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FlipaClip Download For PC Varies With Device

May 26,2020 - Visual Blasters LLC (Free)

Varies With Device (Safe & Secure)

Flipaclip for pc is an extremely user-friendly app that makes use of artificial intelligence for creating the animated video as much as you want. The app is packed with different tools that you can use for making Flipaclip Animation.

It is an incredibly awesome app for Flipaclip Cartoon Animation creation. Best software for drawing animation and create animation film or video. It would be great for computer OS like Windows and Mac. Totally free for download and install but effective. There are a lot of features to help you making animation as you like.

FlipaClip Download For Android

Here a pc software expert will give you a pen picture. It about how to download, install, and use FlipaClip Windows and Macintosh OS. Download the Flipaclip for PC from this site. If you like the app check out the advantages and downloading method. Everything is shared here.

You need a supporting emulator first. Then it would allow downloading the software. It is easier to operate on a PC than the phone. So, see the process of downloading Flipaclip for PC:

  • One good emulator Bluestacks download the tool. Then launch the app and wait until it finished.
  • Then go to the play store and sign in to your google account.
  • Search the app on the store and click on the app when you see it.
  • Leave it for a few minutes when download started.
  • Once the installation is completed, start using.

Animation App

Why Flipaclip Should be considered

Just have a quick look at the advantages of the new version:

  • It offers many features and tools that are necessary for creating animation.
  • Quite a lot of filter that shows a picture variety.
  • Best painting brush, pencil, color, frame, etc. as demand.
  • After editing it shows the correction if needed.
  • It provides the opportunity to share on social media such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc.

How To Save And Import Flipa Project

How to use FlipaClip for PC?

It is mostly used to make a simple animated series. And every animator has his secret. There’s no doubt about that. Flipaclip Animation is more advisable to use in a large enough tablet to draw well.

This will make from left, down, right, and finally the bar above and then what follows. First of all here the image of your desktop as such.


This is under the paste and is the symbol of the two papers with the number. This has the function of helping with the drawing you are going to do for the animation. It’s as if you were going to make it is going to do for the animation. It’s as if you were going to make a normal drawing (this if you make your drawings in layers). For example, You sketched the first layer, and in the second layer, you drew. You sketched the first layer, and in the second layer, you drew.

When you press this symbol twice you get a box inside this box, there is a bar that says layer or layer 1. In this same bar, there is an eye. It allows you to control if you want the layer to be visible or not. And a padlock: lock-unlock: which has the function that if you press it does not let you edit the drawing, you’re doing. And the three lines are to move the layers to your liking. You move it, leaving the finger pressed in the three lines and moving the finger at the same time. And what Layer + says to the bottom of the block is to add another layer.

Opacity drawing

And the last box of the bar is so that when you draw on one page in the other, I leave the same but clearer so you can let you a guide from the previous drawing.

Paper Bar

This bar allows you to control which page you want to be where you want to move  : arrow_right:  : page_facing_up:  : arrow_left: The little arrow at the end of the bar is so that when the pressures take you to the last page and when you reach the last page, vice versa.

Right bar

The first box you see in the bar on the right is the color modifier. When you open the painting by lending the symbol twice a picture and a circle will appear around it. The colors of the picture will come out depending on the color you choose is in the circle. And in the box, you can modify how dark you want the color you are going to use.

Types of Pencils

When you press the pencil symbol, it will come out as you can modify the pencil you want. When you open the rectangle that you find at the top of the square, it shows you how to write the pencil you chose.

Under this, there are four pencils or types of pencils. First, you find the eyeliner, then the brush, a pencil, and a marker. The first two types of Pencils allow you to modify the size of the pen tip. And the other two allow you to modify the size of the pen tip and the opacity.


When you open the eraser box you will find a rectangle. That rectangle shows you or shows you how you are going to erase the rubber you have modified.


When you open the text box you get a rectangle at the top that is the example of how you see the type of font or letter you chose.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows 7/8/10
Mac: Mac OS X 10.5 and Higher Version

Features Of Flipaclip For PC


  • Make art with practical tools like Brushes, Lasso, Fill, Eraser, Ruler shapes, and insert Text with multiple font options all for free!
  • Paint on custom canvas sizes – up to 1920×1920!
  • Draw with pressure-sensitive stylus supported, Samsung S Pen or SonarPen is supported


  • Make art on up to 3 layers for free, or go pro and add up to 10 layers!
  • Yes, we’ve listened to you and added more layers but please note app may experience performance issues after adding more than 6 layers


  • Animating frame-by-frame is super easy with an intuitive animation timeline and practical tools
  • Onion skin animating tool
  • Animation frames viewer
  • Guide your animation with overlay grids
  • And more!


  • Easily create, add and edit audio clips using up to six audio tracks for free.
  • Add dialogue to your animation with voice recording!
  • Import your own audio files for a low cost.
  • Get creative with our popular curated sound fx audio packages.


  • Animate images you import or draw on top of your videos.
  • Video animation rotoscopes.


  • Save animated movies as MP4 or GIF files.
  • PNG sequences with transparency are supported.
  • Post your animated videos to YouTube.


  • Share your animation anywhere!
  • Post to TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr.


  •  Participate for free in all kinds of challenges we put out.
  • Win exciting prizes while having fun!

Screenshots of Flipaclip For PC Animation

Official Video Intro Flipaclip Animation

Intro to FlipaClip

Flipaclip For PC FAQs

How do I remove the watermark?

Removing the watermark is simple, but it does involve a purchase.

You can purchase the “remove watermark feature”, or pay for the premium bundle which removes the watermark as well as gives access to many more features.

Once you purchase this feature you will be able to toggle on/off the FlipaClip watermark. To turn-off the watermark go to “Make Movie” screen and switch the button to off.


How Do I Add Music To My Project For Free?

We understand that not everyone wants or can pay for the “add audio feature” of the app. So we’ve created an alternative to allow the chance to add audio for free. This is through watching an ad.

When you go to add audio, there is an option to watch an ad that will, as a reward, give you the option to add your own sound to the animation.

That part of the process is not controlled by us – it is controlled by our ad providers. It is possible that at times there are no available ads to be watched. If that happens, wait some time and then try again.


How do I import videos?

With the FlipaClip video import you can take your creativity to another level. You can animate over video or simply use video as a guide to trace complex movements. Your imagination is the limit!

To Import a video:

Step 1– When on the stage of any frame, press on the three dots in the top-right corner.

Step 2– Select “Add Video.”

Step 3– Select where you want to get your video from and choose the video.


Step 4– Trim the video to your liking.

Step 5– Press the check mark to import the video.

Importing a video adds a new layer!


If you are not using premium, you can only import up to 6 seconds of video content. 


How Do I Add Images To My Project That I Am Working On?

Adding images to FlipaClip is simple!

Step 1– When on the stage of any frame, press on the three dots in the top-right corner.

Step 2– Select “Add Image.”

Step 3– Select where to import the image from. (Make sure you have allowed FlipaClip access to your photos.)

Step 4– Using the selection tool move the photo to the desired size and location on your project.


Note: Adding an image will create a new layer. 


  • Autodesk SketchBook
  • Adobe Animate
  • Animation Desk
  • Animation Paper
  • enve
  • OpenToonz
  • Synfig Studio
  • Pencil2D
  • Pencil
  • TVPaint Animation


  • Optimized pen, highlighter, and eraser tools.
  • Improved Pencil Tool stylus pressure behavior.
  • Fixed Frames Viewer changes not reflected on stage.
  • Added back single tap on active frame to show actions menu.
  • Added support for multi-frame paste on frames timeline.
  • Improved memory usage and memory trim support.
  • Improved playback without audio to match set FPS.
  • Fixed frames and audio timeline not synchronizing when scrolling.

Flipaclip App Overview

Flipaclip App Download

Technical Specification

Version Varies With Device
File Size Varies With Device
Languages English
License Free
Developer Visual Blasters LLC


FlipaClip for PC can make animations, your own GIFs, etc. Well, this app brings the tools to animate. For example, copy and paste the pages, the digital drawing materials, but the speed of the animation to your liking, and more. The professional can also download the app. It is for professional work and very useful.


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