GnuCash Accounting Software free download for Mac OS

GnuCash is an open source and multi-platform app designed to make it simple to manage all your personal finances, but also suitable for extensive business use.

Simple interface for tracking your finances

Moreover, the GnuCash app enables you to keep track of your stocks, bank accounts, expenses and other similar information, all of that via an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Furthermore, This software is a very fast utility based on principles that designed to guarantee that you are provided at all times with accurate financial reports, as well as correctly balanced books.

Schedule everyday transactions and recurrent ones with ease

As an extra advantage, Gnucash features complete support for financial calculations and scheduled transactions of all types, thus making it a lot easier to successfully track and schedule your day to day and recurrent operations.

Built-in daily transaction manager and financial account reconciliation

In addition, by using the checkbook-style register bundled with the free application, you can comfortably enter and manage your daily banking transactions.

This application also includes the capability of helping you effortlessly and rapidly generate a wide array of financial reports and graphs, easily customizable to perfectly fit your needs.

Unlike other similar apps, GnuCash comes with an account reconciliations tool created to allow its users to compare their transactions with the bank statement with ease, in order to pinpoint errors and inaccurate entries easier.

Cross-platform personal finance management utility with automated account balance

Of course, GnuCash also provides you with extended support for multiple currencies, and it will also fully balance all currency operations like deposits and withdrawals if the double-entry function is enabled.

GnuCash Logo

Features of GNUCash:

  • User-oriented interface
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Invoice generator
  • Vendors, customers and jobs organizer
  • Double-entry accounting
  • Report and graph generator
  • Transaction scheduler
  • Financial calculator



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