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How To Book A Ride On An Uber Or Lyft with Google Assistant

Apr 7,2019 - (Free)

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Google Assistant is one of Google’s service based on artificial intelligence, there extends to help you across devices, like Google Home, your phone, and more. You can access it with long press home on Android, Ok Google, or a squeeze on Pixel phones.

Just give a command to your speaker or hub and your choices are sent to your phone. The best part? The built-in Google Assistant will search for the best ride-hailing options so you can get out the door faster while spending less.

Service selection

If you’re not already a regular passenger to any particular ride service, a Google Home can help you choose which service to go with. Start off with a command like, “Hey, Google, book a ride to [your destination]” or, “Hey, Google, get me a ride to [your destination].”

Google Assistant will reply by pushing a list of ride services in your area — including Lyft and Uber — to your phone. The list includes prices and waiting times so you can pick the fastest and most affordable ride for your destination. You may also like to read how to exit navigation on google maps with the help of Google assistant.


Google Home Speaker

Google Assistant compatible list for book a ride services

  • BiTaksi
  • BlaBlaCar
  • Cabify
  • Career
  • Chauffeur Prive
  • Gett
  • Gojek
  • Grab
  • JapanTaxi
  • Juno
  • Lyft
  • Meru Cabs
  • Mytaxi
  • Ola Cabs
  • Taxibeat
  • Taxify
  • Taxis99
  • Uber

Remember, Google Assistant won’t be able to help you if you don’t have ride services in your area. If you know for sure you have service in your area and Google Assistant isn’t giving you options, try again. It can be a little glitchy.

Book a ride with a service you trust using Google Assistant

If you know the exact ride service you want, Google Assistant voice can still help to save you money. Say something like, “Hey, Google, get me a Lyft ride to (your destination]” or, “Hey, Google, book me an Uber.”

Booking options with price comparisons will appear on your phone. For example, if you want a ride from Lyft, options for Lyft Shared and regular Lyft will pop up on your phone or the screen of your Google Home Hub ($149 at Walmart). If you have the ride-hailing app on your phone, it will automatically open.

Finish the booking and your ride will be on its way.

Booking with a Google Home Hub

If you ask your Home Hub to book a ride you’ll see current traffic and estimated prices for available ride services on its display. Just like the Google assistant speaker, it will send info about prices and wait times to your phone.

After that, you have to open Google Maps on your phone and toggle to the ride services tab to complete the booking.

Enjoy the ride, now you have your own ride assistant all day!


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