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eScan Internet Security Antivirus Download For Windows

eScan Internet Security Suite is a software solution designed to protect your computer system from any type of web-based attack.

Well-organized interface with various protection tools

The user-friendly interface comes with a few options displayed in a menu which resembles the Mac OS X Dock – File Anti-Virus, Mail Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Web Protection, Firewall, Endpoint Security, Privacy Control.

Scan files for viruses and malware, and configure scanning options. For example, you can enable eScan to take automatic action in case it detects viruses (report only, make backup files before disinfection, disinfect by quarantining or deleting objects), to scan local removable disk drives or network drives, exclude scanning by mask, and scan archived files.



Scan email content in real-time and block spam

eScan Internet Security also allows you to scan for viruses in emails, prevent spam (e.g. check content of HTML emails, treat subjects with more than five whitespaces as spam), enable web protection according to profile (e.g. adult, teenager), configure firewall settings (zone rule, expert rule, application rule, trusted MAC address, local IP list), and configure endpoint security settings (enable application and USB control).

Furthermore, you can password-protect eScan Internet Security, scan memory, registry, and services, schedule a scan, create an eScan Rescue ISO image file, view logs, enable an automatic backup and restore utility, enable gaming mode, and use a virtual keyboard.

A complete security suite suitable for every computer

A scanning process can take a long time to complete, but eScan is thorough and uses a small amount of CPU and system resources. While the program is active, other processes run a bit slower in the background. The bottom line is that eScan Internet Security is a great tool that provides you with anti-virus protection.

eScan Internet Security Feature

  • New User-Friendly Graphical Interface: eScan Protection Center has a virus monitor that constantly keeps monitoring files accessed by the user. This helps in identifying if any file is infected and take the necessary action. The eScan Protection Center also has one-click access to the virus monitor and scanner. The powerful On-Demand Scanner is equipped with cache technology.
  • AntiSpam, AntiPhishing and Content Scanning: eScan’s spam control uses a combination of technologies like Non-Intrusive Learning Patterns (NILP), eMail Header check, X-Spam Rules Check, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) check, Spam URI Realtime Blacklist (SURBL) check and Realtime Blackhole List (RBL) check. Certain words or phrases can also be specified so that emails with such words in the subject, header or body will be identified and subsequently quarantined or deleted.
  • Web Protection and Parental Control: eScan provides you with a highly advanced feature for blocking non-business and offensive content accessed by employees in an organization. These websites are blocked based on the words and phrases appearing in such websites. Algorithms are employed to avoid any false positives in this process. This same feature is used for advanced Parental Control for safeguarding kids from accessing websites containing adult content.
  • eScan Management Console: The eScan Management Console (EMC) acts as a central dashboard from where the system administrators remotely install software, distribute updates, upgrades to all machines in your network and enforce Integrated Security Policies for the entire organization network.
  • Remote Web Administration: eScan’s powerful new feature, eScanRAD helps you to access the Management Console from a remote location and perform management tasks. It also helps in remote technical support for the software. Operations like installation, uninstallation and updating can be conveniently managed through this feature, irrespective where the administrator is located.
  • PopUp Filter: Pop-up windows are quite annoying while browsing the Internet. Many sites have a number of windows opening as soon as you visit them, which disturbs your activities on the computer, strangles the bandwidth and on accidental click leads to a website containing malicious content. eScan offers a complete solution to this problem by providing a complete Pop-up blocker option that blocks all pop-up windows from opening.
  • Advanced MicroWorld AntiVirus (MWAV) Utility: eScan’s MicroWorld AntiVirus (MWAV) is a Powerful anti-virus utility. With some new intelligent features added, it’s all set to give you the best ever performance. This module also has the power for the detection and disinfection of registry entries of Viruses, Spyware, adware, and other malice, so that the system performance and stability can be improved drastically.
  • Web Washer for Privacy Protection: eScan Browser Cleanup feature provides an easy and automatic means to protect your privacy in such a way that you can erase details of sites and web pages you have accessed. It also provides features that allow you to remove tracks of your normal offline activity like opening-closing files, deleting operations, etc. Deleted files, Internet cache, history files, cookies, etc are removed permanently from your hard disks.
  • Endpoint Security: Data theft and virus infections are on the rise through USB/Firewire-based portable storage devices such as Flash drives, Pen drives, Portable Hard disks, etc. eScan’s new feature provides endpoint security to your organization by providing password protection.
  • Firewall: eScan’s in-built firewall monitors and logs both incoming and outgoing network activities in the system and protects it from all network-based attacks. There are different set of rules such as Trojan Rule, Zone Rule, Expert Rule, Application Rule, Trusted MAC Address, and Local IP List that can be used to either allow/block any incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Proactive Protection: eScan monitors the registry for any changes and warns the user on detecting any changes in the registry. eScan also detects and warns about the applications that are suspicious in nature.
  • Asset Management: Asset Management is done via the System Information tool. This tool helps the system administrators to know about the hardware and software deployed on the networks.
  • Logs and Reports: Logs and reports are being created and displayed by all the modules for Protection, Scan and Update.
  • Automatic Compressed Updates: Automatic Compressed Updates are being provided by eScan for both the software as well as the virus and spam definitions. The Virus signatures or spam definitions are being automatically updated hourly for instant protection from existing and emerging threats.
  • Multilanguage Support: eScan is available in multiple languages. You can choose the language while installing the software. The languages available are English, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Chinese and Latin Spanish.
  • Additional Features: eScan has many other features that offer optimal control over virus scanning and content security-related activity. Some of them are: remote access file rights, where you can allow or bar specific files from being created or modified by remote users in your network automatic download of Anti-Virus updates and auto mailing of notifications to users.
  • eScan Remote Support: eScan Remote Support (ERS) works with the help of remote desktop connection which enables eScan Support technicians to access computers with problems from a remote location and troubleshoot them directly. This helps in providing secure, faster and better support worldwide and also increases efficiency.
  • eScan Auto Back-up / Restore: eScan Auto Back-up / Restore utility take back-up of all the frequently used files (PE files) and stores it in an encrypted form. If an infection is found, eScan’s Auto Back-up / Restore utility will restore back all the clean files in real time without the need to format the system.

Additionally, you can save a report file, deny access of executable files from the network or on USB drives, and protect files from modification or deletion.

eScan Internet Security FAQs

How do I install eScan Internet Security Suite?

Installing eScan from CD/DVD

Installing Total Security Suite from the CD/DVD is very simple, just insert the CD/DVD in the ROM and wait for few seconds for auto run to start the installation process and follow the instructions on screen.

How do I load eScan antivirus monitor?

  1. Locate the eScan Anti-virus icon on the system tray next to the clock. It looks like a shield with a red “X” marked over it. …
  2. Right-click the eScan Antivirus Monitor icon and

How do I set up eScan?

Install MailScan for Mail Servers on your Wingate Server and install eScan on the Workstations.
  1. Save and exit out of eScan Content Administrator.
  2. Double-click on eScan Management Console (eServ)
  3. Click on Services – Deploy Rule-Sets.
  4. Click on MailScan Settings – Click on Deploy.

How do I get an activation code for eScan antivirus?

Select the Online option and ensure that the system is connected to the Internet. Click on Activate, then a new 60-character Activation Code will automatically get added in the Activation Code (60 char) column in the Registration Information window.


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Technical Specification

Version 11
File Size 441 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer MicroWorld Technologies Inc.



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