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Hearthstone Download For Windows 2021

Jul 4,2020 - Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (Free)

4.87 MB (Safe & Secure)

Hearthstone for pc game is a strategy card game that’s easy to learn but impossible to put down! Whether they’re minions, spells, quests, or heroes, These cards can dramatically change the game with powerful effects and crazy interactions. Stay on your toes and outsmart your opponent! Play as a clever rogue, a powerful image, or any other of the game’s nine hero classes – they’re all free!

Hearthstone For PC Game Free Download

Blizzard Entertainment has offered us some of the best and most popular video games out there, including World of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, and WarCraft. Hence, almost everything released by them got to be a huge success immediately, with millions of players in every case. Now, they have released a free-to-play title featuring trading cards, but surprisingly, not even this obscure genre stopped them from gaining massive amounts of fame and attention.

Empower your minions, break your enemy’s will, and conquer all who oppose you. Jump into the game, start slinging spells, summon powerful minions, and crush your enemies. The online card game is easy to learn and offers incredible depth. Get together to play Hearthstone in-person with friends old and new, and complete unique quests!

The game is for everyone. Practice your skills in Casual play, climb the ranks in Ranked mode, shake things up with crazy fun Tavern Brawls, test your luck in the Arena, play solo adventures against fiendishly clever computer opponents, and much, much more.

Starting Hands

From the forbidding peaks of Blackrock Mountain to the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, from the creeping dark of The Witchwood to One (fabulous!) Night in Karazhan, new card sets keep the game fresh. Each expansion brings new cards and brand-new ways to play. You may also play the battleground game on PC.

From the last bastion of civilization on a shattered world, Illidan Stormrage beckons. Join ranks with the fabled Illidari Demon Hunters while wielding powers forged from the surrounding chaos. Slay rampaging demons, crush the Rusted Legion, and rise from the Ashes of Outland!

Whether you’re a seasoned card game veteran or a brand new player eager to learn, there is a place at the hearth for everyone. So come in, pull up a seat, and let’s play!

Play With Your Team

How To Play Hearthstone For PC Game?

Itching to pick up a deck and start playing? There’s no better way to learn than to simply download Hearthstone now and get started! And if you still have unanswered questions after the in-game tutorial, the pages in this section will help you catch up on anything you’ve missed.

System Requirements of Hearthstone for PC

Operating System Windows® 10 64-bit
Processor Intel® Core™ 2 Duo (2.2 GHz) or AMD® Athlon™ 64 X2 (2.6 GHz) or better
CPU Speed Info
Memory 4 GB of RAM
Dedicated Video Memory 512 MB Video RAM
Storage Space 3 GB Free Hard Disk Space
Video Card NVIDIA® GeForce® 240 GT or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 4850 or better
Additional Information

Screenshots of Hearthstone Game

Official Video Intro Hearthstone Game

Hearthstone Masters Tour Silvermoon

  • Clash Royale
  • Faeria
  • Magarena
  • Terapet Wars
  • Tower Duel
  • Wagic
  • Caller’s Bane
  • Card Hunter
  • Infinity Wars

Hearthstone Game Overview

Hearthstone Game Download For PC

Technical Specification

Software Name Hearthstone Game For Windows 2021
File Size 4.87 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.


Hearthstone for PC Game Heroes of Warcraft couldn’t have failed, because it has a mix of incredibly appealing components. That, coupled with the studio’s spotless reputation when it comes to patches, updates, and the server connection quality makes the game yet another fan favorite.


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