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Exiland Backup Pro – Best Backup Software For Windows Download 6.0

Sep 14,2021 - Exiland Software (Free)

9.6 MB (Safe & Secure)

Use Exiland Backup Professional software for the best backup software to prevent critical data loss from viruses, PC breakdowns, unwanted changes, HDD crushes, and other threats. In case of loss of files, simply restore them from a backup. You can quickly restore the lost files to the specified folder or to their original location.

Exiland Backup Pro is the full-featured edition. It includes all the features of the Standard edition, plus it allows you to back up files from multiple PCs through a local network, back up of open (locked) files using VSS (Volume Shadow Copy), FTP, SFTP (SSH), and save backups to any storage. The Professional edition runs as a Windows service in the background regardless of user sessions. It is excellently suited for backing up any data in a local network: work documents, MS Outlook files (*.ost, *.pst), MS Exchange, database files, website files, user profiles, etc. It gives you full control over the backup creation. You can download the demo version of the program to try it out before you decide to purchase it.

Exiland Backup Professional is one of those applications specially designed to help you protect the integrity of your files by providing you with the means to backup all important data from your local or network drives.

All you have to do is to create a task by specifying the source folders that you want to copy, the schedule for running the task, and the folder where to save the backups. Everything else the program will do for you!

Exiland Backup Pro Best Backup SoftwareIn addition, you can copy the source files with the specified compression level to a ZIP archive, encrypt them, split the archives into volumes, and duplicate backups to any locations for greater security: Local Network, NAS storages, FTP, SSH servers (UNIX), synchronize files and much more. Exiland Backup runs on all Windows and Windows Server operating systems.

It is possible to select the backup type between incremental, differential, full or synchronized. Having four different methods of backing up data allows you to select the best recovery strategy that best suits your requirements.

You can run tasks manually with just a hit of the “Run” button or you can automatically schedule them to run daily, weekly, or monthly. Moreover, you can start backing up data at start-up, when shutting down the PC, directly from a remote server using the FTP protocol or once you connect a removable drive.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor 1 GHz Processor
Memory 128 MB RAM and higher version
Storage Space 16 MB free disk space
Display Resolution 800 x 600 screen resolution or greater

Exiland Backup Pro – Best Backup Software For PC Features

  • Supports four backup types: Full, Incremental, Differential, and Synchronization of files
  • Backs up open (locked) files used by other applications such as MS Outlook (*.pst, *.ost), MSSQL (*.mdf, *.ldf), and etc. (VSS – Volume Shadow Copy)
  • Can copy files from different computers through LAN
  • Backs up the data from local and network drives, removable devices, flash drives, NAS, FTP, SFTP (SSH) servers
  • Uses fast multi-threaded copying
  • Compresses the data using the standard ZIP format, strong AES encryption; supports of archives greater than 2.1 GB
  • Runs as a Windows service
  • Accesses network folders using the specified account (login and password)
  • Duplicates backups
  • Logs all the backup operations
  • Supports three types of notifications: e-mail, SMS, or screen
  • Allows the users to view and restore files from backups

Screenshots of Exiland Backup Pro For Best Backup Software 

Official Video of Exiland Backup Software For Windows 

Exiland Backup Pro - Automatic Backup And Restore Files

Exiland Backup Pro For PC FAQs

Does Exiland Backup support Windows Server 2016?

The Exiland Backup works on all versions of the Windows OS family, including Windows Server 2016.


Does the program support the VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) to back up open and locked files such as Outlook files (* .PST or * .OST), MSSQLServer (*.mdf, *.ldf), and etc.?

Yes, since version 4.9, it supports. In the settings of the task, where you specify the source folders, enable the corresponding check box. With the option enabled, the program will create a shadow copy of the volume and back up those files even if MS Outlook is open. This feature is implemented only in Exiland Backup Professional.


I moved the backups to another disk. How to specify the new location in the program?

First, open the task settings, find the “Where to store backups” section, and specify the new folder. Then, in the main window (on the “Created backups” tab), click the “Check” button. The old path to the backups will become invalid. Specify the new location for backups by clicking the “Specify the location on disk” button.


Can Exiland Backup create an image of a hard disk?

There are two main approaches to creating backups:

  1. Creating backups of selected files
  2. Creating disk images. Each of the approaches has its advantages and disadvantages. The backup software implements the first approach, that is, it supports only selective backups (for the most important data).


During backup operation I receive the following error: "Error creating the ZIP archive. Duplicate Object index". What should I do?

This error is associated with non-unique paths of files in the ZIP archive. To make the file names unique, you need to configure the “Keep path information inside a backup” setting in the properties of each source folder of your task.


When the program is automatically started, it is maximized. I have to minimize it every time. How to solve this problem?

It looks like you manually created a shortcut in the startup. Try to uncheck the “[x] Launch the program automatically at Windows startup” checkmark in the General settings, save the settings and then check the checkbox again. The program will re-create the shortcut with the “-minimize” parameter, so every startup the program will be minimized to tray.


What’s New In This Version:

Exiland Backup Pro 6.0

  • Optimized the structure of data stored in memory; accelerated the algorithms of the program
  • Redesigned the scan section (the “Preview” button on the top panel)
  • Redesigned the section for viewing and restoring files from a backup
  • Accelerated work with incremental and differential backups
  • Solved the problem of switching to summer/wintertime
  • Made more reliable deletion of old backups
  • Support for paths by volume name in the sections “Task conditions” and “Launch external applications”
  • The program was translated into French and Hungarian


  • digital signature for program files
  • flexibility when configuring saving the original path inside a backup
  • support for file versioning during synchronization
  • support for masks inside a path of the source folder, for example, “C:Users*My DocumentsImages ???.jpg”
  • automatic deletion of old logs for task groups
  • support for variables in the subject of e-mail notifications and when launching external applications: BackupFullPath, BackupFileName, BackupName, Status,% TEMP%
  • protection of disconnections when scanning the source FTP/SSH directories


  • memory leak (Memory Leak) in case of incorrect task completion
  • the “Access Denied” error when replacing files during synchronization
  • the problem of saving the position and size of the window
  • the issue of deleting empty folders after deleting old backups
  • error of creating a Differential backup even if there are no changes
  • some errors when scanning and parsing the listing of FTP/SSH directories
  • incorrect behavior of the program when double-clicking on the tray icon
  • file replacement issue when using SFTP protocol
  • issue with Autostart Explorer after creating a shadow copy
  • the appearance of the Explorer window after creating a shadow copy
  • a number of other bugs and defects
  • a memory” error when there is a large number of source files in a single task

Exiland Backup Pro For Windows Overview

Technical Specification

Exiland Backup Pro Download
Version 6.0
File Size 9.2 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Exiland Software


Exiland Backup Professional is a reliable and handy software solution that offers you a straightforward approach to backing up and restoring data. Besides coming with a complete set of features, the program is prompt to back up files and runs on low CPU and memory resources.


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