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Fantastical Calendar App For Mac Download 3.4

May 27,2021 - Flexibits Inc. (Free)

43.2 MB (Safe & Secure)

Fantastical is the Mac calendar you’ll actually enjoy using. Creating an event with the app is quick, easy, and fun: Open the tool with a single click or keystroke, Type in your event details, and press return… and you’re back to what you were doing with a shiny new event in your calendar! The app’s natural-language engine is expressive and intelligent, so you can write in your own style. The app also automatically recognizes the location of your event and can even invite people from your Contacts to the event.

Fantastical’s natural language event and task creation, beautiful calendar views, and ultra-smart event list make it the best calendar and tasks app you’ll ever use. Just type in that you have “Join Digital Marketing Meeting On Friday at 10 AM” and Fantastical will schedule it! Or type in “remind me to Buy Milk on Tuesday” and Fantastical will create a task with a due date!

Fanstastical App For Mac Download

This is a calendar app featuring a wide range of integration. The app has been upgraded from a simple menu bar window to a fully-fledged time-keeping service.


Fantastical Calendar App Features

Beautiful, all-new design exclusively for macOS
The original Fantastical for Mac was only a menu bar app. “With Fantastical 2, we’ve reinvented Fantastical and made it a full Mac application, without losing the benefits and convenience of the menu bar window”.

Add events and reminders using natural language
The tool’s natural language engine is expressive and intelligent so you can write in your own style. The app automatically recognizes the location of your event and can even invite people from Contacts to your event.

Introducing calendar sets
The app lets you quickly toggle multiple calendars on or off with a single click, so you can focus on what’s more important at that moment. The days of going back and forth, clicking multiple times, just to hide and show your calendars are over.

Maximize your productivity with the Mini Window
The Mini Window that started it all is back, better than ever. The app’s Mini Window resides in your menu bar and lets you create, edit, and view your events and reminders instantly. With this product, you can now drag the Mini Window away from the menu bar, allowing you to position the window anywhere you like. And the new infinite list makes it easy to find all of your events and reminders, no matter when they occur.

It does reminders, too
The app supports the same reminders as macOS and iOS, giving you the fastest way to create or update your to-do list. Creating a new reminder is as easy as creating a new event: just type in what you need to get done. The app now features a focused reminders list, as well as support for location-based reminders.

Bring your own calendar accounts
Fantastical Calendar for macOS has its own engine for CalDAV and Microsoft Exchange: This means you can add your calendar accounts directly into the tool. The app supports iCloud, Google, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, as well as any other CalDAV account.

macOS Today Widget, Share Extension, and Action Extension
The app’s Today Widget gives you convenient access to your schedule. The new Share and Action Extensions make it super easy to get data into your calendar. Just select some text in Safari, Mail, or any other app that supports extensions and send it to the app instantly.

Power at your fingertips
The app supports availability and scheduling, allowing you to quickly find out if coworkers are available when creating a new event. Scheduling requires a supported server, such as Google Apps or Exchange. iCloud does not support availability.

Powerful Views

No matter what device you’re using, Fantastical will give you the view you want. See a quick overview of your calendar with the Fantastical DayTicker and Calendar views, and browse comprehensive full-screen views of your day, week, month, or year when you need more detail.

Other Premium Features

  • Includes Fantastical on all platforms: Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad
  • Extended 10 day weather forecast with RealFeel and MinuteCast up-to-the-minute weather data (powered by AccuWeather)
  • Browse and instantly subscribe to interesting calendars, including sports, TV shows, holidays, and much more (powered by SchedJoules)
  • Full task support including Todoist and Google Tasks • Calendar sets – quickly toggle multiple calendars on or off with a simple click or automatically when you leave or arrive, based on location
  • Event and task templates
  • Sync calendar sets and templates across devices
  • Full screen day, week, month, and year views
  • Apple Watch app with Up Next and Weather (and works over LTE)
  • Parser autocomplete recommendations for invitees, locations, and calendars/task lists
  • Propose multiple times to easily ask people when they can meet
  • Combine duplicate events across multiple calendars
  • Invitees and availability lookups
  • Respond to event invitations
  • Default alerts
  • Time zone override
  • Favorite time zones
  • Push updates for Google and Exchange
  • Manage Google Hangouts, Google Meet, and Zoom events
  • Set event travel time and receive time to leave notifications
  • Custom event colors

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
This application is great customization. This is not the free version
This is a lightweight and robust This application completely focuses on mac OS.

Fantastical Calendar And Task Editor App FAQs

How Do I Use My Fantastical 2 License Code In Fantastical 3?

If you previously purchased Fantastical 2 you can still use Fantastical 3 with all of your features from Fantastical 2 unlocked.

Why Does Fantastical Not Accept My iCloud Password?

Apple requires app-specific passwords when using two-factor authentication with iCloud.

Why Isn’t Fantastical Syncing With My iPhone Or iPad?

If you’re having trouble getting your calendars to sync between devices then follow the step.

  1. Tap the menu icon in the upper-left of the main screen
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap on Default Calendar
  4. Make sure the checked calendar is the one that matches your Mac and other iOS devices
  5. Tap Calendars
  6. Tap the red ‘i’ icon next to the calendar set name
  7. Make sure the Default calendar and Default task list for each individual calendar set is configured to a calendar under the the correct account

How Do I Show Or Hide Fantastical’s Mini-calendar And Event List?

Click View > Show/Hide Sidebar to toggle the sidebar’s visibility. Keep the sidebar enabled to quickly refer to a mini-calendar for the selected month and a list of your upcoming events and reminders. Hide the sidebar to give your main calendar view more space.

How Do I Disable All Alerts On A Specific Calendar Or Reminder List?

All notifications and alerts for a calendar or reminder list can be disabled by doing the following:

  1. Open Fantastical’s Calendar preferences
  2. Right-click on the calendar or reminder list you don’t want to receive alerts on and select Get Info
  3. Check the box to Ignore Alerts

Why Are My New Events Being Set As All-day Events?

New events will be set to all day if you don’t specify a time in your sentence. If you want a timed event, simply add the time to your sentence, such as “Meeting on Friday 3pm-5pm,” and Fantastical will disable all-day mode and set the event times.

Fantastical Software For Mac Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
3.4 May, 26th 2021 43.2 MB Download
3.3.10 May, 7th 2021 43.4  MB Download
3.3.7 March, 25th 2021 41.9 MB Download


  • BusyCal
  • Google Calendar
  • Apple Calendar
  • Itsycal
  • Lightning Calendar

What’s new in Fantastical Calender App For Mac

Version 3.4:

  • Invite with Cardhop: Use Cardhop to quickly invite people or groups to a new event in Fantastical
  • Flexibits Premium: one subscription, two apps. Get premium features for Fantastical and Cardhop when you subscribe
  • Fixed an issue where some paper sizes wouldn’t appear on certain printers
  • Fixed an issue where sync could get stuck on unstable network connections
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating an event with a Zoom meeting attached wouldn’t duplicate the notes correctly
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Technical Specifications

Version 3.4
File Size 43.2 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Flexibits Inc.


Fantastical is the best calendar and task management tool to have around if you do not want to waste time setting up events and reminders to your Calendar app. The utility is able to grasp the meaning of regular expression and automatically makes the necessary adjustments in no time.


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