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How To Fix d3dx9_43.dll Error

Jul 2,2021 - Microsoft Corporation (Free)

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When you successfully download and install the EverQuest game and then try to open the game, if it didn’t work as expected and instead, you get a d3dx9_43.dll error.

This is frustrating right?

Don’t worry, this is a common problem faced by many gamers and can be easily fixed. Keep reading this article to know about the methods to resolve the issue.

What is the d3dx9_43.dll error?

D3dx9_43.dll error

D3dx9_43.dll is a dynamic link file (dll) that is one of the files in the Direct X software collection files. This is developed by Microsoft and one of the most important files to run the Windows OS properly. D3dx9_43 is also known as the Direct 3D 9 extensions and is linked to Microsoft DirectX for Windows.

Most of the windows based games are developed using Direct 3D. As they are associated with Direct X, this error pops up when you try to open any game and that particular extension is missing.

For those who don’t know, Direct X is a set of APIs (application programming interfaces) used for managing and running tasks related to multimedia, audio, and video on various Microsoft versions and platforms. Direct X is a one-handed sword used for various parts of DirectX such as Direct 3D, Direct Draw, Direct Music, Direct play, Direct Sound.

To get rid of all the challenges it is important to reinstall and stay updated with the latest version of DirectX.

About the Game – EverQuest

This is a fun 3D game, build around a fantasy world. Delivering the best-of-world MMORPG experience, this high-definition game lets players enjoy epic quests with interesting challenges.

It was initially released in the year 1999 by Verant Interactive, and is considered among the top role-gaming online games for multiple players due to its features. Seeing the same, Everquest II was launched in 2004.

Everquest will allow you to move through the world of Norrath – a medieval period environment setup. Here, the players face monsters, dwarves, various types of elves, humans, ogres, gnomes and other unique characters.

While playing, you will be able to customize multiple personality traits of your Everquest characters, such as hairstyle, color of hair, facial hair & its color, face of character, color of eyes, etc.

Other than, players have to choose character’s deity, city of game initiation and more, in order to get started with the exciting Everquest game. There are 500 zones in this game for you to choose from!

Methods to Fix d3dx9_43.dll error

A few effective ways to solve this problem are:

  • Restart your computer: Sometimes a simple restart can fix the problem. The dll might be a fluke error and restarting the system would clear up the error.
  • The latest version of DirectX: Another method to resolve this error is to check the version of Direct 3D that is installed in your system. As the direct X versions are getting updated regularly, it is important to check what version the game demands in order to run properly.
  • Corrupt Files: While installing the game, there is a high probability that DirectX files can get corrupted. So to resolve this uninstall the game or files and reinstall them again.
  • Restore dll files: If the above-mentioned methods do not work, try restoring the d3dx9_4.dll files from the Direct X package. You can also download it here.


The d3dx9_43.dll issue is a dynamic link file error that is faced by many gamers while installing games that work on Windows OS, for example – Everquest. The above mentioned are some of the methods that help in resolving the issue.


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