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How To Choose Relevant Targets for Investments in 2022

The Most Popular Types Of Investments Today

Many people think of investments as “something for the rich”, their imagination draws images of the Wolf from Wall Street, skyscrapers, yachts, and Havana cigars lit with hundred-dollar bills. However, this is not true. In today’s world, investments are available to almost everyone – it’s a great and affordable way to increase your income and take care of a comfortable retirement. The main thing is to choose the right object, depending on age, income, and other factors.

Is 2022 the right time to invest? Of course, it is. Despite the new risks, the world is a whole new opportunity, and in many ways, this situation is quite unique. Certainly, record market declines raise legitimate concerns. A decline means low prices, and a failure is always followed by a rise.

Here are some current investment ideas for 2022.

popular investment ideas


Fixed-term Deposits

Fixed-term deposits offer a higher rate than regular accounts. It combines the advantages of a savings account and a current account, assuming regular interest payments. However, they are not opened in banks, but rather in the accounts of brokerage firms.

Such investments are best suited for funds that will not be needed in the near future because the minimum period, during which it is impossible to close the account, usually starts from 6 months. A good option for such investments is money  for a summer vacation set aside in the winter. The unsuccessful option is money “for a rainy day”, which can be needed at any time.

Advantages Disadvantages
High rate It is not possible to close the account early
A good option for storing savings  

Deposit Certificates

Deposit certificates are government-protected savings accounts with a fixed interest rate. It is a ” long-term game” because the funds are supposed to be placed for a period of three to five years.

A successful object of such investments is money deposited for a house, education, a car, etc. It is possible to withdraw money from the deposit certificate ahead of time, but it will be punished by commission payments. For more information click here:

Advantages Disadvantages
High level of protection Early redemption requires the payment of additional fees
Medium-term asset  
Early redemption is possible  

Mutual Money Funds

Mutual money funds, unlike banks, don’t keep your money in accounts, but purchase short-term government bonds, bank debentures, and other corporate securities with it.

These are highly liquid assets, so they can be used for funds you may need in the near future. The rate of return is low, but it provides better security than investing in stocks. You can invest in a mutual fund either directly with the provider or through your bank.

Advantages Disadvantages
Highly liquid assets Small income
Funds can be withdrawn at any time  
Good safety  

Government Bonds

A government bond is a security that indicates that you have become a creditor of the state. During the term of the investment (it can be from 1 to 30 years), the state pays a specified interest, which is higher with the longer the term of the investment.

The risk in this case is reduced to almost zero since the reliability of the investment is guaranteed by the state. However, the yield is relatively small. It is unlikely that one can secure a comfortable retirement with bonds alone.

Advantages Disadvantages
Investment term from one to 30 years Small income
Fixed payouts  
Safety of funds is guaranteed by the state  

Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds work the same way as government bonds, however, your debtor is not the government, but a private company. Thus, the deposit is not backed by the full power of the state system, which automatically means higher risk.

So what is the price of risk? The compensation is the higher return paid regularly to investors by the debtor company. However, note that the return is directly proportional to the risk, so you should not be greedy. In addition, corporate bonds are more exposed to price fluctuations, allowing you to profit from these fluctuations, similar to stock trading.

Advantages Disadvantage
Higher income Risky investments
Opportunity to make money on price fluctuations  

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Turnkey Business

The modern market offers many options for the purchase of a turnkey business. It is possible to purchase both “land-based” and online businesses. Online casinos for USA players are of great interest. You can buy a working online casino with all the necessary licenses, a range of games from well-known manufacturers, and a user interface.

A typical package includes:

  • an open license for gambling;
  • an active Internet domain;
  • casino website;
  • back office to manage the casino.

This is a fast-growing, highly profitable business. But it should be noted that this income can hardly be called passive – any business needs to be managed. In addition, a promoted casino with high income is very expensive.

Advantages Disadvantages
High income The need for continued personal involvement
Ready-made turnkey business  

Mutual Investment Funds

Mutual funds accumulate capital to buy shares of commercial companies. Brokers try to distribute funds with the goal to avoid keeping all eggs in one basket.

Mutual funds are a great way to preserve and multiply long-term investments, primarily for pensions. The apparent advantage is the opportunity to entrust the management of your funds to professionals without having to delve into the maze of the securities market. However, this is an expensive affair: the entry price to a mutual fund usually starts from 500 thousand dollars.

Advantages Disadvantages
Optimal way of long-term investments High minimum entry price
Professional money management  
Allocation of funds to minimize risks  




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