Hike Messenger

Hike messenger download and start sending free SMS from your Pc to your loving buddies, even they don’t have a hike on their Mobile! It’s unquestionably one of the finest messaging apps when it comes to simplicity and reliability. And it would have been nice if their developers just create a Hike app’s pc version. You see, not all people are stuck on their mobile devices. There are some who work with their PC or laptop the whole time. Sometimes, mobile devices are not allowed in workplaces, so having a Hike video calling app would have been brilliant and would be highly appreciated.

The best thing about this era is that almost everything is adaptable. And in the case of the Hike Messenger, there is a workaround from its lack of Windows support. So in this article, we will discuss crossing that bridge to create a fully working Hike app that will be running seamlessly on PC or laptop.


With their desktops, the user can send messages to his friends who do not have a Hike on the PC and even net connectivity. So, you can create a group and include those friends also who are not using this app. Every month you can send 100 free hike SMS. It also gets replenished every month. You can also message hike-to-hike without any limit and this is absolutely free, worldwide. With the elegant hues of white and blue, its user interface is clean and quite good to use. Even though most of the people are very much familiar with this app, we have enlisted a few features before you download the Hike messenger app for android and PC.


Hike Messenger App Features

Hidden Mode

This is one of the most popular features for people who value their privacy so much. This gives the power to its user the ability to hide all chat history from the world with the use of a personal password. That means when someone borrowed your phone, you can rest easy that none of those chats will be accessed in any possible way.


If you are one of those people that have stalkers, this is a great app for you. Hike Messenger enables you to activate the private mode which hides your profile picture, stories, and timeline. There is also a way to hide where you are last seen so people can’t know where you have been or what have you been up to lately. It is by using a VPN such as Psiphon and have hike connect for PC.

Group Chats

A good online messenger is not complete without a group chat feature. And this is where it is also good for. You can add up to 1,000 members into one single group forum or chat room. Share videos of any size, send any file types from documents to MP3 and even play games together. There is also a voting feature when you and your friends can’t decide on what to do or where to go next weekend.

hike connect for pc

20,000+ Free Stickers

Express all your emotions and all your thoughts on a number of stickers that you can ever handle, Once you have Hike Connect for pc. This is best when you are unable to type or if you want you and your friend to communicate at your own pace.

Hike Wallet

This is why Hike is best for business as well. It gives you an option to send, receive, and share money within the app with your friends, coworkers, and family. Simply load your account wallet with funds from your debit card, credit card and bank account and Hike will let you spend or use it the way you want.

Timeline and Stories

Share your day and how you’re feeling by using the timeline and story. What’s more, is that you can share it selectively to people that matter most only.

Magic Selfie

There is also support for a native camera for people that want to show their OOTD. It has many live filters and animation to keep it more entertaining and fun.

App Themes

If you are into personalization, the Hike Messenger is also a home for your creativity. Choose how your Hike looks and blend in with your smartphone’s overall look. You can also personalize your chat box with someone or with a group.

What’s new in a hike

  • Add Captions to images you share
  • Bug Fixes

Hike Messenger Software Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
It has basic communication features. You may not need all of the features at once.
It offers payment and financial features. Some stickers are not available globally.
There are themes and more stickers.
It provides stories and a timeline.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7
CPU Intel or AMD Dual-Core at 2 GHz
VIDEO CARD Intel Graphics 4400

Technical Specification

Title hike messenger for PC
File Size 11.65 MB
Language English
License Free
Developer Kavin Bharti Mittal https://hike.in/

Enjoy Hike!