Folx Mac Download Manager Review

Having a top download manager for Mac is the prime necessity for a Mac system. Because a dedicated application designed by focusing for mac users would have an upper hand over other tools available on the internet for the same purpose as, downloading movies, ebooks, music, videos and torrent files, etc. This especially mac centric download manager may save your time and space on your Mac system’s drive.

If we talk about other benefits then it is also good to streamline your tasks and allow you to customize many other options like priority downloads and saving secondary files downloads later on. Let’s take a review today for a Folx mac download manager by considering your comfort and ease of doing things on your mac book.


Folx is one of the top download managers for mac with a simple and easy to use interface that is fully compatible with Apple’s Catalina operating system. However, the Folx mac download manager is available in two variants: the free version and a PRO version.

The Best Download Manager for mac

Folx Mac Download Manager

After the release of the recent Catalina update,  Folx is the best torrent download manager as it works smoothly with Catalina, so if you need or want to run the most up-to-date OS, you can do without worry.

How Does Folx Mac Downloader work?

Mac users who have worked with the earlier variant of  Folx now understands how and why Folx is their right choice for all those heavy and large file torrent downloads. The new version 5.21 with a 64-bit app just released a few days back by Eltima Software, which works very much smooth and interruption-free with Mojave and Catalina. With it’s another cool feature, you can also schedule all your torrent downloads and can preserve your important computing power for your daytime operations by scheduling your downloads later when you are away from your pc or laptop.

Moreover, you can set the download speed and an option for the next task once your download completed. Mostly this option is better for night owls, who always willing to download their files during an overnight. You can also..

  • Enable the program and put the system into sleep mode
  • You have optioned program end the session and the system quite
  • Shut down your pc when download completed

You can have your routine sleep at night and can easily skip stay up to late till the download finishes.

Speed does matter a lot

While working with Folx, you can split a download across up to 20 different channels so you would get the lightning-fast speed and no need to wait longer for a single download to finish.

More, you can even get your downloads from different browsers at a time. For example, if you are downloading through Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, Folx will attempt all those downloads easily. Benefiting you free up your browser and you can complete your other tasks like answering email, watching a YouTube video, or surfing the internet. Well, Folx can download YouTube videos for you, and also with feature “audio-only” you can get the audio from the video to play it on your device on your comfort later.

Easy downloads from the sites that need authentication

Folx free version that allows you to store a maximum of two website login credentials, it will help you to download from the site that needs authentication, doesn’t matter what size data you are downloading.

While with the Pro Version you are free to store unlimited login information for different websites.

Clean and User-Friendly UI

The new version has come with an easy, clean, and user-friendly interface. Even, version 5.0 introduced with Retina display, all these make it more appealing and very much user-friendly.

Privacy Protection

Sometimes you wish to protect your privacy for what you have downloaded, Folx now has full proof of privacy for the content you are downloading. With its proxy server setting, you can unlock any content that is not accessible for you in normal circumstances.

Should You Go Pro?

Folx is free to use but there is a pro version available with more exciting features. With the Pro version, you can easily set your download speeds manually.

There is a built-in and one of the best torrent search engine features also available with the Folx Pro. Especially if you have a lot of torrent downloads, you should go for the Pro version, which would be the best value for the money to you. Yet, we suggest if you are a less frequent downloader then you may still have your free version.


Folx Pros:

  • You can assign your downloaded files with “tags” and save them into a specific folder to identify different types of contents as per your tagging.
  • In fact, Folx is among only a few handful Mac download managers compatible with a torrent client,  by assigning Folx as the basic torrent downloader, then it will open on every new torrent downloading and also lets you download torrents with magnet links.
  • As per the priority of your download, you can set automatic speed control with your downloads on the Folx Pro version. Also, you can schedule your download during lesser engaged hours to utilize your maximum speed on your peak time with the internet.
  • Folx PRO has the capability to split your downloads into multiple threads, which can significantly improve the speed at which they download.
  • To enhance better speed you can also split your download with the Folx Pro version
  • Apple Music compatibility (Pro Version)
  • You may save login credentials for unlimited sites torrent trackers
  • Folx Pro comes with a default torrent search engine. You can easily find the best quality downloads just by searching on Folx app.

Folx Cons:

  • The free version is quite limited and the best features only come with the Pro version
  • It’s a bit difficult to find the list of completed downloads, you need to click more than once to locate it
  • Menu bar agent is very common and of beginners level

For more info, check the video tutorial here:

Wrapping up: Folx offers a huge range of features that can be easily used by users with even a limited understanding of how a download manager works. In our opinion, this has to be the best torrent download manager out there. While you do have to invest some money for the PRO versions, it’s a low price and one that’s affordable by just about anyone. Whatever you’re looking for, this is a great option with tons of features and top speeds.