you can get your money back in full.

Step 2: Turn on your Fire TV Stick, then go to Find, then Search.

Step 3: Now, type “Expressvpn” (without the quotes) into the search bar and choose ExpressVPN from the list of results.

Step 4: Click Download to put the ExpressVPN app on your Fire TV/Stick.

Step 5: Open the app and enter the login information you made when you signed up for ExpressVPN. Click Sign in.

Step 6: To connect to a VPN server, click the Power icon. So, that’s it. With the fastest and best VPN for FireStick, your connection is now safe.

You can also read more information about how to use ExpressVPN with Fire TV/Stick.

Launching ESPN on the home screen of a Fire TV Stick

If you plan to use the ESPN app often, you should put it on the home screen of your FireStick. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Go to the view all button from the home screen of your FireStick.

2. Now, move to ESPN but don’t click on it. Press the button on your FireStick remote that says “Options.”

3. Move to the bottom and click Move.

4. Move ESPN to the top row of apps on your FireStick home screen by using the directional buttons on your remote. To agree to the new location, press the “Select” button on your remote.

5. You can now use your home screen to get to the ESPN app.

Special Note:

The instructions explained in this article are only for informational purposes and are not meant to be taken as legal advice. There may be laws and rules about how you can use ESPN+ and the Firestick, and it is your responsibility to make sure you are following the rules.

Use rules: If you use ESPN+ and a Firestick, you agree to follow the rules for both services. Some of these terms might say that you can’t use the services in a certain way or that you’re not responsible for certain things. Before you use the services, you should read and understand these terms.

How to set up ESPN Plus on FireStick and watch it

You need to sign up for an ESPN account before you can sign up for ESPN+ and see its sports content. If you already have an ESPN account, go to step 4.

1. Open a web browser on a laptop, tablet, or phone that’s handy and go to the ESPN+ website.

2. On the home screen, click the text that says “Subscribe to ESPN+ only.” Click on GET THE DISNEY BUNDLE if you’d rather get ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+ all at once. This button will take you to a different signup page, but the account you make can still be linked within the ESPN app.

3. On the home screen, click the text that says “Subscribe to ESPN+ only.” Click on GET THE DISNEY BUNDLE if you’d rather get ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+ all at once. This button will take you to a different signup page, but the account you make can still be linked within the ESPN app. Fill out the form on the next page to make your account. If you click Subscribe to ESPN+ only, you’ll see the page below. Check the box if you want to hear about offers from ESPN and other Disney companies. Click Sign Up after that.

Your account on ESPN has been set up. Now, you need to use the same account to sign in to the ESPN app on your FireStick. After linking your ESPN account to the ESPN app, you can sign up for one of the ESPN+ plans.

4. Turn on your FireStick and open the ESPN app.

5. Click the gear in the top right corner of the home screen that says Settings.

6. Click on the first option, “Account Information.”

7. On the next page, click ESPN Account Log in.

8. You’ll be asked to go to on a computer or mobile device.

9. Use your other device to go to the site. Enter the Activation Code that is shown on your FireStick where it says “Enter Activation Code.” Click Keep Going.

10. You’ll be asked again to click Continue.

11. You will see the message on the FireStick. You were able to sign in to your account. Click Finish when you see it.

12. Now, go back to the ESPN home screen and click on the tab at the top that says “ESPN+.”

13. Choose “Sign Up Now.”

14. You must choose which plan you want. I strongly suggest giving the service a try for a month before signing up for the yearly plan. Even with the savings, the yearly plan only saves you about $1 a month. Once you’ve chosen a plan, you can click Agree & Subscribe and finish paying.

You can live stream a number of big sports events on ESPN+, and you can also buy UFC pay-per-view events. You can watch thousands of live videos and videos that have already been shown.

  • Live
  • Top Picks
  • Upcoming
  • Sports 
  • Leagues
  • Conferences
  • Browse by Series
  • Browse by Shows
  • Event Replays
  • Browse by collection
  • Latest Series & Shows
  • Better Days: Season 2
  • Film Spotlight
  • UFC Fight Night replays
  • Classics
  • US Open – Live & Upcoming
  • Major League Soccer – Live & Upcoming
  • La Liga – Live & Upcoming
  • UFC – Live & Upcoming
  • PFL – Live & Upcoming
  • Bundesliga – Live & Upcoming
  • Big 12 Now – Live & Upcoming
  • College Football – Live & Upcoming
  • FIBA – Live & Upcoming
  • Top Rank Boxing – Live & Upcoming
  • CFL – Live & Upcoming
  • MLB – Live & Upcoming
  • Cricket – Live & Upcoming
  • More on ESPN+

In addition to live streaming, you get on-demand content like 30 for 30, original content from the biggest names in sports, daily sports talk, and exclusive access to more than 3,000 premium articles from writers like Buster Olney, Matthew Berry, Mel Kiper Jr., and Jeff Passan.


Is ESPN+ free?

No, ESPN+ is a service that you have to pay for. To watch ESPN+ content, you have to sign up for a plan. You can choose a plan that lasts one month or one year.

Is ESPN+ legal and safe to use?

Yes, it is safe and legal to use the ESPN+ app. But if your privacy is more important to you, you can install a VPN like ExpressVPN on your device and enjoy a safe connection.

What sports can I watch when I sign up for ESPN+?

ESPN+ lets you watch a lot of different sports, like cricket, soccer, baseball, tennis, and golf, as well as leagues like the NHL, IPL, UFC, La Liga, College Football, and Bundesliga.

Our thoughts

This guide showed you how to use the official ESPN app to install, set up, and use ESPN+ on your FireStick. If you love sports, you probably love ESPN. ESPN+ has a lot of exclusive events and other sports videos that you can watch whenever you want, and the price is great. ESPN+ is a great thing to have if you like sports. But you can only get it in the United States. If you don’t live in the United States, you’ll need a VPN to access ESPN+. What do you think of the service and app? Please tell us in the comments section.


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