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How to Hide Typing Status on WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp, as one of the prominent WhatsApp mods, offers an array of captivating and innovative features that often remain undiscovered. However, certain features have garnered widespread dissatisfaction among users, with the typing status being a prime example. The continuous display of the typing status can prove exasperating for recipients, prompting a strong desire to conceal this information while composing personal messages or conversing within groups of friends or family. Similarly, the desire for increased privacy extends to hiding blue ticks as well.


For individuals seeking enhanced privacy, GBWhatsApp presents an ideal solution, providing exclusive features that allow users to hide their typing status and blue ticks. This particular mod not only caters to the preferences of those who wish to maintain their privacy, but also offers compatibility with iOS devices and PCs. To experience the full potential of GB WhatsApp, it becomes imperative to install this application, enabling users to enjoy a customized WhatsApp experience that ensures heightened privacy.

Ways To Hide Typing Status

There are 2 ways to hide typing status on WhatsApp they are:

1. By Using GBWhatsApp:

GBWhatsApp Icon
The original version of WhatsApp does not offer an official feature to hide online and typing status. However, in WhatsApp GB, a modified version of WhatsApp, you can easily conceal your typing status. To download the application, click on the provided link below. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the application, follow the step-by-step instructions outlined below.
  • After installing the application, launch GBWhatsApp and proceed to verify your WhatsApp account. Once your account is successfully verified, you will gain access to your WhatsApp account within GBWhatsApp.
  • Open the WhatsApp menu by clicking on the three-dot icon located in the top-right corner, and then select the “Privacy” option.
  • From the displayed list, tap on the “Writing Status” option, and you will be able to select your preferred choice.
  • If you want to hide your typing status for private messages, choose “Hide for Contacts.” Alternatively, if you wish to conceal your typing status in WhatsApp groups, select “Hide for Group.”

By following these steps, you can effectively hide your typing status on GBWhatsApp

2. Set Your Android To Airplane Mode :

These steps are specifically applicable to the original version of WhatsApp that you are currently using. If you are using the genuine WhatsApp version and not a modified version like WhatsApp GB or WhatsAppFm, you need to follow this process to hide your online typing status. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Before opening WhatsApp messenger, go to the settings area of your mobile phone and disable your connectivity by either turning off mobile data or Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can activate airplane mode. This step is crucial to ensure that your online status and typing status remain hidden.

Airplane Mode

  • Open WhatsApp Messenger and navigate to the conversation you want to respond to, whether it’s with one of your contacts or within a workgroup. Compose and send your message as usual, then close the WhatsApp application.


  • After you exit WhatsApp, reconnect to the internet, and your messages will be delivered to the recipient without a typing notification. The surprising feature is that your last seen status remains unchanged, further protecting your privacy.

reconnect to the internet

your messages will be delivered to the recipient

By following these steps, you can effectively hide your typing status.


Learning how to hide your WhatsApp typing status will drastically improve your privacy and messaging experience. You can compose messages quietly without alerting others by following the step-by-step steps given in this guide. Whether you value your personal space or prefer to maintain a sense of privacy in group talks, being able to hide your typing state gives you greater control over your online profile. Using this WhatsApp feature allows you to communicate on your own terms, ensuring that your discussions stay private and uninterrupted. Investigate your choices for protecting your typing status while enjoying the ease and functionality that WhatsApp provides. With these tools at your disposal, you may communicate with confidence while maintaining your privacy.


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