Google Slide Themes

Google Slides is a presentation program included as part of a free, web-based software office suite offered by Google within its Google Drive service. The service also includes Google Docs and Google Sheets, a word processor and spreadsheet respectively. Google Slides is available as a web application, mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, and as a desktop application on Google’s ChromeOS. The app is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint file formats.

Slides allow users to create and edit presentations online while collaborating with other users in real-time. Edits are tracked by a user with a revision history that tracks changes to the presentation. Each editor’s position is highlighted with an editor-specific color/cursor and the system regulates what users can do through varying degrees of permissions. Updates have introduced features using machine learning, including “Explore”, offering suggested layouts and images for presentations, and “Action items”, allowing users to assign tasks to other users

Google Slide themes have now become very popular among educators and business people. It is a very powerful (and free) tool that you can use to make and deliver your presentations. We have adopted this new trend as an alternative to PowerPoint, Keynote, and OpenOffice and we are proud to support compatibility with Google Slides. In this section, you will find completely free templates so you can create your google slides presentation like a professional.

Google Slides Themes

Google Slides Themes

Find Google Slides themes and invest your valuable time in your message content. Our professional templates are designed with a wide range of styles. You will find the correct theme for your presentation deck. You can check our free Google Slides Templates and add them to your Google Drive account, or subscribe to any of our plans and download any of our Templates into your Drive account; 100% compatible with Google Slides. Communicate your ideas easily with designs that engage.

Google Slides for On-Line Collaboration

You can apply our Google Slides Themes to a presentation deck, google doc, or you can use our Business Templates to work over a specific framework, taking advantage of the collaboration tools of Google Slides. For example, you and your team can work over a SWOT Analysis, using our SWOT Analysis Templates collaboratively online, where every member of the team adds their content concurrently.

Professional Google Designs Developed for Business

Google Slides has been gaining adoption in modern businesses that rely heavily in Google Tools. In the last years, Google Slides has evolved including several of the features other presentation tools offered. Google slides now includes a modern vector engine, that allows designs to be pixel perfect and can adapt to changes in the Google Theme and master slides. SlideModel designs are created using Google slides Shapes, allowing all the designs to adapt to theme changes, making it easier for the user to customize the Google Slide Theme to its needs.

Advantages of Google Slide Themes

  • Fully free to use.
  • You get automatic saves while you create your presentation which means no loss of data.
  • You also have access to history and all changes made by team members. This allows you to restore previous versions if needed.
  • Multiple users can work on one presentation simultaneously and all the edits appear instantly. You can also chat with your team members while you work.
  • Google Slide templates are saved on cloud storage which allows for easy access from any desktop and mobile device. This also means no set up needed before presenting.
  • Google Slides are also adapted for Chromecast, Hangouts, and AirPlay.
  • You can easily convert PowerPoint presentations into Google Slides. You can also edit PowerPoint templates but you need to have Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides installed.
  • It’s easy to insert links, videos, and images.
  • Includes a gallery of pre-made templates for various purposes.

With all of these features in mind, it’s no wonder that Google Slides is rapidly becoming a preferred software for presenting ideas and strategies. Now, if you’ve decided that it’s high time you give this software a shot, here you can download Google Slides that may come in quite handy for different occasions and presentations.



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