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Free PC Audio Recorder Software For Windows Download 3.1

Oct 5,2021 - Cok Free Software (Free)

1.11 MB (Safe & Secure)

Free PC Audio Recorder is a beginner-friendly audio recorder developed by Cok Free Software.

Free Audio Recorder software for PC is popular software on the internet. But most recording software is not free and difficult to use for PC beginner users. Now, Free PC Audio Recorder satisfies the requirements of practical necessity. You can install it on any windows operating system. It is completely green and clean software, no Ads, no plug-in components. When you don’t need it, you can uninstall it on the control panel easily.

This lightweight and also highly reliable app can detect audio inputs from the various sources on desktop and laptop PCs, such as Mic-in audio from integrated or standalone sound cards, online VoIP audio stream from popular voice chat apps such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, and many others, microphone feed from USB audio card, the system audio from PC sound card, in-and-out voices on your computer, and built-in microphones in webcams.

Free PC Audio Recorder Software For Pc DownloadFree PC Audio Recorder widely used for:

1. Record line-in audio from your microphone.
2. Record stream audio (such as music)online.
3. Record other system audio from your PC sound card.
4. Record both in and out voice and mix it to be a song.

To record audio from those sources, users simply have to fire up this app press a single button.

The user interface of Free PC Audio Recorder is as simple as it gets. A small app window showcases just a simple recording timer, Start/Pause/Stop buttons, a View Log function, and two audio volume bars for microphone and speaker streams.

The app does not support any advanced tools and services that some other applications may offer (such as built-in audio trimming and editing tools).

The app even does not support the option for picking the quality of the recorded volume – it simply automatically records everything in high-quality uncompressed WAV that can be then imported into other audio editing tools. By sticking with this single audio quality preset, creator of this app has enabled users to always have the ability to use their recording not only for home or school projects but also professional projects where quality is paramount.

Free PC Audio Recorder Software For PCThe entire app is distributed online in a 1MB installer file that requires the user only to follow a few simple on-screen instructions. Once installed, the app will also provide the user with an automated uninstaller.

Even though Free PC Audio Recorder is so lightweight that it may look like it is suitable only for beginners or users who just want to record their PC’s microphone and speaker feeds without hassle, the app should be praised for its stability, high-quality recordings, and the fact that it is offered to everyone without premium payment and with no advertisements, in-app unlocks, subscriptions or even in-app ads.

Free PC Audio Recorder is 100% free and can be used without restrictions not only on modern versions of Windows OS (such as Windows 7, 8, and 10) but also legacy versions such as Windows Millennium Edition and Windows 2000.

The quality of recording this tool offers is in that it has the capability to give you professional sound output with no charging options required. It is considered one of the best in the market as it produces crystal clear sound from line-in equipment.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Lightweight audio recorder program No audio editing feature offered
Has built-in mic
Records high-quality VoIP voice conversations
Intuitive interface

Free PC Audio Recorder For Windows Overview

Technical Specification

Version 3.1
File Size 1.11 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Cok Free Software


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