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Guitar Pro Music Editor Software For Windows Download 7.5.5 Build 1844

Apr 15,2019 - Arobas Music (Free)

965 MB (Safe & Secure)

Guitar Pro is an advanced and broad programming instrument to help improve your guitar aptitudes, providing you with every single important apparatus to make extraordinary music, regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert guitarist. The application’s interface is engaging and characteristic, making it extremely basic and simple to work with. Nevertheless, it is commonly prudent that you have some essential abilities of how to peruse the melodic sheet music and how to comprehend its cadence.

It is a comprehensive software solution whose main function is to help improve your guitar skills, even if you are a novice or an experienced player, providing you with all the essential tools to generate great-sounding music.

The program’s interface is very intuitive and appealing, making it very easy to work with. Nonetheless, it is generally advisable that you have some basic knowledge of how to read a tablature and how to understand music rhythm.

Guitar Pro Software

The application enables you to create and edit guitar tablatures, but it can also be used for other fretted instruments. Guitar Pro includes all the required tools in order to assist you when practicing, namely a ‘Chord Engine‘, a ‘Tuner‘, ‘Guitar Fretboard‘ and a ‘Scale Engine‘. Moreover, it offers audio samples and effects for multiple guitar types, as well as countless other instruments, such as piano, drums, or strings.

This application is able to import and export files, supporting a variety of input formats, for instance, MIDI, ASCII, MusicXML, PowerTab, or TablEdit, you can fully use pre-existing music sheets, from the Internet or other sources. In addition, you have access to Guitar Pro’s sheet library, which can be used and altered to improve your own skills.

Guitar Pro 7 Software For Windows DownloadGuitar Pro Music Composer Software For Windows Features

  • Tablature and score reader: Guitar Pro offers many reading features: 3 types of notation (standard/tablature/slash), zoom and virtual fretboard/keyboard to visualize the exact positioning of your fingers on them.
  • Edit your compositions: Create your own professional scores for one or several instruments and capture your notes quickly with the numerical pad, the mouse, or even a MIDI instrument.
  • Mix your sounds: The sound engine offers more than 1000 sounds (presets) using 200 soundbanks and 80 effects/amps modeling recorded in the studio. Select your sounds among our built-in sounds or create your own presets.
  • Improve your technique: Enjoy a series of tools to optimize your practice sessions: tempo, looper, metronome, chord and scale library, guitar, and piano fretboard. You can also edit or buy full scores files and then be able to solo or mute individual parts.
  • Thousand of tabs online: The Guitar Pro file format is the most widespread when it comes to looking for tabs online. Download songs online or access to 2000 high-quality full instruments tabs made by our team on mySongBook.
  • Share your music: Print your tabs, read it on your Guitar Pro app for smartphone or tablet, or export it in various formats like PDF, audio, image, MusicXML, MIDI.

The main interface of Guitar Pro provides you with several retractable panels disposed around the music sheet, each with their own function. As such, you can work with symbols, add or remove them from your score in the ‘Edition Panel’. The ‘Instrument Panel’ allows you to adjust the parameters for the song, while the ‘Effects Panel’ helps you apply numerous sound effects and amp modelizations. You can also use the ‘Mastering Panel’, the ‘Chords Panel’ or the ‘Lyrics Panel’.


Official Video Tutorial of Guitar Pro Software For Pc 

Introduction of Guitar Pro Software

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Guitar Pro For Windows Overview

Technical Specification

Version 7.5.5 Build 1844
File Size 965 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Arobas Music


Guitar Pro is a professional utility that offers you extensive features and options in order to enhance your music writing and playing abilities, enabling you to become a great artist.


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