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Etcher Free Download For Windows Pc 1.5.121

Feb 21,2021 - Balena (Free)
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Etcher is software used to write files such as .img and .iso, thus creating bootable drives. It is a product of Balena, which would explain its other name, BalenaEtcher. Etcher is one of the most recent programs of its kind in the market, marking the 29th of October 2018 as its debut date.

It has a freely accessible source code that gives room for modification and reallocation. This software is enjoying fast growth in preference and popularity following its up-to-date presumption in which it has its consumers stack.

To achieve this, Balena has set aside a team of developers whose mandate is to see the program perform to the full of its efficiency while still providing better solutions. Currently, the company is working on enabling Etcher to support live flash drives that can be used as hard drives; all this through persistent storage.

BalenaEtcher faces competition from other similarly-intended programs, including Rufus, YUMI, Easy2Boot, Unetbootin, and dd. To remain on top of its game Etcher has distinct characteristics. To start with, let’s find out what these features are.

Etcher For Windows Features

  • Validated burning – Etcher is efficient in creating a bootable flash disk, thus solving the challenge of distorted disks.
  • Eye-appealing interface – this software has gone against the norm by displaying a sense of beauty in its interface. This appearance was unheard of until Etcher’s launch.
  • Advancement – a user of this tool experiences constant development due to the work input Balena puts into it every day. Most of the alternative programs have been dormant on matters regarding their updates, and therefore, users get frustrated by the persistently unresolved defaults.
  • Data security – BalenaEtcher offers safety on the data saved in a computer by making the selection of a drive pretty obvious.
  • Portability – the fact that this software can be stored in an external drive gives you the liberty of using it without necessarily installing it on the PC.
  • Efficient – This tool allows you to burn a utility to any portable storage size. More, it does this without complications while still maintaining a high speed.
  • Cross-platform – Etcher works with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS as well.

Speaking of Windows, this software works with Windows 10, 8.1,8, and 7. The bootable USBs that result from the writing of files by the use of Etcher are used to install Windows, do a clean-up on the OS installation, and even upgrade an older version of Windows to Windows 10.


Official Video Intro

Etcher Introduction

Etcher For Pc Installation Guide

How to download and install Etcher

This step may seem challenging from a glance, but it’s easier than you may assume. By following the guidelines below, you will flawlessly head to step 2.

  1. Visit
  2. Click the download link.
  3. Follow the instructions of installation and install Etcher.


How to attach the USB drive?

Once the download and installation exercise of Etcher is complete, insert the drive on the computer. You will then open Etcher, either from the start menu or the shortcut menu available on the desktop. Remember to check for any data that you would classify as indispensable in the flash drive. Speed is anyone’s desire. Nevertheless, quite often uses complain of delay. This delay is caused by using a flash drive below 4GB of storage while using a 32-bit OS or using a disk that is less than 8GB of storage and your OS is 64-bit.


Select a bootable image for Etcher

Etcher supports a wide range of image formats – ISO, IMG, ETCH, DMG, BIN, and what alike. The probability of using an image that Etcher does not support is relatively small. Having opened Etcher, click ‘Select image’ and choose the image for making the bootable USB drive.


Toggle title

It’s on this step that Etcher gives you the option to choose the USB flash drive you intend to make bootable. In the case where only one USB device is connected, an automatic selection is made. For a scenario with multiple connections, you will click ‘Change’ and, after that, choose a different USB drive amongst the ones connected. After making your desirable choice, you will then click ‘Continue.’



By clicking ‘Flash,’ you will make the bootable USB. The created bootable USB is set in default. The flashing process takes a reasonable amount of time, based on the bootable image’s size and the speed the USB drive in use supports.



After flashing is completed, a validation process follows. Validation is the process that allows you to boot the USB drive. As the validation is in progress, Etcher may temporarily eject the drive. It will, however, be taken in automatically once the validation process is completed as long as you don’t switch the default settings.


Eject the drive

A message indicating ‘flash complete’ gives you the go-ahead to eject the drive as it’s an indication of your success in making a bootable USB for windows using Etcher. Additionally, you are posed with the option of flashing another drive.

Pros of Etcher for Windows PC

  • The process is simplified, and therefore no prior skill is required.
  • It offers data security to the computer.
  • It supports a wide range of image files.

Cons of Etcher for Windows PC

  • The software doesn’t support multiboot partitions.
  • The validation may take a long time.


Etcher Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
1.5.116 Feb 15, 2021 Download
  • Rufus for windows – Create bootable USB drives
  • Free Universal USB Installer.
  • WinSetupFromUSB
  • Deepin Boot Maker
  • YUMI – create multi-boot USB sticks

Etcher Overview

License Free
Version 1.5.116
Latest update
Platform Windows
OS Windows
Language English
Downloads 25,684
Developer Balena/Etcher


Etcher works well with windows. By creating bootable disks, this software sees through the installation of this OS, a clean-up of its installation and an upgrade of the same in case you are using an older version. The process of getting the bootable disks is relatively easy to follow.

Moreover, each step is seemingly a continuation of the preceding step. The use of Etcher for Windows has its share of advantages as well as drawbacks. This identification can be a blessing in disguise, for it gives a guide on Etcher’s room of improvement. These shortcomings have a probability of getting solved if only the Etcher developers take note of them and do the required updates.


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