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Hiri Email Client And To Do List Software For Mac

May 11,2021 - Whittl Media Ltd (Free)

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Hiri for Mac is a smooth, modern, and attractive email client for macOS. Lighter than Microsoft Outlook, but with some interesting and clever features. A full Microsoft Outlook replacement that will help you become a better manager!

Email and tasks live side by side! Just drag an email into the To-do list on the right-hand side. Prioritize. Set reminders. Add notes. Separate what you need to do from what you just need to know about! Once you triaged your emails deal with them. Reply, Delegate, Archive, Delete, add it to your to-do list or set a reminder. On average we check email 96 times a day! That’s every 5 minutes. Emails shouldn’t be dealt with immediately. The dashboard reminds you not to check your email too often. Hiri for macOS is fully compatible with Office365 and Exchange. Your emails, calendars, folders, and everything else will sync with Hiri.

Hiri Email Client Software

About User Interface of Hiri Email Client

The installation is a fast and forthright process that does not require too much of your time. Upon launch, you are prompted to add your Office 365, Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, or Exchange credentials and you can preview your messages right away.

The program comes with a streamlined and elegant interface that is organized and unlikely to give you any troubles. In fact, the tool comes with a dashboard designed to help you remind you about the important tasks and emails that require your immediate attention.

Moreover, the program allows you to organize and move emails in the desired folders with drag and drop, a feature that can save you a lot of time and energy.

The tool packs an actionable filter that enables you to triage your messages with just one click. Moreover, you can drag the important emails that you need to the FYI filter so that you can attend to them right away. Once you sort out your messages, you can decide what you want to do with them, be it multiple replies, delegate them to the right department or colleague or archive them, for instance.

In addition, the application allows you to set reminders to attend to an email, an option that permits you to create a task in your to-do list automatically. Therefore, you can be sure that you can always keep track of all the important messages you receive.

System requirements

Operating System Mac OS X 10.9 and higher version
Memory 2 GB RAM.
Graphics drivers OpenGL 2.1 or higher is required.

Hiri Best Email Client Software For Mac Features

  • Security and privacy: You install the app on your desktop, on your network, behind your firewall. You use the same servers and credentials you use right now.
  • Fewer CC’s: Reply Multiple feature lets users choose who actually needs to get a mail. No more senseless Reply All’s.
  • Full calendar: It is built a beautiful calendar to help you manage your day and get back in control.
  • Powerful Search: The software stores your mail in a proper database, which means search is blazingly fast and effective.

How Hiri Email Client Helps You?

  • Send Tasks To Your Team: Send actionable emails and delegate others to your team. Sending tasks using this tool reduces ambiguity about who needs to do what.
  • Stay Focused: On average we check mail 96 times a day. Dashboard nudges you out of this habit. So you can focus on your work.
  • Keep Track Of Important Emails: Set reminders on emails that you can’t deal with immediately, or quickly drag them into your task list, where you can set due dates or reminders.
  • Improve How You Communicate: Anonymously learn what your colleagues really think about your communication style. Without honest feedback, how can you improve?
  • Never Forget What You Asked People To Do: View a list of all the emails where you specifically asked your team to do something. Quickly ping them for status updates.
  • Stay On Top Of Your Day: Your task list is a first-class citizen, it’s always visible in the app. Prioritize and manage your tasks so that you never forget what’s next.

Screenshots of Hiri Email Client Software For Mac 

Official Video of Hiri Email Client Software

Hiri Email Client Overview

Hiri Email Client FAQs

How Can I Help Translate Hiri Into My Language?

The simplest and recommended approach is just to go to the Hiri project on Weblate and start translating. This way you can translate simultaneously with other people and the translations will automatically propagate to the main Hiri project.


Why Is The Subject Line At The Bottom In Hiri?

Hiri is all about getting your mail under control and spending less time managing your mail. One of the features that seem to confuse people at first but makes sense when you get it is that we put the subject line at the bottom of the email.


What Are Actionable And FYI Inboxes?

One of the core ideas in Hiri is that the team can make managing emails easier by adding meaning to To and Cc fields. Hiri team shift some responsibility to the sender to help you manage your email more easily – by asking the sender to differentiate between the things you need to do (Action) from the things you just need to know about (FYI).

Actionable inbox

These are emails that have some action in them and that you need to act on.

All the mails where you were in the Action/To field sent from other Hiri users will land in this inbox. Also, all the replies from people who you put in the Action field will land in this inbox.

This inbox is where you would spend most of your workday and which should be checked more frequently than the FYI inbox. But don’t check it too frequently since that’s also a bad habit!


FYI inbox

FYI, for your information inbox contains all the emails from people who put you in the FYI field when they sent the mail. Also, all the replies from people you put in FYI will land in this inbox.

Mails in this inbox don’t have a discernible action – they are about stuff you need to keep an eye on or be aware of. This inbox needn’t be checked too frequently.


Hiri Email Client Software Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download July, 3rd 2020 147 MB Download

Hiri Email Client Software Overview

Hiri Email Client Technical Specification

hiri software
File Size 147 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Whittl Media Ltd


Hiri Email Client for Mac OS giving a stylish interface along with powerful features and advanced reminders that ensure you view and reply to the important emails on time.


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