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Final Draft Word Processor Software For PC Free Download 12.0

Aug 29,2020 - Final Draft Inc (Free)

65.3 MB (Safe & Secure)

Final Draft is a comprehensive word processor software for PC designed specifically for writing movie and TV series scripts and other such productions. It features a spell checker for multiple languages.

With the best scriptwriting software, you can brainstorm, visualize, report, tag, collaborate, and customize your writing environment like never before. It paginates your script to entertainment industry formats and used by 95% of the entertainment industry. Over 300 templates for screenplays, teleplays, comics, immersive storytelling, graphic novels, and stage plays. Write using Windows, Macintosh, or in the Final Draft Mobile app for iPhone & iPad (app sold separately).

Final Draft Software For PC

The interface is not particularly attractive, but clean and easy to navigate. You can create a new project from scratch, or select one of the several templates provided by the app, such as screenplay, stageplay, half-hour sitcom, novel, or manuscript.

You can toggle between normal, page and speed script viewing mode, enable script notes, hide the ruler, show symbols representing special characters (e.g. Enter), as well as switch to index card view for the scene summary or script text.

  • Organize and navigate your story
  • Rapidly paginate and format your plays using more than 100 templates
  • Write scripts that look exactly the same on multiple platforms
  • Inbuilt tool for checking for common formatting errors
  • Generate a wide array of screenplay reports
  • Split-screen script editing
  • Powerful pagination engine
  • Support for Retina screens and Full-screen mode
  • Dictation support

Collaborate simultaneously with your writing partners IN REAL TIME – around the corner – or around the world. Speech to Script customizes PC’s Dictation feature so you can write your screenplay without ever touching a keyboard. Use SmartType to cut down on keystrokes by auto-filling commonly used names, locations, and more. Insert images on title pages, in the script, or even in the Beat Board to help visualize your story. Use Alternate Dialogue to store as many different versions of lines as you can imagine. Eliminate distractions and get down to business with night mode.

Word Processor Software

Final Draft For Word Processor Software Features

  • Title Page: All Final Draft for PC templates come with industry-standard title pages that are easy to modify, save, and print or save to PDF.
  • Tab & Enter: Use just the Tab and Enter keys to write your script quickly and easily.
  • Format Assistant: Be confident your script is professionally formatted before you print or email it.
  • Reformat Tool: Speed through the reformatting process when importing different file types.
  • Automatic Backup Folder: Protect your work with automatic file backups.
  • Unicode Support: It ships with fonts that support over 97 different languages. Users can also add their own fonts to type in additional languages.
  • Pagination & Page Management: Automatically format and paginate to industry standards. Meet page count requirements using FinalDraft custom formatting tools.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Customize your workflow and save time.

Final Draft To Write Data For Word Processor Software

In addition, you can split the script window vertically or horizontally, customize toolbars, as well as edit element properties, such as scene heading behavior and shortcut key.

Other options of Final Draft for word processor software let you create and run macros, display headers, and footers, assign computer-generated voices to script characters, use a text-to-speech tool, generate reports, create a names database, check the script for formatting errors, host or join a session to collaborate with other writers, as well as compare scripts to spot differences between two editions.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows 10
Mac: Mac OS X 10.12 and later
Memory Minimum 512 MB of RAM
Internet Connection Internet connection required during installation

Official Video Tutorial of Final Draft Word Processor Software

What's New In Final Draft 12

  • Scrivener
  • Manuskript
  • JotterPad
  • OmniaWrite
  • SmartEdit Writer

Final Draft Software Mac Overview

Technical Specification

Final Draft
Software Name Final Draft Software For Windows V 11.1.2 Build 77
File Size 67.5 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer Final Draft Inc

Conclusion of Word Processor Software

The application is very light on the system resources, running on low CPU and memory. It has a good reaction speed and performs smoothly on newer operating systems, even if it has not been updated for a long time. Final Draft should please all types of writers, thanks to its wide range of options and configuration settings. You may also check out Final Draft AV, but it contains few features.


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