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Hawaiian Airlines Wi-Fi

Maintaining connectivity while gliding over the expanse of the Pacific Ocean has evolved into a fundamental aspect of contemporary air travel. Hawaiian Airlines has admirably met this demand by presenting travelers with an exceptional Wi-Fi encounter. Within the confines of this article, we shall intricately explore the realm of Hawaiian Airlines WiFi, meticulously examining its attributes, expansiveness, connectivity alternatives, and its role in amplifying the entirety of the journey. Whether one’s intrigue lies in the realm of hawaiian airlines inflight wifi amusement, sustaining efficiency during corporate voyages, or simply nurturing connections with dear ones, the Wi-Fi service furnished by Hawaiian Airlines unveils an assorted range of prospects. Join us on a digital odyssey across the celestial skies as we uncover how Hawaiian Airlines redefines passenger connectivity to unprecedented heights.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines WiFi

Hawaiian Airlines, regularly called HA, stands because the 10th biggest commercial airline in the United States, with its headquarters nestled within the picturesque town of Honolulu, Hawaii. The airline operates under the ownership of Hawaiian Holdings, Inc., with the current stewardship of President Peter R. Ingram.

Since its establishment in 1929, Hawaiian Airlines has gracefully taken to the skies, spanning its wings across a global expanse. Its flight routes embody an array of locations, consisting of however not restrained to the United States, Asia, Australia, American Samoa, French Polynesia, Hawaii, and New Zealand.


Regrettably, as of now, Hawaiian Airlines (HA) does not extend the provision of inflight Wi-Fi services across its fleet, spanning economy, premium economy, and business class cabins alike. Nonetheless, a glimmer of connectivity emerges for travelers aboard A321neo aircraft, particularly those nestled within the main cabin. For this exclusive streaming experience, all that’s required is a smartphone housing the complimentary Hawaiian Airlines app.

Once aboard the flight, a simple transition to airplane mode on your device is all it takes to set the stage. Subsequently, a connection to the “HawaiianAirWifi” network opens up a realm of Hawaiian TV and movie streams, providing an avenue for in-flight entertainment. However, it’s critical to be aware that this presenting does now not amplify to hawaiian airlines internet access connectivity at this juncture.

On a more promising note, a recent update from the realm of aviation reveals that Hawaiian Airlines charted a course towards enhanced inflight connectivity. In the midst of 2022, the airline inked a significant agreement with SpaceX, the aerospace juggernaut, heralding a new era of inflight Wi-Fi. From 2023 onwards, Hawaiian Airlines patrons can anticipate the deployment of inflight Wi-Fi services across their entire fleet, facilitated by the futuristic capabilities of Starlink satellites.

As the Hawaiian Airlines journey progresses, so too shall the realm of inflight connectivity, ensuring that passengers traverse the skies with not only the beauty of nature below but the wonders of technology within arm’s reach.

How To Connect To Hawaiian Airlines WiFi?

In-flight Wi-Fi services are currently exclusively available on Hawaiian Airlines’ A321neo aircraft. To seamlessly connect to the Hawaiian Airlines inflight WiFi using your electronic device, adhere to the following step-by-step instructions tailored for Android, iOS devices, and laptops.

For Android or iOS Devices:

  1. Preparation: Before your flight, ensure that you have downloaded the free Hawaiian Airlines App on your mobile device.
  2. Location Services: Launch the Hawaiian Airlines App and enable your device’s location services.
  3. Airplane Mode and Connection: Activate airplane mode on your device and access Wi-Fi settings. Connect to the network named “Movies on HawaiianAir
  4. In-App Navigation: Within the Hawaiian Airlines App, navigate to the “More” section in the menu.
  5. Activate Inflight Entertainment: Access the inflight entertainment feature within the app to start enjoying the Wi-Fi service.

For Laptops:

  1. Network Connection: Follow the previously outlined steps to connect to the hawaiian airlines in flight wifi network using your laptop.
  2. Browser Access: Open your Chrome browser on the laptop.
  3. Browse Inflight: Type in the URL “” in your Chrome browser for web browsing during your flight.

Important Note: Please be aware that the current inflight Wi-Fi service on Hawaiian Airlines does not currently support Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox browsers. For the best experience, use the recommended Chrome browser to ensure smooth and reliable connectivity.

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Hawaiian Airlines Inflight Entertainment

Hawaiian Airlines takes immense pride in delivering a top-tier inflight entertainment experience to its valued passengers. Embracing a commitment to passenger satisfaction, the airline ensures that inflight entertainment is not just a feature, but a delightfully immersive journey in itself. This complementary service provides a cornucopia of cinematic and leisurely pleasures, designed to cater to diverse preferences and ages.

Inflight Entertainment Extravaganza:

Encompassing a diverse array of offerings, the inflight entertainment service on Hawaiian Airlines is a gateway to an enchanting world of audiovisual wonders. Seamlessly accessible without any additional charges, passengers are treated to a treasure trove of entertainment options that redefine the flying experience. Among the captivating features available are:

  • Movies, Music, and More: Indulge in a cinematic spectacle by accessing a collection of the latest movie releases, timeless classics, and popular TV shows. The musical aficionados can tune in to their favorite melodies, while gaming enthusiasts can challenge themselves with engaging games.
  • Tailored for Kids: Catering to the needs of young travelers, Hawaiian Airlines extends a dedicated assortment of entertainment for children. On all A330 flights, in-seat entertainment facilities ensure that the little ones are entertained throughout the journey. The intuitive touchscreen interface offers play and pause options, providing a hassle-free experience.
  • A321 Aircraft Amusement: For those flying on A321 aircraft, inflight entertainment takes a personalized twist. By utilizing the free Hawaiian Airlines App and connecting to the inflight Wi-Fi network, passengers can access a realm of entertainment on their personal devices. To seize this opportunity, make certain to install the app prior to boarding.

Featured Selections:

Delving into the expansive palette of offerings, travelers are bestowed with an array of choices that transcend mere distraction, evolving into a delightful engagement. The Hawaiian Airlines Wi-Fi extends a curated assortment of films, encompassing the latest cinematic gems, captivating series, and much more. Revel in a cinematic journey with acclaimed titles like “Aftersun,” “Bandit,” and “Devotion,” among others.

Unveiling Current Films and New TV:

Embarking on a flight with Hawaiian Airlines introduces passengers to a world of choices, with the freedom to luxuriate in the latest TV episodes and beloved films. An extensive spectrum of entertainment awaits, featuring new TV shows, contemporary blockbusters, and a medley of captivating options. Classics like “Friends,” the engaging “Gaming Wall St,” the iconic “Mad Men,” and the heartwarming “My Family” are among the cherished TV show selections. Film fans can have a good time in titles like “Argo,” “Get Smart,” “Lady Bird,” and a host of different cinematic treasures.

Keiki Pack for the Youngest Travelers:

Acknowledging the importance of keeping younger travelers engaged, Hawaiian Airlines presents the “Keiki Pack.” This cautiously curated package deal is designed with children in mind, proposing movies, TV shows and games designed to captivate and entertain. Young adventurers can revel in an assortment of new and popular films, captivating TV episodes, and interactive games. The a laugh series of kids’ films includes popular titles like “Aladdin,” “Big Hero 6,” “Cars,” “Despicable Me,” and lots of greater. Meanwhile, a plethora of captivating TV shows, including “Alice’s Wonderland Bakery,” “All Hail King Julien,” “Blippi Learns,” “CoComelon,” and more, is ready to charm and delight.

In essence, Hawaiian Airlines’ inflight entertainment transcends the mundane, creating a world within the world of air travel. This complementary offering elevates the journey into an immersive experience, where passengers can explore, engage, and revel in a medley of cinematic, musical, and interactive treasures. As the aircraft cruises through the skies, the Hawaiian Airlines Wi-Fi ensures that every moment onboard becomes an unforgettable adventure.

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Hawaiian Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi Packages

Package Price
Messaging and Email Package $8
Streaming and Browsing Package $25

As of now, inflight Wi-Fi service is exclusively available on Hawaiian Airlines’ A321neo flights. The exciting development is that, beginning in 2023, Hawaiian Airlines will introduce complimentary inflight Wi-Fi service across all their flights.

How To Use Hawaiian Airlines App

Learn how to effortlessly make use of the Hawaiian Airlines App inflight Wi-Fi with these clear steps:

  1. Download the Hawaiian Airlines app onto your mobile device.
  2. Ensure your device’s location service is activated.
  3. Before connecting to Hawaiian Airlines’ Wi-Fi, switch your device to airplane mode.
  4. Once in airplane mode, link up with the “HawaiianAirWifi” network.
  5. Launch the Hawaiian Airlines app.
  6. Navigate to the menu and opt for “More.”
  7. Select “In-Flight Entertainment.”
  8. Enjoy a wide array of in-flight entertainment, including streaming movies, TV shows, and music, right on your device.
  9. Kindly take note that the complimentary inflight Wi-Fi service is exclusively accessible on A321 neo aircraft.

To ensure a seamless experience, consider these additional insights for using the Hawaiian Airlines App inflight Wi-Fi:

  • If you encounter connectivity issues, attempt a device restart.
  • Some instances might require you to input your flight number to access the Wi-Fi network.
  • Be aware that in-flight entertainment availability may vary across flights.
  • The quality of your in-flight entertainment could fluctuate based on signal strength.

With these guidelines, you’re well-equipped to make the most of the Hawaiian Airlines App inflight Wi-Fi, enhancing your travel journey with connectivity and entertainment options at your fingertips.


Query Type Contact Number
Reservations And General Questions (WIFI) 1-800-367-5320
HawaiianMiles Service Center 1-877-426-4537
Web Support Center 1-866-586-9419
Hawaiian Air Cargo 1-877-HA-CARGO (422-2746)
Baggage Service 1-866-389-6654

When you’re seeking information about Hawaiian Airlines services, their dedicated hotline is at your service. Simply give them a call to have your queries addressed. Hawaiian Airlines’ hotline options ensure that you have a direct line of communication for any information or assistance you may require.


What is the significance of inflight Wi-Fi on Hawaiian Airlines flights?

Inflight Wi-Fi on Hawaiian Airlines enhances passenger experience by providing connectivity for browsing, entertainment, and staying connected with loved ones while flying over the Pacific.

Is inflight Wi-Fi available on all Hawaiian Airlines flights?

Currently, inflight Wi-Fi is available exclusively on Hawaiian Airlines’ A321neo aircraft. However, there are plans to introduce complimentary inflight Wi-Fi service across all flights starting in 2023.

How can I connect to Hawaiian Airlines inflight Wi-Fi?

To connect to inflight Wi-Fi, first download the Hawaiian Airlines App, enable your device’s location services, switch to airplane mode, connect to the “HawaiianAirWifi” network, and access the inflight entertainment section within the app.

What entertainment options are available through Hawaiian Airlines inflight entertainment?

Hawaiian Airlines offers a diverse range of entertainment, including the latest movie releases, popular TV shows, music, and interactive games, ensuring a delightful journey for passengers of all ages.

Can I use my laptop for inflight Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can connect your laptop to the “HawaiianAirWifi” network. Simply follow the same steps as for mobile devices, and enjoy web browsing and other online activities during your flight.


Hawaiian Airlines has seamlessly woven contemporary connectivity into the fabric of air travel, creating an immersive inflight Wi-Fi experience for passengers. With the expansion of Wi-Fi coverage throughout their fleet, Hawaiian Airlines opens up new horizons for entertainment and connection. Beyond being a means of transportation, the airline enriches journeys with technological innovation. As you embark on your next Hawaiian Airlines adventure, remember that the skies offer more than scenic views – they hold the promise of a connected and entertaining journey.


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