Equalizer APO Audio Processing Software For Windows


Equalizer APO (Audio Processing Object) is one of those audio tools that take a while to set up but once you manage to, it helps you improve both the quality and power of your sound.

The degree of difficulty that comes with the application only applies to the installation process. Configuring and using it is actually quite simple. And that’s because Equalizer APO is a Windows equalizer that does not display a graphic user interface. Instead, you use TXT files to change the settings of your audio output.


It is a bit strange but practical nonetheless. During installation, Equalizer APO allows you to choose the audio device you want to install the APO to so you need to know which one you need to enhance. If by any chance you get it wrong, you can change the device at any time. The application displays a complete list of connectors, device names and makes you aware of which ones support.

equaliser apo2

To change the parameters of the new equalizer software, you need to go to where Equalizer APO is installed and open a configuration TXT file. The equalizer supports an unlimited number of filters, in theory, but there is a very slim chance that you will ever need more than 20. In order to add a filter to the equalizer, you have to type it in the configuration file. Doing this for 20 filters can prove to be tiresome but the effort is worth it. No to mention that once you have a preset figured out, you can save it as a text file.

Because it does not display a graphic user interface and works beneath the hood of your operating system, Equalizer APO delivers prompt results without leaving any traces in your system resources. And with that in mind,  It is not only reliable, but it is also efficient.

Equalizer APO Features:

  • Virtually unlimited number of filters
  • Works on any number of channels
  • Very low latency, which makes it suited for interactive applications
  • Low CPU usage
  • Modular graphical user interface

Equalizer APO1

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