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eScan Total Security Antivirus Free Download For Windows 14.0.1400.2228

Mar 31,2021 - MicroWorld Technologies Inc. (Free)

444 MB (Safe & Secure)

The perfect security system for all of your computing needs is eScan Total Security Suite with Cloud Security. It protects against not only computer viruses, but also emerging cyber-threats like Adware, Spyware, Trojans, Spam, and Phishing. eScan antivirus free download with Cloud Security proves to be the best antivirus program in its class by helping you in optimizing your PC’s efficiency, protecting your children online, and safeguarding your valuable data and privacy.

eScan Anti-Virus is an all-in-one security solution that provides an antivirus tool to protect your computer against viruses and other types of infections, as well as a firewall and an anti-spam utility to help you stay on the safe side.

While the interface is easy to navigate, it may take a while to set up every single feature that’s bundled into the app. An eye-candy dock-like bar allows you to switch from file antivirus to mail antivirus, anti-spam, or firewall with just a single click, but each of these tools comes with its very own pack of settings.

This software features an auto-update tool, which means the latest virus definitions land on your computer as soon as they are released by the developer.

The so-called “Email Antivirus” blocks malicious files delivered via email; it can be configured to block certain attachment types, with specific port settings. You can archive emails or attachments and forward suspicious messages to a configured address. This feature only works with Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

eScan Total Security Software For PC

Pros And Cons of eScan Total Security Antivirus Software

Pros Cons
Lower price than the average software of the same category Lower rate of protection and performance when compared to software of the same category.
Includes many useful features for antivirus More complicated to use than the average software.
It provides email, phone and live chat support

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Vista,  7, 8, 10
Processor 1 GHz Processor
Memory 1 GB RAM
Storage Space 1 GB Free Hard Disk Space

eScan Total Security Antivirus Features

Your identity stays protected
Identity Protection feature effectively safeguards your digital Identity and offers virus protection against Malware and web-based threats.

This technology prevents your Windows device from any kind of misuse. It allows you to lock your device or erase all the selected data remotely if it gets lost or stolen. The technology offers another layer of protection against theft with more advanced features that capture images, screenshots, scream, alert, lock, and locate.

Browse the Internet without worries
Web Safe feature in this antivirus software facilitates safe and hassle-free surfing for a secure virus-free browsing experience.

Know the security flaws of installed software
Vulnerability Scanner feature checks the vulnerability of the software, warns about outdated security software for proactive virus protection as well as unprotected system settings.

Easily manage Windows registry
The registry Cleaner feature allows you to clean the redundant items from the Windows registry. Hence even a new user can easily manage the Windows registry.

Improves your system’s performance

The Disk Defragmenter feature of this antivirus software reduces the time taken to read/write files and system startup, hence improves your system’s performance.

Your Data remains protected

Auto Back Up and Restore feature automatically restores all your valuable data so that you don’t lose any crucial information in case of a system crash or Malware attack.

Protects files and folders

The file and Folder Protection feature prevents your files and folders from getting corrupted due to virus and other malware attacks.

Prevents USB infection

USB Vaccination feature of eScan antivirus software restricts viruses from entering your computer through infected USB drives.

Monitors your Kid’s online activities

It facilitates parental control to keep your children safe online by controlling their access to Internet applications, games, and objectionable websites.

Effective Endpoint Security

It prevents data thefts and Virus infections via USB or portable storage devices such as Flash Drives/Pen Drives, SD Card, Imaging devices, Webcam, and Portable Hard Disks.

Screenshots of escan Total Security

Official Video eScan Total Security

Escan Antivirus Software Introduction

eScan Total Security Software FAQ

What is the eScan Monitor?

  • eScan Monitor is a true 32-bit device driver that runs in the background, to monitor all the executable files (.exe) operations, whenever they are run or copied on to the system.
  • It is loaded automatically when you boot your system.
  • If eScan monitor intercepts a virus, it will immediately disinfect the file or otherwise take action as specified by you.


What is Proactive Scanning?

Proactive scanning uses intelligent methods to check all executable files, library files and driver files for suspicious programs. For example, a signed file (ie. signed by Verisign) is always whitelisted by the proactive engine. eScan maintains its own whitelisted database (which is regularly auto-updated, along with the anti-virus signatures) in order to keep false positives to a minimum. When a false positive is identified, MicroWorld updates its database as soon as possible, in order to increase the effectiveness and reliability of proactive scanning.


What is 'Content Security'?

Content Security is a module used by eScan and MailScan to check all your incoming and outgoing traffic for restricted or prohibited content such as abusive words, confidential information, etc.


Why Is eScan Required For Mailscan?

Many of the features supported by MailScan – such as reporting, Automatic Internet Check and Incremental Updates – either depend upon or are provided by eScan, and thus gives MailScan the ultimate edge over any other anti-virus package available.


Can Escan Filter Other Types Of Accounts Like IMAP, Exchange?

eScan filters the incoming POP3 e-mail stream for spam.

  • For Exchange, a spam and virus scanning filter is possible on the server-side using Mailscan for Exchange.
  • We cannot filter spam on the client-side where emails are downloaded using IMAP. Only virus checking is possible for emails downloaded via IMAP.


eScan Total Security Antivirus Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
14.0.1400.2228 September, 22nd 2020 449 MB Download

escan Total Security Overview

eScan Software For PC Download
License Free Trial
Version 14.0.1400.2228
File Size 444 MB
Latest Updates September, 22nd 2020
Languages English
Developer MicroWorld Technologies Inc.


eScan total security antivirus has not been kind to computer resources, and it seems to slow down the device significantly, particularly when scanning. This program begins its processes in more than ten seconds, while Windows takes longer to boot.

This is a good solution if you have a smart system but not if you don’t. If your computer becomes unresponsive, you can find yourself looking at the screen as the software searches your files.


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