Filedrop – An Easy File Sharing Software For Windows


Filedrop has been created to facilitate file sharing between devices on the same network. It’s very easy to file sharing within devices which are connected with the Windows network adjustments. It aims at making file transfer easier between a mobile device and a computer and vice-versa.

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The desktop application needs to be installed and the entire process is extremely simple as it just requires you to follow the instructions on the screen. There aren’t any attempts to push third-party software on the system.


Looks are not what the developer focused on as functionality of the product is more important than aesthetics.

Snappy transfers

If the product is launched on both devices it should signal their availability after a brief scanning. The interface is minimalist and at a first glance, it just shows the available devices by displaying the desktop background image and the name of the device.

However, it also offers brief configuration options that consist of defining a different download folder and emptying the list of downloaded items.

Initiating a transfer from any device is an effortless action that requires you to drag and drop the data in the application window.

After the receiver accepts the incoming transfer its progress is shown in percentage and the list of files allows easy browsing through all the data received.

Email messages with large attachments can wreak havoc on email servers and end-users’ computers. Downloading such email messages can take hours on a slow Internet connection and block any sending or receiving of messages during that time. In some cases, the download will fail repeatedly, breaking the recipient’s ability to receive mail at all. Also, Internet email clients add considerably to the size of the file being sent.

Filedrop can be used with any computer hooked to the local area network and discovering the peers is a quick process that is carried out almost instantly.

There are two distinct kinds of users that will be accessing the FileDrop system: inside users, who are associated with Score running the service, and outside users, which encompasses the rest of the Internet.

An inside user is allowed to send a drop-off to anyone, whether he or she be an inside or outside user. An outside user is only allowed to send a drop-off to an inside user.

There are two ways in which a user can drop off multiple files at once:

  • Attach each file individually on the dropoff page
  • Archive and compress the files into a single package and attach the resulting archive file on the dropoff page. There are many ways to archive and compress files:
    • Mac users can select the files in the Finder and Compress (see the File menu)
    • Windows users can create a “compressed folder” or use WinZip
    • Linux/Unix users, give the zip utility a try

Creating a Drop-off

When a user creates a drop-off, they enter some identifying information about themselves (name, organization, and email address); identifying information about the recipient(s) (name and email address), and choose what files should be uploaded to make the drop-off. If the files are successfully uploaded, an email is sent to the recipient(s) explaining that a drop-off has been made. This email also provides a link to access the drop-off. Other information (the Internet address and/or computer name from which the drop-off was created, for example) is retained, to help the recipient(s) check the identity of the sender.

Making a Pick-up

There are two ways to pick-up files that have been dropped-off:

  • All users can click on the link provided in the notification email they were sent.
  • An inside user, once logged-in to the system, can display their “Inbox” which is a list of all drop-offs waiting for them. Once logged-in, an inside user is able to access drop-offs without needing the email message.

When viewing a drop-off, the user will see quite a few things:

  • The list of files that were uploaded
  • The sender and recipient information that the sender entered when the drop-off was created
  • The computer name and/or address from which the drop-off was created
  • Optionally a list of pick-ups that have been made

Filedrop is one of the simplest solutions for transferring files between different devices in the local network. The operation is fast and a history list of downloaded data is available, allowing easy access to any of them.

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