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Ghostery Browser Download For Windows 8.5.8

Aug 8,2019 - David Cancel (Free)

7.32 MB (Safe & Secure)

Ghostery is a browser extension that enables you to extends the functionality of a web browser on a desktop computer. It is monitoring all the different web servers that are being called from a particular web page.

It is a small but powerful extension that gives you more control of your online privacy that makes browsing the web safer. It has an easy to view and understand the design and color scheme. The extension will alert you with a bubble that is slightly transparent and blends.

Ghostery Browser Extension Download For Windows

Ghostery for Chrome is a handy browser add-on designed to provide you with details about the trackers embedded in the websites that you are visiting. You can use it to find out which companies are recording your habits and block certain trackers.

Ghostery for Firefox is a useful tool for users who want to know which websites are tracking their activity while browsing the Internet. By using this add-on, you can easily manage the trackers that are allowed on a certain website and control your privacy.

Ghostery for Opera is a lightweight Opera extension built specifically for helping users detect third-party page elements on the webpages that they are surfing on.

Ghostery for Opera offers support for a built-in wizard for helping you configure the dedicated parameters, so even rookies can learn to master the entire process with just a few clicks. Plus, it offers support for toolbar integration, so you can easily access its features.

Additionally, you have the option to select which trackers you want to block or allow on a certain website. All you need to do is click on the extension’s button and use the switches for enabling certain services.

Since the trackers can change in time, you have the option to whitelist a certain domain by adding it in the Options tab.

By default, the add-on replaces the images of the Google+ and Facebook buttons but you can disable this option if you want to remove them altogether.

In testing, Ghostery performed very well and notified us about numerous trackers scripts, images, and objects, from these it allowed us to select which to block.

Ghostery is well configured and trackers that are blocked from one website are then blocked from all. Although Ghostery blocks links very well, this has the tendency to sometimes results in certain websites becoming not view-able.

If this happens you may have to test each blocked tracker individually to ascertain what has caused the issue, and this obviously can take time.

Ghostery Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
It is a Very powerful tool for privacy It Doesn’t highlight new spy on the icon
It makes websites load so much faster It customizing your own blocklist can be a bit overwhelming

System Requirement

Runs on Windows 10/ Windows 8 /Windows 7

Ghostery Browser Extension Features

Enhanced Anti-Tracking: Enhanced Anti-Tracking feature is a heuristic approach to real-time, algorithmic tracking protection.  Like Ghostery’s main blocking mechanism, it monitors all third-party requests.

Enhanced Anti-Tracking supplements Ghostery’s block-list approach by catching anything that might have been missed.

Therefore, even if trackers are allowed to execute, you can feel safe knowing that all personal information has been anonymized in the request.

Enhanced Ad Blocking: New visual ad-blocker complements Ghostery tracker blocking and anti-tracking.  It catches and eliminates ads from a filter list and does not require any user-generated data.

Blocking Options

Smart Blocking: Automatic Smart Blocking feature to make it easier for users to optimize their browsing experience and blocking choices.  It automatically blocks slow or non-secure trackers.

Ghost Search: Built-in private search engine does not store any personally identifiable information (PII) and works with sophisticated anonymization techniques to ensure users’ search queries remain completely private.

Dynamic result cards are displayed directly in the search drop-down as you type: simply start typing, select a suggested site or press Enter for more results.

Found 9 Trackers

If users do not find what they want from our result cards, their query is automatically directed to another search engine.  Users can select which search engine they’d like as a backup from the settings page.

More space for favorite websites: It Start Tab increases the number of available tiles for your favorite websites from eight (in the default Chrome new tab) to twelve. Six tiles will automatically display your most visited sites.

 Customizable backgrounds: You can select different backgrounds to give it Start Tab a fresh look. Simply click the gear icon at the top right of the page to make your selection.

Top News: The Top News feature informs it Start Tab users about the most important events of the day. All linked articles originate from respected and trustworthy news domains. You can choose between a geographic variety of sources.

Privacy Statistics: The privacy statistics in its Start Tab show how its privacy features have impacted your browsing experience.

On display is the total number of trackers you’ve encountered, trackers you’ve blocked, data points anonymized, and ads blocked, over time.

You can visit your Start Tab settings to turn the statistics display on or off.

Add or remove features: You can choose the features you want to display (background, most visited sites, favorites, Ghost Search, Top News) on your default Start Tab page by clicking on the gear icon at the upper right.

Screenshots of Ghostery Browser Extension

Official Video Intro Ghostery Browser Extension

Ghostery Browser quick look!

Ghostery Browser Extension FAQs

What makes Ghostery Dawn distinguished from other browsers?

Ghostery Dawn is significantly more private than its competitors. This is because, in addition to hosting the typical features of a browser, our browser has Ghostery’s signature privacy protection technologies baked into it.

Like many browsers, we offer a private browsing mode (Ghost mode) and a private search engine. On top of that, Ghostery Dawn employs technology that actively shields your data from trackers. Those two signature technologies of Ghostery are known as (1) tracker-blocking, which stops trackers from being planted on the sites you visit, and (2) anti-tracking, our supplemental capability, which anonymizes your personally identifiable information should any trackers get through.


Can I make Ghostery Search my default search engine if I’m using a browser other than Ghostery Dawn?

Not yet. However, we are working on building specific extensions on Chrome and Firefox that will let users set Ghostery Search as their default. Stay tuned!


How can I add browser extensions to Ghostery Dawn?

You can install extensions via the Firefox store.


What is Redirect Tracking Protection?

Redirect Tracking Protection is an advanced privacy setting offered in Ghostery Dawn. It is a tactic used by ad-technologies to bypasses third-party cookie restrictions by invisibly redirecting users that have clicked on an ad to a tracking URL before they arrive to their desired location such as an e-commerce store. This very brief stopover lets the tracker set a first-party cookie, bypassing third-party cookie protections, and makes it easier for them to track users at their final destinations. Redirect Tracking Protection is a technology built by Firefox that clears cookies from known trackers once every 24 hours, making it harder for these technologies to build a long-term profile using your browsing history.


What is Dynamic First Party Isolation?

Dynamic First Party Isolation is an advanced privacy setting offered in Ghostery Dawn. We have enabled first-party isolation by default to better protect users against cross-site tracking. This feature prevents cross-site tracking by keeping all browser storage (cookies, cache, etc) isolated between each site you visit.


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Ghostery Browser Extension Overview

Ghostery Browser Extension Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 8.5.8
File Size 7.32 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer David Cancel


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