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Fouad WhatsApp APK Latest Version v9.65

Jun 11,2023 - Fouad Mokdad (Free)

63.75 MB (Safe & Secure)

Introducing Fouad WhatsApp APK, a modified version of the popular messaging application that offers users a range of enhanced features and functionalities. If you’re seeking a more customizable and personalized messaging experience, Fouad WhatsApp APK is the perfect solution. With its advanced privacy settings, unique themes, and extended file sharing options, this modified version takes your WhatsApp usage to the next level. In this article, we’ll explore the key features, installation process, and tips to make the most out of Fouad WhatsApp APK. Get ready to revolutionize your messaging experience with this incredible modded WhatsApp version.

Fouad WhatsAppWhat is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp was developed by a renowned team led by Fouad Mokdad, who has a wealth of expertise in the field of modified applications. This skilled team has created an excellent messaging solution with an excellent track record for creating popular and useful mod APKs such as FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. While the essential messaging functions of WhatsApp are retained, Fouad WhatsApp goes above and beyond by offering a number of smart and convenient features that were never included in the original WhatsApp. Fouad WhatsApp improves your chatting experience with options for customization and diverse themes, as well as a smart and secure chat lock feature. It also allows you to download status updates, providing an affordable solution for all of your communication needs.

Details of Fouad WhatsApp

App Name Fouad WhatsApp
Version V9.65
Size 63.75 MB
Last updated One Day Ago
Requires Android 5.0 or above
Developer Fouad Mokdad
License Freeware


button-Download Fouad WhatsApp APK

Fouad WhatsApp vs WhatsApp – What’s The Difference?

Features Fouad WhatsApp Original WhatsApp
Video Length Limit 5 Minutes 30 Seconds
Convert Video to GIF 30 Seconds 6 Seconds
Images or Videos Sharing Limit 90 at once 10 at once
Audio and Video File Size 1G 15 MB
Image Share Limit Maximum 100 Maximum 30
Status Characters Limit 255 Characters 50 Characters
Pin Chats Maximum 100 Maximum 3
Forward Limit Maximum 250 Maximum 10
Maximum Group Capacity 600 256
The Visible Ticks Single grey tick Two grey ticks
What Can be Blocked? Contacts, including audio and videos Only contacts
Hide Double Blue Ticks
Built-in Chat & App Lock
Dual Accounts
Hide Last Seen
Download Status
Material Design
Change APP Icon
Anti-Delete Messages
Disabled Forwarded Messages Tag
Change Font Styles
Automatic Custom Reply
DND Mode

Features of Fouad WhatsApp

 Highly Customizable

Action Bar

Fouad Mods WhatsApp goes beyond its standard customization options by offering users to modify the action bar on the home chat screen. With this mod, you may not only change the color of the action bar, but also hide your WhatsApp contacts’ names, pictures, and call buttons. The action bar feature is a unique addition to Fouad WhatsApp, allowing you to customize the chat theme, including the color scheme and icon style, to personalize your chatting experience.

Bubble and Ticks

Users in the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp can customize the appearance of chat dialog boxes by changing the bubbles and ticks. You can enhance your messaging experience by adding amusing bubbles, expressive ticks, and cute emoticons to your text messages using this feature. It allows you to personalize conversations and more effectively convey your emotions. You can adjust the color of the bubbles and tick marks to match your personality and current mood, making your conversations truly unique and enjoyable.

Show Picture on Every Message

Unlike the original WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp includes a convenient function that displays each message with the contact’s avatar. This innovation enables senders to visually identify their connections to individuals, minimizing the chance of sending messages to the wrong a person. Fouad WhatsApp ensures that users may immediately recognize and avoid potentially embarrassing situations by prominently displaying the contact’s avatar alongside their messages.

 Other Long-anticipated Features


Fouad WhatsApp provides a useful feature that allows users to quickly examine through dialog boxes by swiping left or right. This functionality is very useful for those that frequently use WhatsApp for work, have various client conversations simultaneously, or enjoy chatting with multiple pals at once. Long conversations become much easier to manage with the swiping functionality in Fouad WhatsApp mod APK. You will no longer need to scroll down far for any new information. Instead, a simple swipe left or right allows for seamless movement, ensuring that you stay up to date and can easily engage in conversations.

Disable Forwarded

The latest version of Fouad Mods WhatsApp provides an additional level of control by allowing users to disable some functionalities that were not originally available. The option to control message forwarding is one such feature. While official WhatsApp allows users to forward chat messages to third parties, Fouad WhatsApp allows you to prevent others from doing so. This is particularly useful for users who like to maintain conversations private and discreet. By using the message forwarding restriction option in Fouad WhatsApp, you can maintain more control over the dissemination of your messages and ensure that they reach their intended recipients.


Fouad WhatsApp introduces an auto-reply messaging feature, which allows users to provide prepared responses, ensuring others aware of their current situation. Whether you’re busy, out of the office, or on vacation, this tool allows you to respond to incoming chats in a timely and appropriate style. Users can meet the expectations of other individuals who may not be aware of their current availability by using the auto-reply message feature in WhatsApp Fouad APK, ensuring that chat requests are replied instantly. This functionality not only fosters polite and efficient communication, but it also helps in the management of expectations between users and their connections.

 High Privacy and Security

Hide Media from Gallery

Users in the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp can customize their media options within the Gallery. Unlike the old WhatsApp, where numerous unused options clogged the Gallery interface, Fouad WhatsApp allows you to independently hide specific media options, ensuring that only the desired options are displayed. This customization tool not only protects your privacy from prying eyes, but it also helps you conserve critical storage space on your device. You may declutter your Gallery and streamline your media viewing experience by hiding unneeded photos, audio files, and other forms of media.

Call Blocker

Fouad WhatsApp has a call blocking feature that can help you avoid unwanted calls from unknown or undesired numbers. Many users expressed frustration with receiving calls from unknown numbers on the official WhatsApp app, which has disrupted their regular social interactions. In response to this worry, the Fouad Mods WhatsApp download team built the Call Blocker function, which allows users to block incoming calls from unknown sources. Furthermore, you can build a list of select numbers that are authorized to call you, ensuring important calls are not missed. You may retake control of your conversation and enjoy a more streamlined and serene experience on Fouad WhatsApp with this feature.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Fouad WhatsApp launches a new Do Not Disturb feature that allows users to customize and manage incoming alerts and notifications. With this tool, you may choose when and how you receive updates, including the ability to silence WhatsApp calls, notifications, and alerts. You can protect yourself from external distractions by enabling the Do Not Disturb mode in the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp. This function improves productivity by providing an environment suitable to uninterrupted work and fostering a greater sense of control over your digital interactions.

How To Download and Install Fouad WhatsApp APK?

Downloading and installing Fouad WhatsApp APK on your Android device is as simple as downloading the official version. To get started, follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1. Before installing Fouad WhatsApp APK, make a backup of your current WhatsApp data. To protect the safety of your chats and content, follow the procedures below:

backup of your current WhatsApp data

Step 2. To download the Fouad WhatsApp APK, simply click on the provided link below.

button-Download Fouad WhatsApp APK

Step 3. To enable installation from unknown sources and proceed with the installation of Fouad WhatsApp APK, follow the steps below:

Fouad WhatsApp download guid

Step 4. After that, install the APK and wait for it to complete installation.

Step 5. If you want to use a different phone number with Fouad WhatsApp APK, simply enter it during the initial setup procedure. However, if you want to keep using your current WhatsApp account and restore your chat history, you can do so.


Step 6. Fouad WhatsApp will verify your phone number by sending an OTP (One-Time Password) to the phone number you registered with.


Step 7. After you’ve finished the initial setup and verification, you may customize your Fouad WhatsApp profile. Set your name and profile photo.

Now you’re all set to explore and enjoy the enhanced features and functionalities offered by Fouad WhatsApp.

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Fouad WhatsApp APK is a strong alternative to the original WhatsApp application, offering lots of new features and options for customization. This mod APK, created by the experienced team of Fouad Mokdad, gives users more control over their messaging experience. Fouad WhatsApp APK offers a customizable and personalized communication platform with features such as theme customization, hiding chat elements, auto-reply messages, call blocking, and more. The option of modifying the app to individual preferences distinguishes it from regular WhatsApp, allowing users to create a unique and fun messaging environment. Whether you want increased privacy, advanced customization, or expanded functionality, Fouad WhatsApp APK is a solid option. Download and discover the features of this feature-rich chat application today.


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