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What Are TikTok Gift Points And How Much Do They Worth

Live streamers can be thanked with Tik Tok gifts. They're free and help bloggers build and monetize their channels. Learn everything about TikTok gift points and how much do they worth

TikTok is an app that lets you make short videos about many different things and post them to your account so that everyone can see them. Viewers can send gifts to their favourite creators if they want to help them out. Some people who make videos are very popular, so their fans want to help them out by sending them gifts on TikTok. They can do this while streaming their favourite author, and the gifts are different badges that people buy for different amounts of money. With the help of the scheme with gifts, the most popular and influential people who make TikTok videos can make a lot of money.

The company tries to control the flow of money in apps by giving out virtual gifts and diamonds. Find out below how they do it and what the rules are for these kinds of income.

TikTok Gifts

Once you have 1,000 followers, TikTok will let your fans send you gifts during your Live videos. Icons like pandas and a drama queen can be given as virtual gifts. Each of these presents is worth a different amount of money. Once you have all of your gifts, you can trade the icons for virtual diamonds. Then, you can use the diamonds to get real money through PayPal or some other safe way.

Using coins, you can buy a gift inside the TikTok app. The only thing you can buy with money in the app is these coins. After buying coins, you can send a virtual icon to another user by clicking on the pink gift icon while watching a TikTok Live video.

Only people over 18 can send gifts on TikTok, so that’s something to keep in mind. After a lot of people complained, the company had to make a rule to keep scams from happening to younger users.

Here’s how much it will cost to buy each gift:

Panda – Five Coins

Italian Hands – Five Coins

Love Bang – Twenty-five Coins

Sun Cream – Fifty Coins

Rainbow Puke – One-Hundred Coins

Concert – Five-Hundred Coins

I’m Very Rich – One-Thousand Coins

Drama Queen – Five-Thousand Coins

When the creator gets the gift, they can turn it into diamonds and then into real money. TikTok hasn’t made it easy to figure out how much each gift is worth, but here’s how it works:

  • Diamonds are worth 50% of the coins’ value
  • TikTok takes a commission of 50%

Basically, this means that if you send someone a Drama Queen, which is purchased for five-thousand coins, they’ll get several diamonds worth about $0.05 each. It really isn’t a lot when you think about it in those terms, but great creators can earn several gifts during one live feed, so there is money to be made.

Creators can partake in or create challenges within the app for gifts. Fundraisers are also popular on the social media site. These fundraisers have a ‘donate’ option and involve helping others in need.

Before sending a gift on TikTok, you should know that the app has scams. Some users try to get gifts by trading likes and follows for digital money that can be used in the app. TikTok gifts are meant to help your favorite creators, not as a way to get more views on your own videos (as this rarely pans out).

What Are TikTok Gift Points?

It can be hard for new users to keep track of all the currencies in TikTok, which can be stressful. If you go to your profile settings, you’ll see a menu called “Balance.” You can tell how many coins you have.

You can buy gifts with TikTok coins. The coins come in groups, and the more you buy, the more you save. Here’s how to see how much money you have on Tik Tok:

  • Open TikTok on your Apple or Android device.

Open TikTok on your Apple or Android device.

  • Tap on the Profile Icon in the bottom right.

Tap on the Profile Icon in the bottom right.

  • Open the More menu in the top-right corner and select Settings and Privacy.

Open the More menu in the top-right corner and select Settings and Privacy.

  • Select Balance from the following menu.

  • There will be a coin icon and a list of the coins that can be used. If you tap Recharge, you can buy more coins. You will see how much each bundle costs, from 100 coins to 10,000 coins. The app changes the currency right away based on where you are.

There will be a coin icon and a list of the coins that can be used. If you tap Recharge, you can buy more coins. You will see how much each bundle costs, from 100 coins to 10,000 coins. The app changes the currency right away based on where you are.

  • After you choose a bundle, you’ll be asked how you want to pay. You can use any credit card that works with the Apple or Google mobile store.

After you choose a bundle, you'll be asked how you want to pay. You can use any credit card that works with the Apple or Google mobile store.

  • After the payment goes through, the coins you bought will be added to your account.

You can buy 65 of these coins for $.99 USD, or you can buy 6,607 coins for $99.99 USD. After you’ve bought something, you can send gifts. When your money is almost gone, you’ll get a message to reload.

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The Difference between Coins, Gifts, and Diamonds

TikTok coins can’t be traded for real money. Gift points are the same. Only diamonds can be exchanged for cash. Under “Balance,” you can find out how many diamonds you have. Diamonds are thought to be worth $0.05 USD, but TikTok also takes a cut.

The creator of TikTok, ByteDance, decides how much a diamond is worth. You can take out as little as $100 and as much as $1,000 a week. On TikTok, gift points fill in any space between diamonds and coins.

If you like what a TikTok performer is doing, you can give them an emoji. This will take coins off of your balance and add them as gift points to theirs. Later, these gift points can be turned into diamonds, which can then be turned back into cash at certain exchange rates.

This is like the channel subscriptions on Twitch, where you pay to use different custom emojis. Like Twitch, Tik Tok donations are optional. You don’t have to give coins to people, but you can if you really like what they post.

How to Collect Money from TikTok

Tik Tok subscribers can’t turn their coins into cash, but content creators can make money from their videos. To cash in your diamonds, you need a real PayPal account. When you have a certain number of gift points and your diamond, you can exchange it for the currency of your country.

If you have any questions about the process, you can ask TikTok Support. It’s not easy to make money on TikTok, and it might take a while. However, it is possible, and some people do make a living from viewer donations and sponsored content on TikTok.

Earn Many Gift Points

Gaining followers is an important part of TikTok gifts. This is easy if you are good at making videos and love to do so. You can get the 1,000 followers you need to start getting gifts by using the app’s editing tools and features like “duet.”

If you know how much these digital icons are worth, you can send or receive them with confidence. As was already said, watch out for scammers and gifts for likes or followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

TikTok can be hard to understand. But don’t worry! Here, we have answers to more of your most frequently asked questions.

Can I get gifts on videos?

Yes! But, you need 100,000 followers first. Whereas gifts can be sent to you on your Lives after 1,000 followers, standard uploads require 100,000 followers.

I can’t accept gifts! What’s going on?

The Virtual Items Policy for TikTok says that users under the age of 16 can’t accept gifts. This might seem unfair to younger users, but it’s meant to keep more vulnerable users from being taken advantage of.

On the other hand, Gift Points can’t be accepted by anyone under the age of 18 (or the age of adulthood in their region). But some TikTok users will be able to claim and accept gifts. If you are older than the minimum age, you can get more help from TikTok’s support team. TikTok can take away your ability to make money if you don’t follow certain rules.

TikTok won’t accept my PayPal information. What can I do?

According to TikTok’s rules, your PayPal information must match your TikTok information, which means that your names must be the same. We have a guide on how to change your name on TikTok if your information doesn’t match up.


TikTok users can send their favorite creators on the platform TikTok Gift Points. Read the whole article to find out what TikTok Gift Points are and how much they are worth. Then share it with your friends!


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